Chapel Amenities


Chapel Amenities

The Chapel in the Woods offers all the amenities and services to make your dream wedding come true. Whether your wedding is a big celebration or an intimate, romantic event, our Chapel in the Woods has everything you need.

Dressing Room

For your comfort and convenience, the Graceland wedding chapel offers two private dressing rooms complete with all the accommodations each of you will need to prepare for the ceremony. 

Guest Seating & Reception

Once inside this tastefully decorated Graceland wedding chapel, your family and guests will be seated in the authentic, antique church pews. Vows are exchanged in front of expansive windows overlooking the beautiful woods. Graceland's Chapel in the Woods seats up to 100 guests. An intimate reception area located at the back of the Graceland wedding chapel offers a table to showcase your wedding cake. Guests can mingle on our outdoor patio in the beautifully landscaped garden. Looking to plan a unique reception? You can also host your event here at Graceland!
55 Cadillac Wedding

Special Services

We want your wedding day to be as stress-free and special as we can possibly make it. That's why the Graceland Special Events team is ready to make as many arrangements as you desire, including coordinating the ceremony for you. Special services include arranging for photography, floral arrangements, the wedding cake, and a limousine to name a few. Our professional facilitators, experts at long distance planning, will help you create the wedding of your dreams. We're just a phone call away.

Gifts and Favors

To accent your Graceland wedding experience, we offer a beautifully designed marriage certificate for you and your family to treasure for years to come. Toast your special occasion with an elegant set of gold-rimmed champagne flutes featuring the Chapel in the Woods logo. The Chapel also offers exclusive gifts, such as a "We Got Married at Graceland" bumper sticker, Unity Candle and an exclusive CD of Elvis' love songs produced especially for the Chapel in the Woods.

Webcast Your Wedding

Graceland's Chapel in the Woods offers you the unique opportunity to share your special moment with family and friends unable to attend the ceremony in Memphis by broadcasting the event over the internet with digital video and sound.