Viva Las Vegas

By Alyssa Long

Elvis fans are very unique in that they like to soak up every detail and learn as much as they can about Elvis Presley.

This week, I’ve talked at length about Elvis and his time in Memphis. Well, there was another city that made a big impact on Elvis and where he can still be found today… Las Vegas. Last night, there was an Elvis in Vegas Tribute Concert featuring the Terry Mike Jeffrey Band, and it got me thinking about the time Elvis spent in Las Vegas.

Here’s are some interesting, numerical facts about Elvis and Las Vegas:


1956 – The year Elvis first performed in Las Vegas. He was actually received poorly by the conservative, middle-aged audience that was there at the time.

1964 – The year “Viva Las Vegas,” Elvis’ 15th film, was released.



8 – The length, in minutes, of Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding which took place at The Aladdin (present day Planet Hollywood) on May 1, 1967.

32 – The age Elvis was when he married Priscilla.

52 – The number of shows Elvis was scheduled to perform at the brand new International Hotel in 1969.

2200 – The number of audience members in his first show in Las Vegas after making his comeback. They gave him a standing ovation before he even began to sing.



5 – The length, in years, of the contract Elvis eventually had with the International Hotel to perform each February and August.

30 – The floor the penthouse was on that Elvis stayed in at The International Hotel.

5000 – Number of square feet that the penthouse was.

600+ – The number of consecutive sold out shows in Las Vegas.



Today, there are shows in Las Vegas that pay tribute to Elvis Presley. He is still very much alive in Las Vegas as he is with all of us here visiting Graceland for Elvis Week.


  1. jeanne heit

    Elvis was the best singer & performer that has ever lived!!

  2. Katy Page

    I am looking forward to visiting Vegas in October immediately before I head to Memphis so I can be at Graceland for my birthday! Living in England, it is nice to have the O2 exhibition on my doorstep.. My first trip was a Christmas present from my sister who joined my mother and I for the day.

  3. sandra.austin

    Love the pictures and information. Just used two of the new EP stamps, only a select few of my family/friends will receive US mail w/ this postage.
    Good food, good people, good music and the love of God–some things are priceless.
    Thank You

    • sandra.austin

      Thank you for the pictures, information and the new EP stamps. Just sent two notes using the new postage.
      Good food, good people, good music, the love of God–some things are priceless.
      Thank you………………

  4. Larry CEHOLSKI

    Met briefly Elvis on his ranch in Miss. and was not disappointed.Have been a fan since his appearance on Tommy Dorsey. We will NEVER forget him and his great talent.

  5. Mary E Portanova

    I have just finished reading two books about Elvis. The Seeker King and the Gospel side of Elvis. I really enjoyed gives a very positive side of him. Would surely have loved to be at Graceland this year. But plan to go next year for the 4th time. I was a fan when I was 13 and still am at 72. Guess I didn’t out grow it. Hope you folks in Memphis today and tomorrow are having a wonderful time wish I could be there.

  6. Derrell Wright

    Thanks so much, Alyssa, for all you do in memory of Elvis.
    My wife, Betty, and myself, go o back a longs ways loving Elvis.
    I was born in 1937, two years after Elvis. And my wife of 56+
    years was born in 1942.
    We saw our firts Elvis concert in Macon, Ga., I believe it was in
    1971. And, so many times after that, mostly in Atlanta, Ga.
    And, the last time we saw him was in the latter part of 1976 in
    Las Vegas. We saw him four nights in a row, and sat right at the edge of the stage. I probably could have touched him, but, I didn’t. I wanted to get a scarf from him so bad for my wife, Betty.
    But, no such luck.
    I had a TLC and a TCB necklace made for us by Elvis jeweler, Lowell
    Hayes, within a few months after his passing in August, 1977.
    We got to meet and chat with Lowell in 2014 the week of Elvis birth., January 8th..
    Keep up the great work.

    Derrell Wright TCB Forever.

  7. eddie marquez

    Awesome ! There will never be another Elvis the King :)

  8. eddie marquez

    The Best ELVIS LIVES THE KING…… :)

  9. eddie marquez

    Hello ELVIS

  10. eddie marquez

    Its okay You used my Moves King ELVIS….. :)

  11. Carolyn

    I find it odd that several things happened to Elvis in years that ended in 7. He bought Graceland in 57′ married Priscella in 67 and died in 77. It seems there were some other significant things tha happened in a year ending in 7 but can’t recall them right now but these are easily remembered.

  12. Sophie Miller


  13. Elvis is still living in the hearts of fans everywhere;] Never be another like him,although I do wish that maybe his grandson might be a second one,wishful thinking. So happy to see that Graceland is not being forgotten and being persevered for future generations to enjoy and see what they missed,by not growing up in the best years of the fifties ;}

  14. I loved Elvis just as much as all of ya”ll he is a leagendary icon that is for not just for his looks and his shake rattle and roll but he was genuine when it came to given to others to me that really sets him apart from all others

  15. Sue Minister

    I was privileged to see Elvis in concert in Vegas .
    No voice is more unique and I never tire of hearing his music. Priscilla is to be congratulated on making sure that his legacy lives on with class and dignity. On my bucket list is to visit Gracelsnd some day. In the meantime I will continue to listen to his music.

  16. I saw Elvis at the Hilton in Vegas, August of 1970! He was awesome and had all of the old ladies standing on the chairs cheering and applauding for him! That’s when I realized the power that Elvis had and he truly was the king of rock and roll!

  17. Juquita Navarro

    I love Graceland n elvis presley he is the true king I was born n raised in Memphis TN

  18. elizabeth bridges

    I Absolutely love Elvis ,I have since I was 8 yrs old,I was so heart broken when he died, I have a big collection of Elvis things


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