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3717 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38116

Only 10 minutes from downtown and 3 minutes from the Memphis Airport.

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3600 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38116

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Founders FAQ


General Questions and Information

We are compiling a comprehensive FAQ page to help answer commonly asked questions about The Founders.  If you do not see an answer to your question – please click here to submit your question. We will continue to add new questions and updated answers whenever possible.

General Questions

What is The Founders?

The Diamond-level Founders will forever be known as the select few who carry the torch of Graceland and the legend behind it. It is a new, exclusive membership program for Elvis fans, which provides unprecedented access to Graceland and unparalleled resort hospitality at the new Guest House at Graceland.

By joining The Founders, you will help preserve Elvis’ incredible legacy while building your own family’s legacy in the heart of Graceland for an extraordinary 40 years.

The Founders program was first announced during Elvis Week 2014, and response has been tremendous among Elvis fans and Graceland visitors.

Are there different levels of Founders memberships?

Due to the overwhelming selection of Diamond level by the majority of fans, and after receiving feedback from many who want the Founders program to be as exclusive as possible, we have decided to offer The Founders program at the Diamond level only. Only 250 Diamond-level Founders will be made available. 

What are the financial benefits of the Diamond-level Founders?

As a Diamond-level Founder, you’ll enjoy unprecedented access to the Graceland grounds, special events, exclusive opportunities, a time capsule and plaque on the Founders Wall at The Guest House, plus early advanced access and exclusive pricing for your accommodations at The Guest House. 

You’ll also save big on your room nights at The Guest House: as much as $1,900 as a Diamond-level Founder staying for ten nights during Elvis Week or the Birthday Celebration (See room pricing question below for further details).

Only 250 Diamond-level Founders membership opportunities are available in total. A full list of benefits is available here.

What do you mean by unprecedented access to Graceland and the Guest House at Graceland?

The Guest House will have a private path from the hotel to the mansion grounds for exclusive access by Founders members during select times. In addition, we anticipate private tours and events at the mansion grounds on select evenings throughout the year. Diamond-level Founders will also have access to a VIP check-in desk and exclusive access to The Founders club at The Guest House. Founders will also have the opportunity for priority reservations for restaurants, special events, concerts, parties and more.

What is the length of membership?

Membership is for 40 years, so that you can pass this down to future generations of your family. There is also an opportunity at the end of that term to renew for another 40 years.

After the first 20 years, your membership payments are complete and you’ll receive 20 more years at no additional cost for you and your family. Your room night savings will continue for the full 40-year membership.

When does my membership start?

Full initial membership fee is due when you commit to The Founders by signing and returning The Founders agreement. 

How much does it cost to be a Diamond-level Founder?

The cost is $30,000 in total. There's a $6,000 initial membership fee upon becoming a Diamond-level Founder and $158.40 per month membership fee for 20 years ($1,900.80 per year). The finance rate is at 5% APR, and there's a 10% discount on total cost, if paid in cash up front. 

What interest rate was used to calculate monthly fees?

5% APR 

What are the Guest House room pricing advantages as a Diamond-level Founder?

As a Diamond-level Founder, you only pay the hotel maintenance fee on a nightly basis (currently $71.50 per night, plus tax: $86.48 total) up to your annual room night limit. This is a significant savings over The Guest House at Graceland room rates. In addition, you will get early access to reservations with Founders’ pricing.

  • Diamond Level

    Guest room cost (anticipated initial rate during Elvis Week and the Birthday Celebration) for 10 nights: 10 x $276.89 = $2,769.80
    Founders guest room cost (current maintenance fee of $71.50 plus tax) for 10 nights: 10 x $86.48 = $864.80
    Estimated Founders guest room night savings for ten nights: $1,905

(All costs include estimated tax. Savings for Diamond level Founders are based on anticipated room rates during Elvis Week and Birthday Celebration.)

Why should I decide now?

Only 250 Diamond-level Founders slots are available in total, and new Founders are joining every week. 

Are Diamond-level Founders memberships transferable?

Diamond-level Founders member ownership is transferable to family members or friends within the 40-year term. This membership becomes part of your personal legacy. There is no cost to transfer membership.

Can I purchase a Diamond-level Founders membership with a friend?

Two people are permitted to purchase a Founders membership together and share benefits between them. Both people will be financially responsible for the initial membership fee and monthly membership fees.

What happens if I no longer wish to be a Diamond-level Founder or am unable to continue to pay my membership fee?

We will work with you to help resell your membership, if we know people who are interested. In the meantime, if you are unable to pay your monthly membership fee, you will not be able to use the benefits of your Founders membership, and you will no longer have a presence on the Founders wall with a plaque or time capsule. 

Your financial situation will be between you and Graceland, and a default situation will not be reported to credit bureaus or collection agencies.

Can a company become a Founder? Is there a separate corporate Founders program?

Yes, companies can sign up for the Founders program with the same benefits as individual memberships. We do ask that you include a person’s name on the Founders wall plaque or time capsule rather than just a company name.



Specific Benefit Questions

As a Diamond-level Founder, am I guaranteed a room during Elvis Week and the Birthday Celebration?

Each Diamond level Founder is guaranteed one room at The Guest House during Elvis Week and the Birthday Celebration, if advance room reservations are made during the Diamond level early access period – 13 months in advance. 

Can someone else use my Diamond-level Founders membership room nights (at Founders rate)?

You may offer Founders room night benefits to family members or friends, up to your annual limit.

Can I bring guests to join me using my Diamond-level Founders room rates?

Only two or four guests are permitted in a guest room, depending on the guest room type. During non-premium weeks, you may use your Founders nights on multiple rooms for friends and family, as long as you keep within your annual limit. You will be held accountable for the behavior of your family and friends using your Founders room rate and benefits.

What is meant by “with no blackout dates” at the Guest House?

There are no nights that are “blacked out” for the Founders room rate. Reservations can be made at the Founders room rate, based on room availability, within the advanced reservation period permitted for Diamond-level Founders.

Can I carry my unused Diamond-level Founders rate room nights into future years?

You may carry your unused Diamond-level Founders rate room nights from the current membership year into the next membership year and use for non-premium weeks only. You may only carry these nights one year forward. Any unused nights will expire if not used by the end of the following year. You may also access your Founders rate room nights from the next membership year during the current membership year, if you have exhausted your nights for the current year, as long as these additional nights are not used during premium weeks. All start dates and end dates for membership years are determined by your membership anniversary date. 

Are Founders room night benefits provided for each calendar year or for on the anniversary of the Founders membership purchase?

Benefits will be provided on the anniversary date of the Founders membership activation.

What will the room discount be for Founders for additional room nights beyond their allotted Founders room nights in a given year?

There will be a special discount offered on room nights beyond your Founders room nights for that year. This discount will be off of our best available rate. There may be some premium nights when this discounted rate is not available. If you choose, you may opt to use this discounted rate at The Guest House and save your Founders room nights for another stay.

Will upgrade to suites be available at time of booking the reservation or at check-in?

This will happen at check-in, if available.

Will Founders be able to request a specific room each time they stay?

We will make every effort to give you your room preference for each stay, including a specific room, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Will valet parking be included with Diamond-level Founders membership?

Founders will get free self-parking. Valet parking is $16/overnight with in/out privileges.

Will the Diamond-level Founders membership include tickets to Graceland?

Tickets to Graceland must be purchased separately.

Will Insiders membership be included as part of a Diamond-level Founders membership?

Yes, one Insiders membership will be included with Founders membership. See Graceland Insiders rules here for specific Insiders benefits at The Guest House.

What is the Founders Wall?

At the Diamond level, your presence on the Founders Wall includes a plaque for inscribing the names of multiple family members, as well as a lockable time capsule space for you to place keepsakes.  

Please note that membership in the Founders Program will not be considered a “security” under any applicable federal, state or international securities law. The complete terms and conditions of the Founders Program have not been finalized and may change.

What are the financial benefits of The Founders?

As a Founder, you’ll enjoy unprecedented access to the Graceland grounds, special events, exclusive opportunities, a time capsule or plaque on the Founders Wall at The Guest House, plus early advanced access and exclusive pricing for your accommodations at The Guest House.