Elvis Sightings


Elvis Sightings

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Elvis Presley's impact in contemporary culture can be seen every day throughout the world. Have you experienced any Elvis sightings on your favorite TV show, movie, magazine, book, play or any other cultural or social event? We feel it’s worth sharing. Please add details about your own Elvis sightings below and enjoy reading the ones submitted by other people. Be sure and tell us your first name and your hometown.

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On Monday 4/16/2018 The gang are at Karaoke night and one of the characters who is from Mars (in his human form) is singing "Suspicious Minds". Looks like he was on Earth long enough to discover Elvis.
Bud Sanders, El Paso,Texas, US

Elvis sighting      [ View Image ]
I am a student at the University of Maine and I did a presentation at the Augusta Civic Center and was happily surprised to see a plaque on the wall honoring Elvis' only appearance in Maine.
This made my day!!
Stephanie Anderson, Salem, NH, US

Elvis on Fixer Upper     
On tonight's (3/27) "Fixer Upper," Chip & Joanna bought and made over the oldest restaurant in Waco, TX: The Elite Cafe. They mentioned that one of the things it was locally famous for was that Elvis once ate there. There was even an actual Elvis room, and there was a quick shot of what it used to look like before the renovation, which seems to have erased all signs of him. Before they demo'ed the place they auctioned off all the furniture & memorabilia to benefit charity, and I can only hope all the Elvisabilia went to someone who'll treasure it.
Leslie Wainger, Rochester, NY, US

April/May Reminisce Magazine     
In their Spotlight 1973 "Lights, Camera, The King" article about the Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite concert it has: "His inspired performance of "An American Trilogy" offered proof positive that Elvis Aaron Presley still reigned as the King of Rock 'n' Roll."
Sandy Van Horn, Dayton, OH, US

License Plates     
A friend sent me a picture of a vanity plate: “Elvis 35”. I spotted a license plate frame that said, “Elvis on Board”!
Sharys Wheeler, San Jose, CA, US

Elvis on Coyote Ugly     
I was watching the movie Coyote Ugly when the part came on at Violet’s friend’s wedding reception, Violet and her dad danced to Elvis’ I Can’t Help Falling In Love.
Carol Blackburn, Moody, TX, US

The New Yorker     
In an article on Andrew Lloyd Webber in the 3/12/18 issue of The New Yorker, “As a child, was an Elvis nut who played Jailhouse Rock until his parents were numbed by it.”
Sharys Wheeler, San Jose, CA, US

Elvis sighting     
3/12/18 On the show DC Legends of Tomorrow it was about the young Elvis & when Elvis recorded his first record. He also talked about how his brother was always still with him. At the end of the show "Elvis" sang Amazing Grace.
Patricia Gauthier, Baraga, MI, US

Elvis on American Idol     
Tonight March 11 on American Idol, a performer was getting the Hollywood send off to Elvis singing "If I Can Dream"

Later in the show they played "Blue Suede Shoes" when admiring an artist's unusual shoes.
susan holzschuh, johnson city, tn, US

Elvis Sighting     
In Kid Rock's new video for American Rock and Roll. "A little bit of Delta Blues, a little Blue Suede Shoes -- A sea of emotion raining all over me." They show Elvis on the screen behind the band.
Kathy Veilleux, Farmingdale Maine, US

Dc's Legends Of Tomorrow      [ View Image ]
On next weeks (Monday March 12th) Legends Of Tomorrow on the CW the story is about Elvis. If you have not seen it,it is about time travel and the bad guy wants to destroy rock and roll. Takes place in Memphis at Sun from what I get from the preview.
Bud Sanders, El Paso,Texas, US

Elvis in Lincoln Nebraska      [ View Image ]
Large Elvis mural found in Memorial Stadium home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers! Go Big Red!
Paula Baldozier, Omaha, US

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show     
2/13/2018 - When showing the Bassett Hound they mentioned Elvis and as the Ultimate Hound Dog.
Bud Sanders, El Paso,Texas, US

Elvis at the Olympics     
A skater on the Winter Olympics Sunday night. was wearing a Black Jumpsuit styled after Elvis's White Conchos Jumpsuit, and was skating to Can't Help falling in love!!
Maria Elefante, Oceanside NY, US

Passing the torch to the younger generation.       [ View Image ]
I had a coworker’s grandson visit my office the other day. We showed him my Elvis calendar on the wall. He had never heard of Elvis. A week or so later the family was in Fort Myer Florida at a burger joint, “Cheeburger Cheeburger.” He found an Elvis stand-up and said, “Look Mommy, it’s that guy that Nana’s friend likes.” They brought his food in a pink Cadillac box. I’m so glad Elvis was a lasting impression. I have truly passed the torch!!! So excited to have done that!! Please see the photo.
Joy White, Chillicothe Ohio, US

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