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Graceland Parking

3717 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38116

Only 10 minutes from downtown and 3 minutes from the Memphis Airport.

The Guest House at Graceland

3600 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38116

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Graceland Hours

DAILY:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm
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Performing Arts Camp 2019 Photos

  • Shout out to the Red Group!
  • Hello, Blue Group!
  • The Yellow Group strikes a pose in front of Graceland.
  • Our teen campers at Graceland!
  • The rock
  • Team Yellow, looking good!
  • All Green, all smiles.
  • Blue Team represent!
  • Katelyn Nichols heads up an all-star team, who teach and encourage our campers.
  • Every camper and their families toured Graceland!
  • Campers worked with Memphis singer Reagan Strange at the 2019 Performing Arts Camp.
  • Friendships made at camp last a lifetime!
  • Campers learn all about dancing, singing and acting at camp.
  • Our campers are all smiles!
  • Music lessons are always a highlight of the day.
  • This year, campers learned how to work the red carpet and give interviews.
  • Graceland
  • In addition to workshops, campers learn about video editing and production.
  • Campers get up close and personal with actual Elvis artifacts!
  • Singer Reagan Strange worked with campers at the 2019 Performing Arts Camp.
  • Shake, rattle and roll!
  • Best friends!
  • Campers put on a showcase at the end of the week.
  • These girls had a blast at rehearsal!
  • Graceland
  • Campers have the chance to learn from filmmakers and singers during the camp experience.
  • Elvis tunes are included in the final showcase.
  • These girls did a great job at camp!
  • Strike a pose!
  • Rock
  • Campers heard from movie director/producer Dustin Rikert.
  • Smile for the camera!
  • Gotta get that perfect camp selfie!
  • Campers had a great time checking out exhibits at the Graceland Exhibition Center!
  • We are so proud of the hard work these campers put into their final performances!
  • Inspired by Elvis? We think so!
  • Some groups became so close that they all bought matching Graceland sweaters.
  • Camp classes include music, dancing and acting.
  • Campers work hard - but it
  • All work and no play? We don
  • Give it your all!
  • The campers are split into different groups, but they all perform together in the big finale!
  • Campers had the chance to see an Elvis jumpsuit and hold one of his microphones.
  • Elvis continues to inspire young artists!
  • High five!
  • So many talented campers in the Yellow Group!
  • Campers must learn the lyrics to several songs in just a few days!
  • Campers had a great time checking out the exhibits at the new Graceland Exhibition Center.
  • Campers had their portraits made during camp.
  • Campers had the chance to explore Graceland, Elvis Presley
  • Our campers found inspiration in the King of Rock
  • Campers and their group leaders become close pals during camp!
  • Our hard-working campers often practiced outside of their regular workshops.
  • TCB in music class!
  • Camp director Katelyn Nichols works with all of the camp groups to help them perfect their talents.
  • Sing-along time!
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • The campers
  • Campers often worked together outside of class, too.
  • Reagan Strange, a Memphis singer who competed on "The Voice," served as a special guest camp counselor.
  • Can you play an instrument? Show off your skills at camp.
  • The perfect duet.
  • Graceland
  • Dancing, singing, acting - these kids can do it all.
  • Streeeetch!
  • This young camper is learning how to rock
  • Inspired by Elvis!
  • What a great voice you have, Lily!
  • Bentley worked hard to learn his songs!
  • Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Sing it, Maddie!
  • Camp director Katelyn Nichols loves to encourage the kids!
  • We love those dance moves!
  • Dance class is the campers
  • The campers put the finishing touches on the final performance.
  • Dancing, acting, singing - it all comes together at the final showcase.
  • So much work goes into the final performance.
  • The younger campers had the chance to create artwork; this camper wrote a letter to Elvis.
  • Time to create some art!
  • A camper
  • Sing it out, Green team!
  • Our dedicated campers put their heart into their performances!
  • Laughs a-plenty in acting class.
  • Rock
  • Campers had a blast checking out the ICONS: The Influence of Elvis Presley exhibit.
  • Best friends!
  • Fourteen-year-old Memphis singer Reagan Strange answered campers
  • Two of our talented campers, Maddie and Caison.
  • Campers have a blast in acting class.
  • Working hard in music class.
  • Taking care of business, camp style.
  • Big smiles from Reagan and Maddie!
  • We love it when campers come back for a second year!
  • Campers and their group leaders become fast friends!
  • Hunter learned some behind-the-scenes camera work at camp.
  • Allie Rae and Carilyn sing in music class.
  • The red team worked hard in music class!
  • Moving and shaking in dance class.
  • Break out the dance moves!
  • The Red Team works hard in class!
  • Campers learn several songs - not to mention lines and choreography - during camp.
  • The campers rehearsed until the last minute for the final show.
  • Singing and smiling at camp!
  • Campers were inspired by Reagan Strange, a Memphis singer who competed on "The Voice."
  • The final performance is a special event for parents and families, as they see what their kids learned during the week.
  • Friendships form fast at the Performing Arts Camp!
  • Campers explored Graceland with their families!
  • Natalie had a blast at camp!
  • Music Director Joel Valdez encourages the Red Team in class.
  • Awesome dance moves!
  • The Red Group posed for a photo at The Guest House at Graceland staircase.
  • Our campers had a blast exploring the Elvis Presley
  • We love seeing the campers learn and grow throughout the week.
  • Our campers are some of the biggest Elvis fans you
  • Campers and their parents love learning about Elvis!
  • These campers love Elvis!
  • Reagan Strange encouraged the campers during her counseling sessions.
  • Working the red carpet!