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Graceland Parking

3717 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38116

Only 10 minutes from downtown and 3 minutes from the Memphis Airport.

The Guest House at Graceland

3600 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38116

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Graceland Hours

DAILY:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm
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Graceland Performing Arts Camp Photos

Graceland Performing Arts Camp

  • The first-ever camp focused on singing, acting and dancing.
  • This is the first year for the Graceland Performing Arts Camp.
  • Campers learned about singing, acting and dancing.
  • Campers learned material for their final performance in just a few days.
  • Campers also took the time to create works of art!
  • Campers took a tour of Elvis Presley
  • Campers also made arts and crafts.
  • The green group practices dancing.
  • Kids and their families traveled from across the country to attend the camp.
  • Campers enjoyed their Elvis 101 lesson!
  • Campers toured Presley Motors at Graceland.
  • The kids created works of art during camp.
  • Students stayed busy with different workshops throughout the day.
  • Our campers worked hard to learn the material for their performance.
  • In addition to learning about singing, acting and dancing, the campers also learned about Elvis.
  • The Performing Arts Camp experience also included a Graceland tour.
  • Campers unleashed their inner artist for craft time.
  • First stop for the campers: Elvis 101.
  • The Pink Cadillac was a favorite during the campers
  • Shake, rattle and roll!
  • Campers get creative in the crafts room!
  • The kids show off their best Elvis moves!
  • The kids made appearances on SiriusXM Elvis Radio!
  • The campers found inspiration in Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum.
  • Campers traveled from across the country to attend camp.
  • Campers found inspiration everywhere at Graceland - including the Icons exhibit.
  • Students rotated between acting, dancing and singing workshops.
  • The Pink Cadillac was a favorite for a lot of the kids at camp.
  • The kids toured Elvis Presley
  • We have some creative campers!
  • These kids perfected their moves in the dance workshop.
  • Finley rock
  • Allie, from Memphis, enjoyed her time at the Performing Arts Camp.
  • Willa is excited for music class!
  • The campers made appearances on SiriusXM Elvis Radio.
  • The kids have been hard at work learning material for their final performance.
  • The campers check out the king
  • The Green group nicknamed themselves the "Jungle Roomers."
  • Finley snaps a photo during his Graceland tour.
  • The campers had the opportunity to hold one of Elvis
  • Making memories!
  • The Archives Team allowed campers, like Echo, to hold Elvis artifacts - with gloves on, of course.
  • Abbie gets creative in the crafts workshop.
  • Campers learned a lot about Elvis during the camp.
  • Acting coach Morgan encourages the kids during a workshop.
  • Tabitha shows off her moves in rehearsal.
  • Olivia explores Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum.
  • Joey created several pieces of artwork during crafts.
  • Christina came prepared for the Performing Arts Camp!
  • The campers picked up a few moves and looks from the King of Rock
  • Campers learned about singing, acting and dancing at Graceland
  • Campers toured Graceland before workshops began.
  • Natalie gets her chance to hold an Elvis artifact!
  • Camp included a tour of Elvis Presley
  • Ella and Gracie had fun at Graceland
  • The oldest group of campers were the green group - known as the "Jungle Roomers."
  • Jonathan and group leader Rene had a blast at Elvis Week.
  • Ruby had the chance to hold one of Elvis
  • Elizabeth and Finley were part of the Red Jailhouse Rockers group.
  • Lilly Marie had the chance to hold one of Elvis
  • Our youngest campers made up the blue group.
  • Campers auditioned for roles in the final performance.
  • Abbie shows off her artwork.
  • Our campers, like Kizzie, let the creative juices flow in crafts.
  • Our campers took care of business!
  • Hailey practices songs during the music workshop.
  • We had some talented dancers at camp!
  • Aidan and other campers learned about Elvis in an Elvis 101 class.
  • Graceland Archivists allowed campers, like Maisie, to hold one of Elvis
  • Campers got crafty in the crafts workshop.
  • Micah has her chance to hold one of Elvis
  • Voca is all smiles!
  • Alice shows off Elvis
  • Campers worked hard to learn songs for the final performance.
  • Campers toured Graceland!
  • Corynn and her fellow campers got up-close-and-personal with Elvis artifacts.
  • Campers like Grayson donned white gloves to hold Elvis
  • The green group has a blast touring Elvis Presley
  • The yellow group nicknamed themselves the "Yellow Roses of Memphis."
  • Sadie holds one of Elvis
  • Alex is a big Elvis fan and loved getting the chance to hold an Elvis belt.
  • Allie and her fellow campers had the chance to hold one of Elvis
  • Michaelene is all smiles as she holds an Elvis artifact.
  • Addie holds an Elvis belt!
  • Campers had fun learning the songs for the final performance.
  • Ophelia shows off her white gloves.
  • Campers learned about dancing, music and acting.
  • Elizabeth snaps a selfie at camp!
  • Calise enjoyed the singing workshop.
  • Campers found inspiration everywhere!
  • Michaelene and the yellow group practices their songs during a workshop.
  • Before workshops began, campers got a lesson in all things Elvis.
  • John had a great time touring the mansion!
  • Campers practice songs in the music workshop.
  • Finley strums his guitar in the music workshop.
  • Tabitha practices her dance for the performance.
  • Music, dance and acting were the focus of Graceland
  • Campers found inspiration at Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum.
  • The Yellow Roses of Memphis jump for joy!
  • Caison and Ophelia became best friends during camp.
  • Our campers made lifelong friends!
  • Talented dancers, actors and singers traveled to Graceland for the camp.
  • Caison loved wearing the white archival gloves!
  • Alice and Gracie smile in front of the king
  • Campers toured Graceland before beginning their workshops.
  • Allie and Maisie became friends at camp!
  • The Graceland Archives Team allowed the campers to get up close and personal with Elvis artifacts.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Maddie gets creative in crafts!
  • Campers put in some hard work during their lessons.
  • Our talented camp faculty!
  • Our campers put on a wonderful performance!
  • Inspiration abounds at Elvis
  • Campers loved seeing Elvis
  • Holly shows off her white archival gloves!
  • Braeden shows off his best Elvis moves!
  • It
  • Joey and Caison became friends at camp!
  • Rikha had a great time at camp!
  • Not only did our campers learn about acting, singing and dancing, but they also made lifelong friendships.