Elvis FAQ


Elvis FAQ

When was Elvis Born? When did Elvis die? How many movies did he star in? How many records has he sold? We get a lot of questions about Elvis’ life and legacy – here are some of the most common questions we get, along with official answers from Elvis Presley Enterprises.

When was Elvis born? 

January 8, 1935

When did Elvis die?

Elvis Presley passed away due to heart failure August 16, 1977, at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 42 years old.


Where was Elvis born?

Tupelo, Mississippi

What year did Elvis graduate from Humes High School?  


When did Elvis get his first guitar?  

He received one purchased from Tupelo Hardware Company on January 8, 1946 - his 11th birthday.

When did the Presley family move to Memphis?

November of 1948

Before becoming famous Elvis drove a delivery truck for what Memphis company?

Crown Electric

When did Elvis record his first record at Sun Studio?

He recorded "That's All Right" on July 5, 1954.

Where was Elvis' first billed performance?

He performed at Overton Park Shell on July 30, 1954

On what Saturday radio show did Elvis regularly perform?

Louisiana Hayride from Shreveport, Louisiana

For what product did Elvis make his only commercial?

Southern Made Doughnuts radio jingle while on the Louisiana Hayride

What was Elvis' first gold record?  

"Heartbreak Hotel"

On what show was Elvis' first national TV appearance?

Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Stage Show on January 28, 1956

What year is the pink Cadillac in the Elvis Presley Car Museum?

1955 Fleetwood

Where was the first house Elvis purchased?

1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis, Tennessee

When did Elvis purchase Graceland?

March of 1957 for $102,500

Who did Elvis buy Graceland from?

Mrs. Ruth Brown Moore, former wife of Dr. Thomas Moore

How many movies did Elvis make? 

31 feature films and 2 concert documentaries

What was Elvis' first movie?  

"Love Me Tender"

Name the only three cities outside of the U.S., where Elvis performed.

Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

Who did Elvis marry?

Elvis Presley's wife was Priscilla (Beaulieu) Presley.

At what hotel in Las Vegas were Elvis and Priscilla married?

Aladdin Hotel on May 1, 1967

When was Elvis Presley's daughter born?

Lisa Marie Presley was born on February 1, 1968 at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee

What does TCB and the lightning bolt stand for?  

Taking care of business quickly or in a flash

How many Grammy Awards did Elvis receive in his lifetime?

Three Grammys - all for his Gospel music.  

How many records is it estimated that Elvis has sold worldwide?

Over one billion units sold

Where was his last concert?

Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN on June 26, 1977