Elvis Sightings


Elvis Sightings

Elvis art display

Elvis Presley's impact in contemporary culture can be seen every day throughout the world. Have you experienced any Elvis sightings on your favorite TV show, movie, magazine, book, play or any other cultural or social event? We feel it’s worth sharing. Please add details about your own Elvis sightings below and enjoy reading the ones submitted by other people. Be sure and tell us your first name and your hometown.

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Elvis Sighting     
I was with my daughter and granddaughter at the Great Wolfe lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was in the arcade. It was a Elvis Vegas Game and it had pictures of him on it.
Janet Cheshire, Romney, WV, US

Elvis the Buck!      [ View Image ]
I work at a small zoo in Charleston SC and we have deer (a buck and a doe) named Elvis and Priscilla. Our buck is handsome and has quite a fan-base...just like his namesake!
Jillian Davis, Charleston SC, US

Elvis Sighting at Raising Canes      [ View Image ]
I love when we go eat at the Raising Canes across from Rexas Texh just to see this picture. I usually try and sit at the table by this picture. The really cool thing is I was at that concert. I was 14 and my mom and I went. I took some pictures, but we were sitting so far away my pictures just have a little blue speck.
Melanie Tatum, Texas, US

Elvis in Windsor      [ View Image ]
I was very excited to see this big advertisement at our local movie theatre here in Windsor Ontario Canada. Made my day and cannot wait for this big event.
Lisa Gibb , Windsor, CA

Elvis Memorial      [ View Image ]
This memorial to Elvis is on the wall at Chuy's Mexican Restaurant in Tyler, TX.
Laurie S., Dallas, TX, US

Elvis Sighting     
I’m a MaryKay Consultant and while in Dallas at our yearly Siminar while the Spouses walked across the stage to support their wives. The song that was playing was Burning Love!! I loved it!! And I love Elvis
Angie, Farmerville, La, US

Elvis Desserts      [ View Image ]
Little country restaurant in Tennessee has special Elvis desserts.
Nancy Monroe, madison alabama, US

Elvis Sighting     
Was watching Blade Runner 2049 and about half
way through the movie Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling were fighting and a hologram of Elvis singing can't Help Falling In Love came on and they stop fighting. Harrison Ford says I like this song and they stop fighting and go have a drink.
Ignacio Romero, Dalhart, US

Elvis in Williams, AZ      [ View Image ]
While traveling through Arizona. We stopped to eat in Williams Arizona. The gift shop had this lovely statuesque of Elvis.
Audrey, , US

Entertainment Tonight      [ View Image ]
On ET on July 10th John Stamos was talking about his son Billy and mentioned a sneer he has like Elvis.
Bud Sanders, El Paso, Texas, US

Who's Line Is It Anyway     
On July 2nd "who's line is it anyway," in a game called Scenes from a of the things they had to act out was "What if Elvis had a regular job".
Bud Sanders, El Paso,Texas, US

How Likely is It?     
In the July 2, 2018 New Yorker in an article about endangered species in Tasmania, it’s noted that a night parrot, thought to be extinct, had been spotted and videoed. The rediscovery was called “the bird-watching equivalent of finding Elvis ....”
Sharys, San Jose, US

Elvis Weeki Wachee Visit-1961      [ View Image ]
In the July Reminisce Extra magazine, in an article about Weeki Wachee in Spring Hill, FL, it stated that "Elvis Presley visited Weeki Wachee in June 1961 while filming Follow That Dream in nearby Ocala, FL. Mermaids staged a special show with a cutout of the star. He signed autographs and chatted with fans."
Sandy Van Horn, Dayton, OH, US

Joke      [ View Image ]
Saw this on Facebook. Really cute.
Dawn, Oviedo, Fl, US

Keep Dancing     
June 23
Just back from my granddaughter’s dance recital. Cute little girls danced their hearts out to Elvis belting out “Viva Las Vegas”. Then later in the program, a number to “Walkin’ in Memphis”!
Sharys, San Jose CA, US

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