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We’re about one week away from the Grand Opening Celebration for the brand new hotel, The Guest House at Graceland.

The 450-room resort hotel, located steps away from Graceland, features two restaurants, meeting space, a theater and more – and the hotel is uniquely Elvis, and elegantly rock ‘n’ roll.

The Guest House at Graceland is the perfect place to stay if you want to explore everything that Graceland and Memphis has to offer. Elvis, of course, did quite a bit of traveling, whether it was while on tour, filming a movie or making a television appearance. With hotels in mind, let’s take a look at just a few of the hotels Elvis frequented while he was traveling.

Elvis at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Elvis at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.


Elvis met with area middle and high school students at his press conference at the Hawaiian Village Hotel in 1961.

Elvis met with area middle and high school students at his press conference at the Hawaiian Village Hotel in 1961.

Elvis stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village several times, most notably around the time he filmed”Blue Hawaii,” which was filmed in the spring of 1961.

The hotel’s Carousel Room was home to a press conference with Elvis and comedian Minnie Pearl on Saturday, March 25, 1961. The pair discussed the benefit concert they were set to perform in a few hours at the Bloch Arena. The concert raised money to build a memorial to those killed and injured in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The resort first opened in 1955 and is one of the most prominent resort hotels on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. The hotel and its famous towers, including the Rainbow Tower, have been renovated many times over the years, with new pools, restaurants and other amenities added to the property.

Elvis stayed at the Knickerbocker Hotel while filming "Love Me Tender."

Elvis stayed at the Knickerbocker Hotel while filming “Love Me Tender.”

While Elvis was in Hollywood filming his first movie, “Love Me Tender,” he stayed at the Knickerbocker Hotel.

Photographer Ed Braslaff takes some photos of Elvis at the hotel on August 18, and later, Elvis and his friends spend $750 at the Long Beach Amusement Park.

The Knickerbocker opened in 1929 and was still glamorous when Elvis stayed there. Many celebrities stayed there, including Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio and “I Love Lucy” actor William Frawley.  After falling into disrepair over the years, the building has since been renovated, and it’s now a retirement community called the Hollywood Knickerbocker Apartments.

Elvis stayed at the Prince de Galles, or Prince of Wales, Hotel in Paris in 1959.

Elvis stayed at the Prince de Galles, or Prince of Wales, Hotel in Paris in 1959.


A receipt for Elvis' stay in Paris.

A receipt for Elvis’ stay in Paris.

While Elvis never toured Europe, he did travel there while serving in the United States Army.

In the summer of 1959, Elvis was stationed in Germany when he took a 15-day furlough. He traveled to both Munich and Paris with his friends, and in Paris, the guys stayed in a top-floor suite which overlooked the Champs-Élysées at the Prince de Galles (or Prince of Wales) Hotel. While in town, he answered a few questions at a press conference, was mobbed at a sidewalk cafe and spent time at a few Paris night clubs, including the Moulin Rouge, Le Bantu and the Folies Bergère.

The elegant Prince de Galles Hotel opened in 1928 and still operates as a hotel. Other famous guests include actress Marlene Dietrich, actor Charles Laughton and Sir Winston Churchill.

Be like Elvis and stay in the best hotel the city has to offer! The Guest House at Graceland is now accepting reservations, and if you want to see Graceland too – and who doesn’t? – there are hotel packages available. With the holidays right around the corner, check out the ‘Tis the Season package, which includes a stay at The Guest House at Graceland, tickets to Graceland, breakfast at Delta’s Kitchen and Elvis holiday goodies.


  1. Carol McLean

    I was fortunate to stay at the new Guesthouse at Graceland Wednesday night. It is beautiful and the food was great. I was thrilled to be one of the first people to stay there. I loved it.

  2. Great stuff!

  3. Kathy Louviere

    I really enjoyed reading about the famous hotels Elvis stayed in. More would be fun to know about also. It was most exciting to know that I stayed at the same hotel Elvis was in Hawaii.

  4. Shirley A Cheung

    My sister & I are planning a trip to Graceland for about 5 days between April 27, 2017 – May 6, 2017. Do you have the prices for the hotel package or just hotel alone during that time period. Thank you. : )

  5. Judy Hunt Lindley

    Thank you Graceland for sharing all this items that we would not know about. Just looking into the rooms when you are touring Graceland you have so much to look @ in a short time you just can’t absorb all you see. It is wonderful to have this private tour with the staff to tell us all these things about Graceland & Elvis

  6. Rose Finney

    How do I find out the price of the Guest House packages? Can you e-mail a price list to me ? Thank You !!!

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    Hi I always love reading anything connected to Elvis on your insiders pages thanks for all the new information about where Elvis stayed on some of his travels I really enjoyed it
    Eve ❤️

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    Thanks, but where did he stay in New York City?

  9. Gerald Okolowsky

    Some great pictures!

  10. gargiulo

    When I met ELVIS Backstage the 12 august 1969, in Las Vegas, he talked to me about his 3 visits in Paris : June 1959 – July 1959 and January 1960 !!!

    • Bobosolognot

      Out of his three stays in Paris, you can merge the first and second one, and therefore count only two stays, one in summer 1959 and one in winter 1960 : he merely quickly “interrupted” his furlough in summer 59 in Paris, spent a few days in his military base in Germany, and returned back to Paris.

    • Bill Mabee

      I would love to know some details of that conversation if there’s a way you could. Maybe right here. I’m sure other’s would like to hear the story.

  11. gargiulo

    It’s quite rare to read about the 3 visits, most of story talk about one or two but never 3, maybe because it makes the British people mad, cause he never went to London….

  12. gargiulo

    The second visit he made in july 1959 is certified, because once Graceland send me the copy of the Prince of Wales hotel, bill.

  13. gargiulo

    Talking with ELVIS in 1969 I asked him : ELVIS when will you come back in France ? He answered, in the next 6 months …
    Of course it never happened.

  14. A rare visit of ELVIS out of USA

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    Its very intressting to Reader something about Elvis

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    Very interesting:

  18. Steve White

    My wife and I have stayed many times at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and we always think about Elvis’ visits there. We particularly like the photos of Elvis which are on display near the Tapa Tower at the hotel.

  19. Are you really sure that the first picture is at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel ?
    I´ve spent my honeymoon there in 2014 and it seems to me that Elvis is standing on the balcony of the Ilikai Hotel which is right beside the Hilton.
    Greetings from Germany

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    thankyou for continuing to bring unseen photos and stories to keep the memories alive. art parente

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    enjoy all the info you are sending hope to visit Graceland and all sometime soon from British Columbia,Canada

  23. lynne onisimchuk

    enjoy all he info you are sending hope to visit Graceland and all Memphis offers sometime soon. From British Columbia, Canada

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    Hope to visit Graceland and the new hotel. It’s very beautiful.

  25. My bucket list (I am 71) is to visit Graceland. I just loved ELVIS. Do you rent electric scooters.

  26. stephen stathis

    Always good to see pictures of Elvis in Europe. He didn’t have the Colonel around and he was able to be real. John Lennon said the Army killed Elvis: No way: it saved him, grounded him and he came out expanding his song selection and made Flaming Star and Wild in the Country, two fine films.

  27. Robert easson

    I will be staying at the fontainbleau in miami beach in July 2017 this is where elvis had his homecoming from the army where he sang with sinatra

  28. Natalie

    Is there a Elvis Presley Hotel in his honour near Graceland ? Love your music Elvis <3

  29. DuWayne Paul

    Do you rent motorized scooters on the premises?

    • We have regular wheelchairs to rent for the Elvis Presley’s Memphis part of the tour only. We do not rent wheelchairs for the mansion tour. You can learn more at our Guest Services desk!

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