Graceland Archives


Graceland Archives

The Graceland Archives Department works diligently to preserve Elvis history - the collections of artifacts, documents, audio/visual and photographs. With only 10% of the Elvis items in the Graceland Archives on display, the collection consists of over 50,000 photographs, 3,000 textiles, thousands of documents and a large collection of furniture, musical instruments, awards, automobiles, and other artifacts associated with the personal life and career of Elvis Presley.

The Archival staff works congruently with other departments within Elvis Presley Enterprises, as well as outside associations of designers, graphic artists, and architects to maintain, design and install all exhibition spaces on the Graceland campus. Graceland's archives of Elvis history also maintains the artifact collection of photographs, textiles, objects, film, video, tape, and documents that are currently in storage. An important function of this department is the tracking of the collection, as well as the creation of a complete digital catalog of the Elvis Presley Archives at Graceland. It is also the job of the Archives staff to preserve and conserve the artifacts located in the Mansion and all other exhibits here at the Graceland Mansion.

The strict guidelines at the Graceland Archives helps sustain the integrity of our exhibitions and collections of Elvis history. The preservation of these Elvis items will entertain and educate millions of people for years to come.

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