British Pathe's 80 Years of Newsreels Includes Elvis' Army Interview in 1958

April 23, 2014

British Pathe, a premier archive of the world's most famous newsreels, has now added their entire 80-year collection to Youtube and the king is topping the list. In a 1958 interview, the newsreel features archival footage of Elvis talking about life in the Unites States Army. Fans can watch this video (below) or visit British Pathe's YouTube page to see the entire collection of historic newsreels.

According to, "A total of more than 85,000 films in all have been uploaded to YouTube, many of which were only available for a fee on the company's website. But now you can browse through them all, from 19th-century footage of the New York Fire Brigade to a 1958 interview with Elvis Presley."

The Youtube page is broken down into playlists featuring celebrity interviews, famous historic events, fantastic inventions, daredevils, weird newsreels and much more.
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Elvis Presley Interview (1958)

Elvis in the Army