Which Room at Graceland Matches Your Personality?

Whether you’re as colorful as the Pool Room, as elegant as the Living Room or as exotic as the Jungle Room, there’s a room at Elvis Presley’s Graceland that perfectly matches your personality.

Take the quiz below to find out which room fits you, and be sure to tune in to next week’s Graceland Blog when we learn more about each of the rooms featured in the quiz.

Don’t forget to go to Graceland.com to start planning your Graceland experience, so you can experience these rooms for yourself!



  1. Lonnie Ann

    Describes me perfect!!!!
    You’re elegant, classy, timeless. You’re full of Southern hospitality, and you always know how to make anyone feel welcome. You’re very fashionable, but you’re not afraid to show off with a pop of color or an unexpected accessory – it’s your surprises that keep people on their toes. You would enjoy spending time in Elvis’ Living Room at Graceland.

    • Tye Morris

      I love it! I like the description and I do love the living room at Graceland. I’ve been there three times and I’m going back with three girlfriends who have never been there this Sept.! I can’t wait!

  2. Karen Alderson

    my favourite Elvis song was not listed but it’s “Edge of Reality

  3. Janet Hastings

    Yes, the Living Room at Graceland is my favorite room.

  4. I would be glad to spend time in Elvis’ livingroom!!

  5. Margaret Burkes


  6. Barbara

    I love Elvis and Graceland. If I lived in Memphis I would definitely want to work at Graceland so I could feel close to Elvis and the home he loved so much.

  7. A payne

    Long live the King of Rock-n-roll …………his music must never die ………Elvis we miss you …………….gone to soon ……….

  8. janet wale

    would love to go to gracelands

  9. Christine

    My daughters flew me (and them) to Graceland for my 60th b day in 2014. Great experience. Loved every minute!

  10. freddy buyse

    i love tis room

  11. Margaretha

    I come to Graceland in the first week of June this year.
    I’m so happy to see all the things from my dear Elvis!!

  12. Michael C Anderson

    Just wanted to say HI that I will be able to see the Jungle Room @ the end of the month.

  13. Dagmar Hube

    I am very surprised,what a compliment to me…I was in Graceland twice,long ago,10 years ago,would lgo again but its a long wayfrom germany…I will never forget all the things and people I met in Memphis!!!

  14. Dagmar

    Memphis and Elvis are always on my mind!!!

  15. glenda

    Yes, The living room actually IS my favorite room.

  16. Barbara Guelbert

    Yes, I would certainly love the Living room at Graceland!!

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