What’s Happening at Elvis Presley’s Graceland in 2017

We have a busy year ahead of us here at Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ passing and fans from around the world will be traveling to Graceland to honor his life and legacy. In addition to our annual celebrations, we’re anticipating the largest Elvis Week ever, and we’re opening up our new entertainment complex, Elvis Presley’s Memphis. Nothing but the best for the king, right?

Here’s what you can expect at Graceland in 2017.

Elvis Presley’s Memphis

There will be no better place to learn about Elvis Presley than Elvis Presley's Memphis.

There will be no better place to learn about Elvis Presley than Elvis Presley’s Memphis.

Do you love Elvis? Do you want to learn more about him and his career? Of course you do.

You won’t want to miss Elvis Presley’s Memphis, our new, state-of-the-art entertainment complex, which will open March 2-5, 2017, across the street from the Graceland Mansion. It’s five times the size of our current visitors center, which it will replace. This $45 million, 200,000 square-foot complex is Graceland’s largest and most significant expansion since first opening to the public in 1982.

Inside the Graceland mansion, you can explore the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s home life, from his lush living room to the famous Jungle Room. But at Elvis Presley’s Memphis, you can explore every facet of his astonishing career, thanks to new museums, exhibits and “Discovery” spaces.

“Elvis: The Entertainer” will be the largest Elvis museum in the world.

“Elvis: The Entertainer” will be the largest Elvis museum in the world.

The cornerstone of the Elvis Presley’s Memphis experience will be “Elvis: The Entertainer,” a 20,000-square-foot museum celebrating Elvis’ music, movie and live touring career.  This museum will feature hundreds of artifacts from the extensive Graceland Archives, from Elvis’ early days in Tupelo, Mississippi, through his first recording session in Memphis, rise to fame, Hollywood career, service in the U.S. Army, life at Graceland, the Las Vegas years and more.  “Elvis: The Entertainer” will be the largest and most comprehensive Elvis museum in the world.

A signature exhibition will present the incredible story of music visionary and legendary producer Sam Phillips, who essentially created Rock ‘n’ Roll and discovered so many incredible artists at Memphis Recording Service/Sun Records. Graceland will partner with the Phillips family to develop an extensive exhibition that showcases Sam’s life and work in an unprecedented and engaging way. Featuring rare artifacts, photos, videos and documents from the Phillips family archives, the exhibition will shine a light on the great artists that Sam produced, starting with the early blues recordings that profoundly influenced Elvis and continues to impact the music of today.

The "Graceland Soundstage" will play host to a variety of live music acts during the Grand Opening Celebration, showcasing the rich music history of Memphis and the best of Memphis music today.

The “Graceland Soundstage” will play host to a variety of live music acts during the Grand Opening Celebration, showcasing the rich music history of Memphis and the best of Memphis music today.

A 20,000-square-foot “Graceland Soundstage” is also part of Elvis Presley’s Memphis. The Soundstage will be an extraordinary venue for live music performances, movie screenings and premieres, video productions, with theater seating for up to 1,700 people.

“Discovery” exhibit spaces will showcase aspects of Elvis’ life, career and interests in greater depth, from the music genres that influenced Elvis from his earliest days – Rhythm & Blues, Southern Gospel, Country & Western – to today’s music artists who continue to be influenced by Elvis and his body of work.

Presley Motors will be the new home of the Pink Cadillac, as well as Elvis' other cars, motorcycles and more.

Presley Motors will be the new home of the Pink Cadillac, as well as Elvis’ other cars, motorcycles and more.

A new Elvis Presley Automobile Museum called “Presley Motors” will showcase over 20 of Elvis’ automobiles and motorized vehicles, including Elvis’ iconic Pink Cadillac, and also feature a theater space showcasing Elvis movie clips focused on cars and racing.

The new facility will also feature two themed restaurants named for Elvis’ parents, Gladys and Vernon. Gladys’ Diner will feature classic American fare, including Elvis’ favorite: grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Vernon’s Smokehouse will feature authentic Memphis BBQ, smoked in-house. A coffee bar and ice cream shop will also be located within the complex, along with new retail stores offering the most extensive collection of Elvis merchandise found anywhere in the world.

And of course, we can’t forget Elvis’ beloved jets, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II. The planes will remain across the street from the Mansion, adjacent to the new venue.

Hungry? Vernon's Smokehouse will feature Memphis barbecue, while you can grab American classics at Gladys' Diner.

Hungry? Vernon’s Smokehouse will feature Memphis barbecue, while you can grab American classics at Gladys’ Diner.

As Elvis Presley’s Memphis opens, a new tour experience will also debut. The new “Ultimate VIP” tour experience, Graceland’s most exclusive tour option, will take a small group of visitors on an unprecedented journey through Elvis Presley’s life story and the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Led by an expert tour guide, visitors will tour Graceland Mansion and explore all of “Elvis Presley’s Memphis,” including the new Elvis Presley Automobile Museum, Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum, Elvis Discovery Exhibits, Elvis’ Custom Jets and an exclusive Ultimate VIP Tour Exhibit. Guests who book this experience will also enjoy transportation for their tour in a special vehicle, access to the Ultimate Lounge at Elvis Presley’s Memphis, a special photo opportunity, a special Graceland Archives “show and tell” session, options to purchase special merchandise only available to Ultimate guests and a meal with table service at one of the new restaurants at Elvis Presley’s Memphis.

We can’t wait for this to open up – can you?

The Elvis Presley’s Memphis Grand Opening Celebration Weekend is March 2-5, and tickets are on sale now. If you can’t make it that weekend, no worries – there are tickets on sale now for the new complex and for Graceland past those dates on Graceland.com. You can also combine your tour tickets with a Guest House at Graceland resort package by calling 901-332-3322 or toll-free at 800-238-2000.

If you’ve been to Graceland before, that’s great, but you have to come back. This will be a whole new experience.

Elvis Week 2017

Fans lined up to pay tribute to Elvis in the rain at Elvis Week 2016.

Fans lined up to pay tribute to Elvis in the rain at Elvis Week 2016.

Elvis Week 2017 will be the biggest – and best – Elvis Week ever. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the schedule and special guest appearances, but you can go ahead and check out a tentative schedule now. Elvis Week will include concerts, panel discussions, the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and, of course, the Candlelight Vigil.

Stay up to date with everything Elvis Week by watching Graceland.com and ElvisWeek.com, and sign up for our e-newsletters.

Annual Celebrations and Events

Scouts from across America gather at Graceland for the annual Scouts Rock at Graceland day.

Scouts from across America gather at Graceland for the annual Scouts Rock at Graceland day.

Wait, wait – we’re not done yet!

Our annual Scouts Rock at Graceland day is set for April 8. That’s a day for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to visit Graceland, explore everything Elvis and earn achievements toward ranks, belt loops and merit badges. Register for Scouts Rock now!

We’ll officially flip the switch on Graceland’s traditional Christmas lights on November 16 (and the lights will stay on until Elvis’ birthday, January 8, 2018). We’ll announce more details, including special guests, closer to that date, so stay tuned to Graceland.com.

While you’re in town to visit Graceland, don’t forget to book your stay at The Guest House at Graceland. The Guest House also features special themed weekends and packages, so be sure to check their schedule. Upcoming themed weekends include 80s Weekend, Memories of Motown, Gospel Weekend and more.

Keep in mind, all dates and details are tentative, so keep an eye on Graceland.com for the latest information. Our 2017 is going to be incredible, and we hope you’re here to join us!


  1. Denise Kettyles

    Can’t wait! Going 4 my 50th (13th August 17) Elvis so much! Been for my 40th!2nd time for my dream holiday!

  2. I’ll be there at Elvis week 2017 can’t wait!!!

  3. Patricia

    Is the campground still there and is Heartbreak Hotel still open? Will you still get to sit outside tented area and listen to performers? I come every year excited to see new resturants.

    • The campground is still at Graceland. The Heartbreak Hotel closed in October 2016, and we have opened our new hotel, The Guest House at Graceland. We have not finalized all Elvis Week details so be sure to check Graceland.com for the full schedule in the coming weeks.

    • No heart break hotel closed down when they built the guest house

  4. Any chance, for the 40th , of getting a retrospective of Elvis’s final tours in 1976-1977 along with the taped funeral service of the quartets singing and of those who spoke? That would be powerful and enough time has passed so it would give some depth to Elvis’s story.

  5. Donna Gillespie

    I stayed at the Guesthouse at Graceland a few days after it opened. I was very impressed with everything. Just beautiful and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I plan on visiting this year so I can tour Elvis Presley’s Graceland. I can hardly wait.

  6. peter french

    Looks great can’t wait to go back to the home of the king this time taking my daughter who now is a big fan of elvis too she’s 18 just goes to show the king lives on long live the king and his music

  7. Sandra Domenick

    I was there 2 years ago, loved it! But I sure would like to come back for all the new things! I loved ELVIS!

  8. Larry Asher

    Very excited. Been an Elvis fan for 60 years.

  9. Bob & Dee Purcell

    Looking for all the exciting future events coming to GRACELAND.

  10. patricia park

    can’t wait for august to celebrate Elvis 40th

  11. Anita Brantley

    Can’t wait for Elvis week 2017! SO excited to see the new complex

  12. Carolyn Brown

    We are planning a trip down there this year to all the changes. Can’t wait to see it all .

  13. brenda rainey

    This will be my 17th. time to come to Graceland. I Love Elvis Week.

  14. Donna White

    I would really like to see a theater with Elvis in concert in 3-D. For the ones who never got to see him in person. What an experience. I would go . would
    LOVE to see this.

  15. Ginnie Dobrek


  16. Elena listermann-vierling

    Looks wonderful

  17. Joe Apichella

    Sounds like a real winner. I have three outfits, the belts, the rings and the shoes. We had five Elvis shows at our home for the people in The villages, Florida. They were a smashing hit and we raised money $5,000 to donate to the poor people who live in the forest in Ocala. It started out to be a little thing and became the talk of the town. We did it in our home with a lot of Elvis Trivia, dressing event and entry, singing 9 songs and then playing a tribute to America on the Keyboard. The people loved it and we were able to raise the money for a great cause. Elvis is still affecting America in many ways. God Bless The King!

  18. Martin gabriel jr


  19. Martin gabriel jr

    Elvis is the best of the best

  20. Hope to make it this year at some point. Can’t wait to stay at the Guesthouse!!! What a new experience it will be!!!

  21. Ellie licon

    If I EVER win the lottery I’ll go…….can’t work I have sle lupus a diabetes you name I have it…I’m good.one day maybe..thanks



  23. judi Tabor

    This new complex looks wonderful. I was at Graceland in 2013 but will definitely be back before long to see everything new. Can hardly wait. Judi Tabor

  24. cant wait to see complex

  25. be there in aug

  26. Will there be a concert at FedEx forum with past band and quartets that used to play with Elvis including Elvis on the jumbo screen?

  27. Connie Arnell

    Can you please tell me if they will be having the entertainment tent that is there every year for Elvis week. The tent that Danny is in charge of every year. It is enjoyed by many and it would be a huge loss to EPE and the fans if it is not there.
    Thank you!!

  28. Marianne Rose

    Will the Ultimate events be held at this new venue or at the Orpheum Theatre during Elvis Week 2017? Looks like a great new place to see and spend some time at.

  29. Hello, just wondering if the tent will be up across from Graceland during Elvis week?

  30. Absolutely love Graceland been twice now and can’t wait to come back it sounds fantastic and so much more to see and do.

  31. jocelyne


  32. So looking forward to attending this year from the UK. I came over lots during the 90’s but stopped when my children were born. I will be coming with my two son’s in August Aaron & Garon.. Guess where there names come from

  33. I love Graceland

  34. Charlene Keksi

    OMGosh! I am so hoping to be able to come there! Graceland has been on top of my “Bucket List” and now I need to add here! I am getting older, so really hope I can visit soon. Huge Elvis Fan!!!

  35. haven’t been to graceland in a few years now but now I would love to come and see all these new buildings and entertainment sights. elvis would be so proud. good for you Memphis tenn.

  36. Joanne Rasmussen

    I am looking forward to my trip there in August for the 40th celebration. I sure hope in all this new modern Graceland I can find the real Elvis. I don’t think that Sam Phillips should be there. He wasn’t the won who really discovered Elvis. His secretary did so hope since you do have it that you give her, her due.
    However all this should bring in the new crowd of you Elvis fan & make new ones.

  37. Carol Stetz

    Sounds fantastic ! Can’t wait ! What about Elvis Boats, will they be displayed like his Plane’s and cars ? Love the Guest House ! Will be making plans to come and visit, maybe in the Fall.

  38. Joan WilsonSalto

    Have been to Graceland many times,wish I could go again but have health issues and will never be able to go again, I will always love Elvis movies and music I have them all.

  39. Sheila Wiesenfarth

    Looking forward to the opening. Love Elvis!!!

  40. Sheila Wiesenfarth

    Love Elvis

  41. Audrey Morrow

    I am planning a visit to Graceland, March 19th, 2017. This is a return visit but this time I will not have my loving husband with me. As a widow, I find it hard to book tours etc, as all packages are for two. Can you do something for me? I would like to spend the 19th to the 23rd at your new guesthouse where I can revisit all the wonderful museums and events of Memphis. Looking forward to see what’s new? Elvis has always been the artist I most enjoy.

  42. Jason Turner

    Simply Awesome visited on July 9th 2016….

  43. Dale Hansen

    This looks absolutely amazing and I am looking forward to coming to see it sometime this year.

  44. Elizabeth

    Hope to get back one day xxx

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  46. Ian forman

    We have a trip booked for august can,t wait to visit the new attractions

  47. bernard owens

    hi, we are coming on october 7th for my 60 birthday staying in the guest house, really looking forward to comingthe last time we where at gracelands was in 1996.

  48. Charlotte I Terry

    Very anxious to come visit!

  49. Charlotte I Terry

    Will be there some time this year!

  50. Beth Doyle

    We will be visiting June 5-9 2017 for our 31st anniversary, this will be my second trip but my husband’s first. Anything new happening?

  51. Lou Ellen Christensen

    I can not wait to get to the new “Graceland Adventure” I have been to Grace 4 times in the last 20 years and still cry my way thru…the new complex looks very interesting…I hope to make this trip in 2018, everything should be tweeked by then…God Bless this adventure…

  52. Kathy sharpe

    My goodness. What changes. Makes me feel old

  53. Deirdre Sweeney

    hi i would love to go i was surppose to go visit for my 50th birthday but something happened and could not go so now i hope i can this year

  54. Brandi Beck

    I love Graceland, and Elvis! I’ve visited 3 times since 1992, can’t wait to visit again, and hopefully stay at the hotel this time!! Also to share the experience with my son!

  55. Jennice watts

    Was there for 20th anniversary, what an everlasting experience, went with Australian Elvis group, we were treated like royalty, so thankful that I for filled my dream of visiting Graceland, would love to see the new Graceland, hopefully I can one day in the near future

  56. Lee oastler

    looking forward to my trip over in august

  57. Jennice watts

    As above

  58. Maurice Stone

    Yes, keep me up-to-date with all events

  59. Jean ogburn

    Iv been 3 times and loved it.I would like to go again. I have been a fan since I can remember my sister took me to see Love Me Tender. I have a photo of the paddocks of which I had enlarge and framed which sits on my wall in my lounge. Forever ELVIS THE KING

  60. Margaret Mary Coley

    Can’t wait to get back and experience all of the new things. I have been to Graceland twice, but the new hotel and Elvis Presley’s Memphis sounds and looks fabulous.
    Thanks for the update.

  61. Margaret Mary Coley

    I can’t wait to get back to Graceland. I have visited twice but the new hotel and Elvis Presley’s Memphis from your account, will be totally fabulous.
    Thanks for the update.

  62. Karen Dyck

    I’m hoping to be there in May sometime and I can’t wait.

  63. I have loved Elvis since i was a preteen. And Graceland is definitely on my bucket list. It wouldbe sn honour and thrill to see and experience it. Oh and i am now soonto be 67 yrs.

  64. Carolyne

    We will be visiting in Sept. 21-24th. Do you have any events scheduled that we can pre-purchase?

  65. Cheri McAllister

    Did u do away with the tent where Danny was each year?? Since it was a free place to spend time with a great bunch of people and preformers. It would be very missed my many. Thanks Cheri McAllister

  66. Cathy Yeo

    My daughter and I are travelling from Australia in September this year to celebrate my 60th birthday on 26th at Graceland. Can you tell what is planned for that time please.Thanks Cathy

  67. Teresa cobb

    So excited to see all this and to celebrate the 40 th anniversary!! We are from North Carolina and having been coming for years!

  68. cooley lewis

    have been to Graceland a couple of times but will definitely try to make it this year again

  69. Elizabeth Rheaume

    It looks wonderful,wish I could go. Will have to see it on the Internet.

  70. Michelle Dolfinger

    That will be cool to see that

  71. Rhonda Guffey


  72. Rhonda Guffey


  73. Rhonda Guffey


  74. M Reilly

    I love Graceland. Have been many times and first saw it just after Elvis bought it for his mother. I currently live in China but will visit in 2017, I will be there

  75. Looking forward to seeing the changes..sounds awesome..but will miss the quaintness of the past.and the humbleness that was Elvis.

  76. M Reilly

    I first saw Graceland just after Elvis bought it for his mother. I now live in China but I will come in 2017!

  77. jan jensen

    Fantastic, i will go to visit this year

    Jan from Norway

  78. Thomas Drago

    Are there any plans to update Elvis’ record sales with the RIAA this year?

  79. AMAZZZZING! Hope that I will be able to see all that with my own eyes and actually be there . It will be a dream come true since I never had the chance to see him in real person .My cousin had that chance to go to one of his concert since his American and i’m Canadian…. Love Love Elvis forever and ever…!!! xxxx

  80. Can’t wait to go. I never thought they could make Graceland bigger and better than ever, but it looks like they did. TCB the Elvis way.

  81. Clifton West

    We have tried to be at Graceland 3yearsin a row and something has always come up. The first 2 had plane and room reservation. Had to chancel lost money for plane tickets. The year we paid for money back just in case we had to cancel again. Reason canceled was wife had knee replacement, had complications. This time both our sons, 1who is a street trouper hand neck surgery and could not drive for two weeks. Single dad mother helped with grang kids. 1who is liuetetant fFire Marshal had knee surgery and we were at hospital. We are going to try again this year at Christmas. I have always heard that is the best time because it is just like is was when ELVIS was a live.i know it will be worth all the effort to get there.

  82. Richard Grassl

    What an ICON of entertainer: Actually was born in the same year as PRESLEY was:A great entertainer
    was given to the WORLD!Thank You

  83. Betty Ferro

    I love Elvis Never had the opportunity to see him in person, but I have a bucket list with only one thing on it, & that is to visit the home of THE KING of Rock & Roll. Hope to get there this year, God willing.

  84. send me info

  85. Clotilde Ann Donato

    Looks wonderful! Hope to visit one day.

  86. Mike Simons

    Curious to know what is happening the week of April 9th?

  87. Claire Goertzen

    I am planning to go to Graceland in May 2017 to celebrate my 60th Birthday. I can’t wait!

  88. Love what you have done ,all.looks fabulous,have been to Graceland twice .On ELvis 70 th birthday .
    And 30 th anniversary Elvis week, the best holidays
    I have ever had .Thank you from all the fans you do a great job. Love Lin .from England.

  89. Marilyn R Bonga

    This looks like a lot of fun. Was there in the 80s & saw his home. Hope to come back this year. Been a fan since the beginning. Still am. Love his Gospel music.

  90. Debbie Light

    Is there any chance the Ultimate ETA contest will be held at the new center? When do you anticipate announcing the 8:00 performances each night because we are not sure if we want to stay downtown Memphis or move reservations closer to Graceland. Thanks!

  91. Lori Arends

    Do you still have the campgrounds?

  92. Lori Arends

    When did you close the Heartbreak Hotel??!!!!

  93. Lourdes Mendonça

    Esse ano será muito especial,espero estar ai para ver as novidades!!!

  94. Lourdes Mendonça

    Espero estar esse ano para ver as novidades

  95. Carol Pavely

    I cannot wait to see all new layouts etc. All very exciting but i hope and pray it doesn’t detract from Graceland – the home!

    Everything booked again from UK – see you soon. xxxx

  96. Maria Regina Machado

    I love Elvis. Já fui 3 vezes, pretendo retorno 2017.

  97. Mickey Perhac

    Elvis is my all time favorite entertainer!

  98. Judy Barlow

    Sounds great !! Got to check it out

  99. will there be a 40th Anniversary Concert at the FedExForum on august 16th 2017?


  101. Mary Wiley

    i am so glad I am a subscriber to this e-mail. I am an avid Elvis fan, and have soooo many pictures of him on my computer. Will never forget first time I heard him sing. Was working in Atlanta, Ga. and passed a store and heard that wonderful voice and have been hooked ever since. There WILL NEVER be another singer or person like him. Did not realize at the time he was 6 or 7 years older than me.He has made so many people happy! MISS HIM!

  102. Brenda Johnson

    I love to go there! How much cost for going into campground of Graceland? How much cost of Elvis Presley Hotels?

  103. Judy Fielstra

    I’ve been an Elvis fan since 1956 when I was 15 years old…..that’s 61 years that he’s been such a big part of my life. Elvis Weeks started for me in 1980 & have enjoyed all those times & have met many friends from all over the world…..Elvis brought us together. I will always love Elvis & his music, but the $$$$ it now will cost me to enjoy more Graceland & Elvis Weeks is way out of my range of affordability. I’ll just need to be content with all my precious memories of Graceland & Elvis Weeks.

  104. Patricia T.

    Went to Graceland in 1982 when it first opened (was also there in 1980 and was able to walk up the driveway to the grave site). I really want to go back to see the new additions, hopefully this year. I’ve been an Elvis fan since 1956 and I’m so thankful we have his music, videos, photos, and movies to remember him. What a wonderful voice and an incredible entertainer. On top of all the talent, he was a caring, humble, and loving human being. Miss that beautiful smile.

  105. Dirk Panozzo

    I was 12 when Elvis died. I made my 1st trip to Graceland w my brother 2 yrs later in ’79, (3 yrs BEFORE Graceland opened to the public),and I have now been there a total of 28, (yes, I said TWENTY EIGHT), times, so I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years, and I AM PUMPED to see all the changes now!!! I’m planning a March trip for the re-opening, and MUST return in August for the 40th anniversary and it’ll also be MY “30th” Elvis/Graceland pilgrimage!!!

  106. The Tent at Graceland Crossing is such a wonderful example of Elvis’ generosity. It has been a place to meet and greet one another and get to know others from around the globe. It is my most sincere wish that the Tent would remain as a reminder of the love that Elvis had for his fans and the spirit that he embodied in his nature of giving. A small oasis where anyone can get up on stage and channel Elvis for a few moments.

  107. I am so looking forward to coming over again. I came over many times during the late 90’s then I got married and was graced with two boys. We will be there for the Elvis week in August. My boy’s have been raised on Elvis and have always wanted to go to Memphis. My boy’s are called Aaron & Garon (wonder how they got the names). See ya’ll in August

  108. Fred Whobrey

    It should be the biggest week ever at Graceland and surrounding area. Can not wait for the Elvis Fan & Collector Show at Magnuson Grand Airport. Aug. 11-16, 2017 during Elvis week. The new Elvis gift shops, restaurants and amazing museums are wonderful. The new Guest House is a must see and overnight stay.

  109. giovanni MENEGAZ

    I’m italian and was just wondering what wl be up for the 40th anniversary of Elvis death…
    U/stand its a whole week of events but can I have the daily program…?
    Do thank you very much..
    Best rgds

  110. James Warner

    Does Graceland plan on enclosing the jets inside of a structure to protect them from UV rays, rusting and such?

  111. Barbara

    I visited Graceland in 1983 and would love to go back someday. I’ve loved Elvis since my Mom took me to his movies in the 60’s and I saw him in concert at Madison Square Garden in 1972 and then at the Nassau Coliseum about 5 times. He was the handsomest and most talented singer ever. I am so thankful I got to see him perform live…absolutely amazing. Happy 40th Anniversary in Heaven, dear Elvis! You will forever be “The King.”

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