Take the Quiz: What Decade Are You – ’50s, ’60s or ’70s?

Elvis changed the world with his groundbreaking music in the ’50s, Hollywood films in the ’60s and recording-breaking live shows in the ’70s. We all have our favorite era of Elvis! See which one you are and take the quiz!


  1. John Brennan

    the best of all eras 1950’s

  2. Kay Wilfong

    love quizzes about Elvis

  3. Elvis

  4. carol warner

    Yes .. this is my favouate … even though i love elvis in any decade… great fun xxx

  5. Gini LaBaff

    I have followed Elvis from the time I first heard him sing Heartbreak Hotel…until August, 1977….He is the love of my life…

  6. Priscilla Soignier

    That is so cool, cause I love all of his decades, but I can dig being 60’s.

    cilla in love

  7. Randall

    It’s such a tribute to a simple country boy that 37 years after his death, he is still getting young fans. I’m 72 and will be a fan till quitting time.

  8. Dalisa Bagwell

    There will NEVER be another Elvis!!!!!

  9. Hugh Munro

    Elvis, the King of rock and roll, has been dead for 38 years but he’s still alive in the hearths of millions

  10. I want to win

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