New Graceland Blog - Elvis Presley's Graceland by the Numbers

May 05, 2016

Put on your party hats, Elvis fans – we’re celebrating.

This week, Elvis Presley’s Graceland celebrated 20 million visitors to the king’s castle since opening to the public in 1982. That’s 20 million who have passed through the famous gates of Graceland, 20 million who have rock ‘n’ rolled in the Jungle Room, 20 million who have admired their reflection in Graceland’s mirrors, 20 million who have paid their respects to the king.

That's not the only fascinating number about Elvis' Graceland. From 20 million visitors to 1 black leather suit, there are plenty of numbers that make Graceland totally unique. Find out more about Graceland by the Numbers on the Graceland Blog.

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