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Elvis Presley's impact in contemporary culture can be seen every day throughout the world. Have you experienced any Elvis sightings on your favorite TV show, movie, magazine, book, play or any other cultural or social event? We feel it’s worth sharing. Please add details about your own Elvis sightings below and enjoy reading the ones submitted by other people. Be sure and tell us your first name and your hometown.

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Reminisce Extra - 1958      [ View Image ]
In the January 2018 issue of Reminisce Extra, in their 'Spotlight 1958' section, they have for March 24: "The King of Rock 'n' Roll becomes Pvt. Elvis Presley, when he is inducted into the Army."
Sandy Van Horn, Dayton, OH, US

Nebraska vs. Arkansas Football Game     
During the first home football game of the season for the Huskers against Arkansas State, the theme for the band performance just happened to be Elvis! They did an Elvis song medley, created a formation to spell out ELVIS and even included the appearance of an Elvis impersonator. To say I was excited was an understatement. It was the first football game I had ever attended and I was completely blown away.
Elizabeth Bennet , Lincoln, Ne , US

Elvis sighting in Vegas     
I was at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas on Dec. 10 and they opened the rodeo with 'Viva Las Vegas'. Never thought I would hear Elvis at a rodeo. So cool!
Linda O'Donnell, Frederic, WI, US

Elvis sighting     
On a visit to the Texas Civil War Museum in Fort Worth, there was Elvis bobblehead that greeted people as they came in. Guess Elvis is a Civil War nerd also! Very cool.
John, Fort Worth, Texas, US

It's a Small World After All      [ View Image ]
During a recent trip to Disneyland, my wife and I saw the Aloha Elvis bobblehead riding a Lilo and Stitch's surfboard on the "It's a Small World" ride. It made our trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth" much happier to see The King. Mele Kalikimaka!
Gilbert, Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

Veterans Day - God Bless Them     
I was reading in the Terre Haute, Indiana paper that the Honey Creek Middle School had a Veterans Day program. On the front page was a picture of Army Veteran Richard Smith with his veterans cap over his heart during the playing of taps. Mr. Smith had served 6 months with Elvis while in Germany.

Mick Jones
Mick Jones, Monroe City Indiana, US

Elvis sightings in Bahrain     
The kids and I have been listening to Elvis Radio on SXM since my husband has been deployed. The kids love it!! Ironically enough, my husband recorded some short clips of a Halloween party in Bahrain (where he’s deployed to right now) and they had an Elvis themed Halloween party with a guy on stage rocking out some Elvis tunes, in a black track suit and side burns!!! This made the kids day! They can’t wait until daddy comes home and we get to visit Graceland!
Holland Angello, Virginia beach, va, US

EXTRA gum commercial      [ View Image ]
EXTRA Gum has out a commercial using "I Can't Help Falling In Love". How perfect? Elvis chewed gum himself and it was on his grocery list as one of the items to keep in stock at Graceland. Not sure which brand though.
Joy White, Chillicothe, Ohio, US

Elvis Sightings      
Was watching figure skating and the Canadian skater Nicolas Nadeauc came out with a costume of Elvis cape you knew he was going to do an Elvis song. He even had Elvis talking! So Awesome
Glenda Heskett, Ashton I’d 83420, US

Elvis sighting      [ View Image ]
While on my way to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, pasted this posted in someone's yard.
I have been an Elvis fan since I can remember. Have visited Graceland at least 30 times. My all time favorite Elvis song is "Love Me", although, I had added one to my favorite list since hearing it..."Mr. Songman".
Have Sirius radio on my computer, tablet, TV's and car radio just to listen to Elvis!

Susan Coon, Fulton, IL, US

Elvis Sighting at Movie Theater!     
You can catch Elvis performing during a scene in the movie Blade Runner 2049!
Katlyn Gabalis, El Paso, Texas, US

Hawaii 5-O     
On the Oct.6th episode it started out with Elvis' "Drums of the Island"
Bud Sanders, El Paso, US

ON TCM it was mentioned that Dracula was the Elvis of monsters
Bud Sanders, El Paso, US

Reminisce-Musical Retreats      [ View Image ]
The 'Then & Now' article in the Oct./Nov. Reminisce magazine titled '1957 Musical Retreats' featured Elvis/Graceland, and Prince/Paisley Park. About Elvis' Graceland it states: "It would come to embrace his spirit, as it still does today."
Sandy Van Horn, Dayton, OH, US

Elvis sighting     
I was browsing through Pulse Magazine
which is published in my area and came
across a full page photo of Elvis walking
the grounds at Graceland in 1957. The article described Elvis as Memphis's most
famous son and also discussed Sun studios
Beale street and of course Graceland.
Having been a fan since I was 15 and also
attended his concert in June 1973 at Nassau
Coliseum, I was ecstatic to read the article and loved the photo of my favorite
singer of all time.

Rose Marie mcDougall, Sayville, New York, US

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