Elvis Week


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked Elvis Week questions, including where to stay in Memphis, how to buy tickets, accessibility for people with disabilities and more. Additional questions will be added as needed. Be sure to check back for updates. To learn more about purchasing tickets, schedule of events, things to do in Memphis and more, please visit

How do I buy tickets for Elvis Week Main Stage Events?

Tickets will be available for purchase through Graceland Reservations at 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322 or via Tickets for Graceland Insiders go on sale on April 5. Tickets for the general public go on sale on April 7.

What does the All-Access Pass for the Elvis Week Main Stage grant me?

The all-access pass will grant you:

  • Admission to all Elvis Week Main Stage events listed on the schedule - plus a VIP ticket for The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Concert on August 14 that includes the pre-party at the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum
  • Early entry to the Main Stage - doors for all-access pass holders will open 10 minutes prior to doors for individual ticket holders
  • Fast-pass access into the Main Stage for events – you won’t need to keep up with your tickets as your wristband/lanyard will allow you to quickly enter the tent
  • All-Access Pass also includes an Elvis Week Graceland parking pass that is good for August 8-16

What time do doors open to events at the Elvis Week Main Stage?

For most events, doors for All-Access pass holders will open 40 minutes prior to the start of the event. Doors for general ticket holders will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the event for most events. There may be instances where extra time is needed for setup in between events so there may be a slight delay in doors opening. On those occasions, All-Access pass holders will still get early seating 10 minutes prior to general ticket holders.

Will there be bathroom facilities at the Elvis Week Main Stage?

A restroom trailer facility and port-a-potties will be available near the Elvis Week Main Stage. In addition, bathrooms will also be available in the Graceland Ticket Pavilion, which will be just a short walk.

Will there be concessions at the Elvis Week Main Stage?

Located just outside the tent will be a concession area that will offer food and beverages throughout the day, with bar service being added for all evening events at the Elvis Week Main Stage. Beer will be available in the area throughout the day as well. Two restaurants, Rockabilly's Burger Shop and the Chrome Grille, are open in the Graceland Plaza. 

Does the Elvis Week Main Stage All-Access Pass give me special seating?

No. The All-Access Pass does not guarantee special seating or reserved seating in the tent, but doors for all-access pass holders will open 10 minutes prior to doors for individual ticket holders. The only exception to this is for The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Concert on August 14 in which there will be premium reserved seating for all VIP ticket/All-Access Pass holders.

Where will the Elvis Week Main Stage be located?

The Elvis Week Main Stage will be located in the parking lot behind Elvis’ custom jets and the open-air pavilion at Graceland, just a short walk from the Graceland Ticket Pavilion and main parking lot.

If I have a Main Stage All-Access pass, do I need to leave the tent in between events?

Yes. The tent will be cleared following each event to allow time for the space and stage to be reset.

What are the guidelines for autograph sessions and where will they be held?

Autograph sessions with guests will be held at the Elvis Week Main Stage following specified events. Autograph sessions are currently scheduled to follow Conversations on Elvis events, Fan Club Presidents’ Event Elvis 101 and Graceland Insiders Conference. To ensure everyone has a chance to obtain all of our guest’s autographs, the following guidelines have been put in place for all autograph sessions:

  • Each person is limited to one (1) autograph per guest.
  • Guests reserve the right to sign (or decline to sign) whatever they feel is appropriate.
  • Due to time constraints, guests are not allowed to pose for individual pictures with fans. Please do not ask the guest to pose with you.
  • Autograph sessions are only open to those with All-Access Passes and ticket holders for the event at which the guests appeared.
  • The autograph line will be cut off one hour after the session has begun. Once the line has been cut off, no one else will be able to enter the line for autographs.
  • Do not engage the guests in lengthy conversations during an autograph session as a courtesy to those behind you in line.
  • Autograph lines may be terminated at any point to keep events on schedule. Always be respectful of our guests. Those exhibiting rude behavior will be asked to leave the line and will not be admitted back in.
  • Anyone who violates the guidelines above may be removed from the autograph line and banned from all future autograph sessions.

Will all the Elvis Week special guests be signing autographs?

Some guests sign autographs at no charge while others do charge a fee for their photos or autographs. It depends on whether we brought them in or if they have come on their own. It's a very common practice for celebrities to attend conferences and conventions and charge a fee for their autographs, photos, or other memorabilia.

If I am a Graceland Insider, can I renew my Graceland Insiders membership when I am in Memphis?

Yes, you can renew your Graceland Insiders membership by visiting the Guest Services Desk in the Graceland Ticket Pavilion during regular business hours.

What will be the procedure and the cost to park at Graceland during Elvis Week?

During Elvis Week, Graceland parking costs $10.00 per car per day. If you are an Graceland Insider, you can show your card to receive $3.00 off regular parking prices. You may also purchase an Elvis Week parking pass at Graceland Parking during the dates listed below:

  • $60 Parking Pass will be available to purchase August 8 through August 10. The pass will be good for Graceland Parking on August 8 through August 16. A savings of up to $30 off parking fees.
  • $40 Parking Pass will be available to purchase August 11 through August 13. The pass will be good for Graceland parking on August 11 through August 16. A savings of up to $20 off parking fees.

Where will handicapped parking at Graceland be located during Elvis Week?

Handicapped parking will be located in the front of the Graceland main parking lot.

Will there be handicapped seating available in the Elvis Week Main Stage Entertainment Pavilion?

There will be an area reserved to accommodate our guests in wheelchairs.

Do I need to make additional arrangements for accessible seating to attend and participate in Elvis Week Events?

Yes, when you order your tickets for any event, please mention your needs and we will work to accommodate any of your accessibility requirements, including parking, seating and accessibility to our entire campus. If you are ordering tickets through Ticketmaster or another venue for Elvis Week events, please be sure to also mention your needs to them as well so they can work to accommodate any of your accessibility requirements.

Are there transportation services for guests with special needs in Memphis?

For transportation of wheelchairs to other venues, we suggest Wheelchair Express, located at 3289 Thomas Street in Memphis, TN. They can be contacted at 901-353-3500. For wheelchair rentals, we suggest Dixie Rents, located at 5411 Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, TN . They are open 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and can be contacted at 901-332-3431. Our wheelchairs are for emergency use only. We strongly advise you mention your accessibility needs to the person taking your ticket order for special accommodations information.

Are any special accommodations made for persons with disabilities during the Candlelight Vigil?

Guests with disabilities can visit the Graceland Guest Services desk on the day of Candlelight, August 15, where they will be provided with a wristband. Then, at 10:30 p.m., guests with wristbands will need to gather in front of the Lisa Marie terminal. At that time, a Graceland employee will meet the group and escort them to the Graceland gates, where they will be able to get into the procession for the Candlelight Vigil. If you are in a wheelchair, you will need to have someone with you to push you up the hill to the Meditation Garden during the procession.

If I am part of a fan club and want to be in the Honor Guard, what do I need to do?

Please speak to your president or to an officer of your fan club to volunteer for the Honor Guard. Members of the Honor Guard will gather in front of the EPE corporate office on the night of August 15 at 7:30 p.m. for a brief meeting and check-in prior to the Candlelight Vigil.

Will parking be available for the Candlelight Vigil? If so, what will be the cost?

We will have space available to accommodate your parking needs during the Candlelight Vigil. After 6:00 p.m., there will not be a charge for parking. We hope to have additional, secure parking for everyone attending.

Will EPE keep the restaurants and shops open late during Elvis Week?

Schedules for the Graceland gift shops and restaurants will be posted during Elvis Week and the hours will depend on the number of visitors on site and event schedules.

When and where do we bring flowers/tributes to be placed at the Meditation Garden?

You can send flowers anytime during Elvis Week. All arrangements can be sent to 3734 Elvis Presley Blvd. Memphis, TN 38116. Make sure your arrangements are sent to the attention of Graceland Meditation Gardens. Large floral arrangements or tributes that need to be placed in the Meditation Garden during Elvis Week should be dropped off at the front gate guard house at Graceland. Graceland staff will transport the arrangements and place in the Meditation Garden. If you are planning to keep your arrangement and would like to pick it up following Elvis Week, you must log that information at the guard house when dropping off your arrangement.

I have heard the Candlelight Vigil can go until wee hours in the morning. What time do people normally start lining up? Where do you line up?

The opening ceremony takes place at 8:30 p.m. on August 15, near the front gates of the mansion property. Fans gather in the street and in Graceland Plaza to see this. There is a queue line in the street. At the end of the ceremony, torches lit from the eternal flame at Elvis’ grave are brought down to the gate. The queue line starts to move as fans walk through the gates and light their candles on the torches and then walk single file up the driveway to the gravesite in the Meditation Garden and back down. To accommodate everyone who is in line, the procession will last as long as we have guests.

Graceland staff members are positioned along the way to offer assistance. Near the front gate, Elvis fan club members from all over the world work in shifts to offer further assistance. Although candle lighting for the procession is from the torches, please do be prepared to light your candle when asked to do so for our traditional “sea of candles” shot for the world news media at the start of the opening ceremony.

Do we bring our own candles or are they provided?

During Elvis Week, Graceland provides free candles to those who arrive at the vigil without having brought their own. These may be obtained at the front gate anytime during the vigil. Many fans chose to bring their own to the event.

Do we need reservations to tour?

We strongly recommend that you go ahead and make reservations as our tours during Elvis Week traditionally sell fast. Click here to make your reservations online.

Can anyone attend the Elvis Fan Club Presidents’ Event?

Yes. The public is invited to attend the annual Fan Club Presidents’ Event in August. Elvis Presley Enterprises will open the doors to let more people know about the amazing work that fan clubs do. For this event, the public will be invited to purchase tickets to attend the event and hear from some of the fan clubs who work hard to carry on Elvis' name and memory. All fans are invited to attend this event where they can learn more about what official Elvis Presley fan clubs do, announcements and a special guest speaker. Elvis Presley fan club presidents’ will receive an invitation to the event directly from EPE to reserve their complimentary ticket for the event and do not need to call Graceland Reservations.

I purchased the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest VIP Package that includes the Meet 'n' Greet. How do I get my tickets for the Hard Rock event?

You will receive your tickets to the Semifinal Round and Final Round directly from Ticketmaster. If you purchase the $139 VIP ticket for this event, you MUST show your ticket at the door of the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street in downtown Memphis for admission into the Meet 'n' Greet event the morning of August 11 and to receive your collectible event badge/lanyard.

If I am from outside the U.S., will I have any trouble ordering from Ticketmaster?

For those purchasing tickets on the Internet through Ticketmaster that are located outside the U.S., you must have an international credit card in order to place an order for tickets. You may be required to put a local phone number down on the order. If so, please make that phone number the hotel you will be staying at during Elvis Week. If you have not yet made reservations for Elvis Week, you may use the phone number 901-332-3322, which is the Graceland main line.

Can you help me find a hotel room for Elvis Week?

For our recommendations on where to stay in Memphis during Elvis Week, visit the Elvis Week Partners Section of the site. You’ll find a listing of host hotels such as the Peabody and Heartbreak Hotel, along with other travel discounts and offers. Be sure to book rooms as soon as possible, as local hotels fill up quickly.

*Information above is subject to change.