Unseen Graceland: Beyond the Ropes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore every inch of Graceland? Kind of like a “win the lottery” type golden ticket to Graceland that allows you to really check out every square inch, go through drawers and cabinets, walk around in the rooms and really take a good look at things? Before we get your hopes up, sadly, no such thing exists, nor will it anytime soon. Sorry if you thought this was the lead in to the end all, be all Graceland sweepstakes contest.

However, we were able to take a look at a few unseen, off the tour path spots recently that we know true fans might find of real interest, especially if they have been on the tour more than once, OK, who are we kidding, more than a dozen times.


Button located underneath the dining room table at Graceland

First stop, the dining room. Little did you know that there is actually a doorbell type buzzer under the table so Elvis or whoever was at the head of the table could summon the staff in the kitchen. There were no cords to pull that rang bells in the basement like we see on Downton Abbey. Pretty fancy stuff for the 70s.


Inside the kitchen cabinets at Graceland

Speaking of the kitchen, let’s take a look inside the cabinets. Here we see a glass etched with the name “Minnie” for Minnie Mae who was Elvis’ grandmother, not Minnie Mouse. However, we also see a glass from EPCOT at Walt Disney World in Florida. What this souvenir from the happiest place on earth really tells us is that Graceland was – and still is – a family home even after Elvis passed and opened to the public. Five years after his passing, the first visitors made their way through the front door of Graceland in June of 1982, however EPCOT didn’t open until October of the same year. A young Lisa Marie would often travel to Memphis and spend time at her childhood home with family, including her great grandmother Minnie Mae. In fact, someone lived at Graceland up until 1993, 11 years after it first opened for public tours. Today the Presley family still makes frequent visits to Graceland in Memphis, often having dinner at their famous home after tours for the day have ended when some of these very glasses may be put to use.


Lisa Marie’s name inside a drawer at Graceland

In the kitchen we can also open a drawer to see where it appears Lisa Marie wrote her name in pencil in the bottom of that drawer located underneath the security monitors at a spot that would be convenient for doing homework.


Bar tray in Jungle Room at Graceland

To the Jungle Room we go, first stop, the bar! And why not, this is the only tour of Graceland where you can enjoy food and drink while using the flash on your camera. Now, in this spot no visitor could ever get close to on the regular tour we find not just any bar tray, but one that features a wedding photo of Elvis and Priscilla etched into it, creating a one of a kind memento from a very special day.


Clock on wall in Jungle Room at Graceland

Also in the Jungle Room, a clock that most people on the tour get close to, but rarely see, because it is above their heads. This 60s era clock is located just above the wall cutout near the waterfall that gives visitors a glimpse into the north side of the famous room covered in shag carpet and wood paneling.


Leashes for pets that once lived at Graceland

Our last stop on this “Unseen Graceland” tour is one that is behind lock and key, and that is the closet off the kitchen leading to the basement stairs. If you open up the door, hanging on a peg board are various collars, harnesses and leashes for pets of days gone by at Graceland. This just goes to show that even kings have to walk the dog.

Keep calm, rock on and be sure to make plans to visit Graceland soon. New exhibits and additions to the visitor experience always make each and every trip you make to the king’s castle exciting with a new sense of discovery. The Graceland security team asks kindly in advance that you not go looking for this “unseen” side of Graceland in person on your next tour. Seriously.


  1. Joanne Lortie

    From Ottawa,Canada WOW! Elvis the greatest entertainer to ever live!!!We were at Graceland summer of 2013, I loved every minute and every sight we saw with the VIP passes, it was absolutely incredible. We are planning another trip in the summer of 2015 taking with us more people,I can’t wait to go back.

    Keep up the great work at Graceland you guy’s are great! A big hello to Jimmy Gambill,hope we get to see and chat with you again.
    Joanne and Guy Lortie

    • I’m just gonna go ahead and put this out there I love Elvis- always have always will. I can remember when I was nine years old asking my parents if I could go see Elvis, as we lived in Texas and I was way too young, they said absolutely not. He died the next year -I never got the chance to see him and always felt like I missed out, his spirit lives on

  2. Carol and Brenda

    Love seeing things like this – keep them coming!
    we are looking forward to our visit next month.

  3. Dot Foster

    I have been to Graceland probably at least 7 times and look forward to my next trip. Thanks for sharing the ‘Unseen Graceland’ photos.

  4. Just was in memphis last month and i actually skipped graceland this time (been there about 5 times), wish they would open up to more new stuff to see that had not been ev seen before that the fans would REALLY find of interest that have been there numerous times. There is not enough of that.

  5. Sam vadals

    Nice thing to know some real facts about the people who used to live there

  6. Linda Wolf

    Thank you for these little peeks into Elvis’ life. I always knew that Graceand was truly Elvis’s home.

  7. Kathleen Wilson

    Elvis has been a part of my life since 7th grade when I heard Heartbreak Hotel.I first visited Graceland in the early 80s, when I had a layover on my way to return to my husband stationed in Japan. The driver for my small hotel picked me up at the airport and asked if I wanted to visit “the mansion” …I asked if I didn’t have to check into the hotel first and he said no so off we went.. He had to call for someone to take me across the street and the tour was very basic and I was alone. Then we ate Elvis fried chicken in a cafe across the street that I believe was run by two of Elvis’ relatives. There was a chair with the name Vesta on it…they told us he was an Elvis uncle who manned the gate when Elvis was there, that he usually came to sit in the cafe in the afternoons to talk with fans.
    In the 90s I met my son there for our annual Mom and Son time….i was amazed at how much had changed…now there were small shops, the tour was much more organized, there were ropes that kept us from wandering into restricted spaces, but somehow the essence of Elvis was still there as it is today, As we stood in the long line at midnight listening to Elvis sing How Great Thou Art while we waited to carry a candle to visit the grave, I was grateful to have the opportunity to share it with my son. Several years later still in the 1990s my daughter and I were driving across country when I stopped with her to visit Graceland, and again marveled at the many changes, the radio station, the commercialism of the strip mall across the road from Graceland, the museum of cars, so many progressive changes. I wondered if it had become too commercial but I was happy that so many fans of ALL ages were there to experience a closeness to the history of Elvis. In 2005 I retired to Florida and my best friend came from Alaska where we grew up to visit. I decided there was no bigger celebration of our lives than to take her to Gracelamd. We stayed in the new Heartbreak Hotel and toured everyplace in Memphis that we connected with Elvis. We loved what the archivist had done to change out the different memorabilia and ate barbecue at one of Elvis’ fave places. We spent evenings on Beale Street and loved how much Elvis has contributed to tourism of such a historic special city. We had the time of our lives and are so grateful for the many people who have worked so hard to preserve so much of the icon of our lives so that we can treasure that we grew up in a very special time in history.

  8. Lucinda Peeples

    I like seeing this personal items that are around this house. Very special.

  9. Bernie Lorenz

    What an AMAZING man and home!!!

  10. Hidee Marotz

    These were precious glimpses into the more private man we know & love, Mr. Elvis Presley…Thank you for sharing them.


  11. Jerry Engelby

    Thank you so much for a peek into unknown areas of Graceland! Please add more treasured pictures!

  12. Sharon Crissman

    Very interesting, Elvis did keep just about everything. Which was nice, now people know that he was a sentimental person too.

  13. Tom Wardhaugh

    I am hopefully going to be able to make a return visit to Graceland in 2015! I was there in 1980,lovely place but wasn’t open to public then,

  14. kevin goodwin

    always nice to move closer and feel what life was like at
    Graceland—one of the few places in he world that literally feels
    like a time warp! thank you

  15. Elvina Botrakoff

    I have visited Graceland Mansion only 3 times, but have enjoyed it every time. There always seems to be something different to see. I enjoyed this “beyond the rope” tour,,,that was great to see. Thank you!!

  16. Great. Love it, Thank you. Nice to see normal things that we all have in our homes. x

  17. Elvis Fan70

    Super cool to see these little “hidden” glimpses of Graceland that aren’t easily seen while touring the “home”.And it certainly was a “home” – evident by the young Lisa’s writing her name in the bottom of that kitchen drawer – reminiscent of my own children’s “hidden” doodling’s – “price less”…Thank you!

  18. mark fletcher

    Wow! I’ve been to Graceland 4 times & still you can’t take it all in so it’s great to see things that you never normally would, long live the king!



  20. Kathy D Mayo Smith Presley

    I Loved Elvis A Presley, May He R.I.P., I Wish I Had The Money To Come To Graceland !!!!

  21. Edwina McPherson

    I would love to see more pics like this. These pics truly make Graceland shone, nit a shrine.

  22. Gigi Ballester

    Thank you for this “behind the scenes” look at items not visible on the tours. Looking forward to seeing more “unseen” treasures.

  23. Peggy Kohlegk

    Thank you so very much for sharing these wonderful facts…

    I loved scrolling through all these great insights of Graceland & the Presley’s family tid bits of their daily life. Thank you so much for sharing these things.

  24. Paula R. Collins

    I am glad that the ropes to keep visitors out of certain areas will not be taken down. Yes, even I would love to go through those areas myself, even tour upstairs. However, I feel that upstairs should remain unavailable to tourists out of respect to Elvis and the others.

    Paula R. Collins

  25. Rosie Jones

    Thank you for publishing this, always good to see new things, especially at Graceland

  26. Dee K Carter

    We are on our way back home (Midland, Texas) after a three day visit to Graceland with our Down’s Syndrome daughter, Erin (age36). She met George Klein and got his autograph. She was in over-load stage the entire time! As a 20 year veteran Elvis impersonator, it warms my heart to see Erin enjoying the three days at The Heartbreak Hotel and all of the events of the 60 Years of Rock and Roll events! The King will always live in her heart (and mine)!

  27. Rosalie Vortisch

    Came to GRACELAND in April to pick up a dog for my daughter. Her dog LADY was dying and I wanted to get her another before she died. I just had time to come and get her and leave. I saw GRACELAND but I was very upset when I didn’t have enough time to go inside. Hopefully soon I can get back again.

  28. myrna o'donnell

    Thanks so lovely for you to let me see inside emotional too he is so missed xxxxx so sad xxxx love xxxx ngt xxxx

  29. vicky kertesz

    that was so fasinating, I have been to Memphis 5 times, enjoyed going through the house, plane and bus, but that was in the 90,s, would love to come back big Canadian Elvis Fan

  30. marlyn copeland

    Reminds me that even Elvis and his family was human.

  31. Thank you so much..I really enjoyed this article and photos..

  32. Jan P alm

    it took me 66 years before I finallymade it to Graceland and If I could get on this special tour. I would find the means to go! I loved it there!

  33. vicky mason

    thanks for sharing—it is really great to get a glimps of his daily life—-hope to see more sinserely,Vicky

  34. Jean and Patrick Toner

    Loved seeing this behind the scenes REAL people lived between these walls We have been to Graceland a few times and were there when it first opened Always a great visit to one of the great homes in America Hoping all is well ….Long Live the King

  35. BethAnne Weatherford

    I think it is so nice of Graceland to show us fans never before seen photos of the Elvis’s home! I enjoyed them thoroughly! Thank you for thinking of us!

  36. Patsy Davis

    Absolutely wonderful “behind the scenes” tour of Graceland. It is nice for me to see this since I am disabled and cannot visit Graceland even though I am a lifelong fan of ELvis.



  38. jennie mascall

    loved these pictures really nice to see what cannot normally be seen ,just a regular family

  39. Robin Rosaaen

    Very cool to see these places and items, how about a few places from the upstairs rooms ? TCB

  40. Anne Farrell

    I very much enjoyed seeing these rarely seen items in Elvis’ home. I’ve been to Graceland twice, but it’s impossible to see everything & would love to go back again.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  41. Tony Ziino

    What else but Awesome!!!! Love to explore more. My wife and I have been through many times and still keep on discovering as are many fans we are always hungry for more. I think its time graceland offers more to its very loyal fans that love and respect the legend of ELVIS PRESLEY!.Long live the legend of the King!

  42. Thanks I think no matter how many times you might visit a location you are always interested in the things you can’t see or might not normally notice – Disney is often publishing little seen or noticed items at their parks to enhance your visits — When a location like Graceland is long standing and often visiting and seldom changing – except maybe seasonal, it is nice to be able to find out about some of the little secret items that still exist but not visited by public since it is no longer an active residence. I know many Elvis fans are always seeking to find out more or get a little closer to Elvis – as well as very protective of his legacy – so this is good chance to find out more about the Life and Home of Elvis. Not everyone can afford to join the insider and founders groups or other priced opportunities to see or get more. Thanks!

  43. janet morris

    Thanks s0 much for Opening up Graceland. We love to come to Graceland and Visit. I am coming back in two weeks.
    Have a Good Weeek.

    Janet Morris
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  44. Thank you for giving a chance to have a look at some things that tell us more about this famous family.

  45. Roseanne Joseph

    Just outstanding Truly thanks for sharing this . My dream of visiting Gl came this mother day. I was on cloud 9 allday. Lov, RJ

  46. Susan Roberts

    Great to see these rarely seen thighs from beyond the ropes

  47. Gaylene Abrams

    A real home. With real people. Living real lives. Kind of makes you think.

  48. Thanks so much for a look at the things we visitors would not see, I will be at Graceland December 2014 this will be my 3rd visit. I loved Elvis and his music to this day his is the only music I play or listen too. I had the great pleasure of meeting Elvis in Lakeland, Florida on Sept. 4, 1976. this will always be a wonderful memory of Elvis for the rest of my life. There Will never BE Another like HIM.

  49. judi Tabor

    This was great. It is fun to see some of the personal things that make a home a home, especially stuff like the leases that are hung on a peg board. Looks like something any one of us might have as well. Love Lisa’s name inside the drawer. Reminds me about when my little boy carved his initials in the leg of a chair in the livingroom. I told him at the time if he was going to carve somebody’s name, carve someone else’s name because it was a dead giveaway as to who did it!! Thanks so much for sharing this stuff. Please do more of this kind of thing in the future. I’ve been to Graceland and it was really unbelievable to me. I could hardly believe I was there and I was actually walking where Elvis walked. Many many times as I was growing up I tried to imagine what his home was like. I WILL be back!!! Sincerely, Judi Tabor

  50. Thank you!

  51. Namcy Hammock

    Loved seeing everything!! Hope to see more soon. Love going to Graceland.its my Christmas present every year…

  52. Gloria Samborsky

    Wow! Great to see & get to know Elvis a bit more. Sure hope we can still see this when we come for the 40th anniversary from Alberta, Canada.
    Elvis Lives

  53. Mary Fairbanks

    Thanks for sharing the photos & info. I can’t wait to get to tour
    Graceland again. I will be sure to pause a few minutes longer at
    each room to gaze at items that I may have missed before, and wonder
    how special those things were to Elvis and his Family.

  54. Lorraine Liles

    Thank you for this glimpse inside, truly appreciated. Thank you!!

  55. Lorraine Haworth

    Thank You for sharing this information. I have visited Graceland
    for 14 years and having enjoyed knowing about the items that I
    have see.

  56. Dottie Schmidt

    I really enjoyed seeing these things. It makes Elvis’s home seem more real. Thnks

  57. Karen Shepardson

    Thank you so much for posting these little known facts and pictures. It just shows the side of Elvis that some people don’t think about. He was just a man who enjoyed his home, family and friends but who just happened to be the King of Rock and Roll. I hope there will be more to come in the future.

  58. Beryl Taylor

    I would like to thankyou very much for a peep into something so rare. I love Lisas name in the drawer, the tray with Elvis and Priscilla on their wedding day and the clock on the wall.

  59. beverly Melison

    Thank you so much. Wonderful to see these ‘unseen’ sides of Graceland.

  60. anthony luizza

    thank you for sharing, love everything Elvis

  61. Karen Kluck

    Thank you for the extra beyond the ropes.

  62. Michael Hoopes


  63. This was so cool, thank you EPE for sharing maybe you can
    do this again!

  64. Dixie Bateman

    I have been to Graceland 2 times now love it there coming back in a year and a half I hope that no changes are made to his home as his fans want to see it as our beloved Elvis left his home

  65. Love these behind the scenes info. Will we ever be able to get more photos of upstairs? Will public ever be able to go upstairs?


  67. thank you for sharing the behind the scenes!

  68. Edwin munoz

    I was 11 years old when elvis i am so happy that lisa and everyone is keeping elvis name alive including me lol thanks everyone like elvis would of said TcB..

  69. I enjoyed my visit to Graceland…the tour was very informative.I was like a kid going to Disneyland! ⚡️TCB⚡️

  70. Patrick Sharkey

    There will never be anyone like me Elvis. He was the best.

  71. sandra morgan

    This is a very interesting feature! Would love to see something like th u s again! Thanks for sharing!

  72. Donna Honomichl

    Thank you so much for the wonderful behind the scenes photos and information!

  73. Bonnie Carpenter

    I have loved Elvis so dearly ever since I was a young girl. I am 61 now. I have visited many times, and will continue to go back. I really thank Elvis for making all those movies. I love to watch him perform,also to be able to walk through his home. I feel much closer to him. These pictures were fantastic. Thank You so much.

  74. Marcy Doehlman

    Hi it is really nice to see some of the little secrets that I would never have caught. I think you should have a tour of secrets just for that reason. I wouldn’t even have to touch but just to see them would be great. My husband and I are coming next year to run the Elvis 5k. See you then. I will look for these memorabila on the tour. Thanks, Marcy


    Enjoyed this Graceland tour. Hope to see more. Thanks!

  76. Brenda Thrasher

    Still think Elvis is the best!! Wish he was still here!

  77. I’m so very thankful for this information. My dream is to get to Graceland and see it in person. Peeks into Elvis’ personal life like this is so precious to me. The animal collars was very touching. Thank you much.

  78. Liz Cron

    I was surprised to read that you can use the flash on your camera in the Jungle room, I thought there was a ‘no flash’ rule throughout the mansion.

  79. Liz Cron

    Sorry, just re-read the article and the flash is only allowed in the Jungle room on this particular tour, sorry.

  80. christy johnston

    thank you so very much for these pics and info. there’s no better place in the world than graceland, and it would be a dream come true to see everything in the home of the most WONDERFUL person in the world!

  81. Charlene Adams

    Thank you so much for the “UNSEEN” tour.I have been enjoying visits to Graceland for 20 years.I always visit during Elvis week and sometimes visit at Christmas time. Thanks for allowing us to keep his memory alive.

  82. mary tackett

    nice thanks for sharing my last visit wase a couple of years my daughter took me on the vip tour loved it loved elvis no on will ever take his place my twins where born in 1977



  84. Lesley Towns

    I enjoyed readingthose extra insights so much. Thank you.

  85. Lesley Towns

    I enjoyed reading those extra insights so much. I’ve just visited for my third time and love seeing different things like in the archive area.

  86. Shirley Brozzoski

    Every time I’ve been to Graceland (don’t know how many) I’ve tried to capture on camara something different. Once when my Mother was with me, she informed me that the dishes in the china cabinet across from the TV monitors, were the same dishes that she got as a wedding present in 1947. Wish I had just one as a keep sake.I love it at Graceland and can’t visit enough just to feel Elvis’presence.

  87. Elaine Marie Palmer

    Graceland has been on my bucket list for a long time. This May I hope to be able to drive down from Maumee, Ohio to see it. Elvis is the only person I know that had it all as far a looks, manners, and certainly a gift of talent. He is missed by so many of us but, will never be forgot. I am 69 years old and hope my dream comes true next year. I only listen to Elvis on the Elvis radio channel as well as my cd’s. He is the King!

  88. Derrell Lewis

    I have been to GRACELAND 5 times and each time I go it gets better Elvis was truly “THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER that has ever lived I mean who else has the ability to draw hundreds of thousands of fans too there home and grave 37 years after there death and to continue to make more money dead than some stars that are still alive no doubt about it whether you liked ELVIS or not he was and still is “THE GREATEST”. I hope to go back in August 2017 on the 40th anniversary of his passing, thaks for the pictures.

  89. cool thankyou experience Elvis experience Graceland WOW

  90. Marlene Berry

    It was great to see all these unseen things. I have toured Graceland and couple of times and hope that I get back a few more times. Loved these Unseen Graceland photos.

  91. Marlene Berry

    Loved seeing these Unseen photos of Graceland. I have been there a couple of times and would love to go a few more times.
    thanks for the pictures.

  92. barbara griffith

    there is also a room next to that closet use to have exodic birds in it. n the door in the tv room is n apartment, n there is n apartment off the kitchen, minnie mae use to sleep there when gladys was alive.n the painting that hangs on the wall as you come out of the pool room, a lady named donna she gave it to elvis

  93. THanks. I really loved this behind the scenes photos. Would love to see more.

  94. Fantastic pictures – would love to see them first hand next year on my annual visit from UK. Any chance?? xxx

  95. Judy Hunt Lindley

    Fantastic to view, been to Graceland 7 times & don’t remember seeing the clock. It is so wonderful to have Graceland to share all the things they do with his devoted fans. There will never, never be another Elvis, not matter how many try. God Bless Elvis family & the staff of Graceland.
    Devoted Fan, Judy

  96. Nancy Selkow

    It’s nice to get to see see and hear about some of Graceland’s history.

  97. Priscilla Soignier

    Loved being able to see these items that not everyone has the opportunity to do so.

    love cilla in love in ruston



  99. Maria Elefante

    That was great! I really enjoyed the Unsee Graceland. I hoep you post more in the future. It really shows the human side of Elvis.

  100. Karen Fiala

    Thank you for showing us a more intimate family live of Elvis. Love this idea and hope we get to see more!!!

  101. Thank you for sharing the unseen. This shows that Elvis was a family first, man.

  102. Vera Van Lew

    Love it. When I was at Graceland for Elvis Week I saw a DVD in one of the shops that showed some of the close up stuff on the tour. I wish I had bought it. I can’t find it on Shop Elvis. How can I get a copy??

  103. Marvin Batcher

    Just great. I can not wait to visit and see all of this stuff. Thanks for doing this.

  104. John Montgomery

    Wow this is great seeing things not seen before, thinking of days gone by when I was a kid, a friend of mind and me climbs up the east wall to see if we could see Elvis, but all got to see was the Pink Caddy, before Security run us off.
    One of the best things I remember is Elvis NEVER forgot who he was and had a BIG heart.
    My only wish is I could have sat down and talk to him one on one, that would have been great!

  105. Jeannie Boudreaux


  106. John Montgomery

    Wow this is great, brings back memories of when I was a kid and I climb up on the wall to see if I could get to see Elvis but all I got to see was the Pink Caddy before security ran me off. My only wish was that I could have sat down with him one on one. That would have been great.
    My best memory is that he NEVER forgot where he came from and he had a BIG heart.

  107. Charlotte Raines

    Thank you.I loved a look at a more personal side of Elvis.

  108. Patricia Reed

    These wonderful insights just prove what a “real”person Elvis was and how family oriented! We missed going this year as I had a health scare but plan to go again soon. Only our 9th trip I think as we lived overseas a lot.

  109. Penny Rolfsen

    Thank you for sharing these photo’s. All of us Elvis fans always want to see more about his home and his life. You will have to give us more unseen things at his home. Thanks again.

  110. Roger Parker Jr.

    Can’t wait too one day make my way too graceland. I was 8 years old in 1977 and for my birthday in July my dad bought us tickets too see elvis in Ashville north carolina on August 20 1977. Needless too say l was one happy boy. I’m still a fan to this day listening to elvis radio every morning on sirius radio on my way to work.

  111. Bobbi Turner

    I loved this !!! This was so awesome. I have been through Graceland so many times but never seen so many of these items. I knew of some but not all. Thank you so much for this inside look and beyond the ropes. Please do it again :)

  112. Maria O'Flanagan

    I have been to Graceland twice now and have enjoyed it so much that i will be going again in the next couple of years. Thankyou for keeping it going for Elvis and his fans really appreciate it.

  113. Dolores J Melton

    I first visited Graceland in 1982 they first opened in June 1982 I went in Sept 1982 it was one of the greatest trips I ever made and I felt the presence of ELVIS as I went from room to room I did not want to leave I stayed for 2 weeks and I have been totally in Love with ELVIS since 1956 when I was 10 yrs old and I am now soon to turn 69 in Jan I fall deeper and deeper in love with him every day <3 <3 <3 XXX OOO

  114. Mary Ellen Bradshaw

    Just visited Graceland last week,it was my third time and was just as excited as my first time. My only regret is we didn’t have more time to spend there to see all the other sights! I love Elvis and love Graceland because it was so important to him. I’m sure he would be amazed to know about all the millions of people who come to visit this house every year! Long live the king!

  115. beverly henderson

    I hope to come soon awesome always loved Elvis Presle .

  116. betty hays

    love to take the tour 1 day. If I ever get anyone to go with me that is interested in going, but I did enjoy seeing the places and things not available to the public. I would hope you will do more of these and post them to face book for all of us to see….

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  118. Anne Radcliffe

    thankyou for showing these ‘behind the scenes’ pics. It’s my lifelong ambition to visit Graceland but ‘things’ and ‘family’ have always got in the way. One day soon, I’ll be there! No doubt my eyes won’t be dry during the entire visit but this IS a visit I must make before I die x

  119. JoAnn Austin

    Thanks for sharing, I have dreamed of going to Graceland seems like forever, but I just turned 80, so I doubt I ever make it, so I like seeing all you put on……… I look forward to seeing Elvis when I pass over…

  120. Was there in the 90″s. You could feel him there and felt like you would see him in the next room. What a loss for the world, but know he is singing in heaven. Love his pictures and music.

  121. gary lemke

    Graceland was my best vacation ever!! Trying to save so we can come back again. Temperature was 113 the day we visited.

  122. Carol E. Chrzanowwski

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  123. Carol E. Chrzanowwski

    Wish I could go back and visit Graceland soon.

  124. Joan Marie Adkins

    I visited graceland several times. first visit you could not go in the house, just the gravesites. met uncle vester and sat with him inside the little building he was in. we talked a lot about elvis. he decided to go up to the house one day and my husband and I worked the gates. we said who do we leave in. uncle vester said when they honk open the gates and we did. also he was expecting a call from wemer bros. because he wrote a book,”A PRESLEY SPEAKS’. He signed my copy for me. Came back another time and went to the gates and asked if vester was there. he was on the phone so I told the woman there to tell him his friends from ohio was there. Vester looked through the tv set that was in there and he told the lady to let us in. everyone was wondering who we were. that was fun. we took uncle vester a diet pepsi when we came cause he said he had sugar. what a beautiful place GRACELAND is. when you walk through it you just can imagine ELVIS living there. Its so beautiful. I could never say what my favorite room was cause its so beautiful its impossible to choose. The last time I was there you could go through the house. I started in the gates and a guard grabbed me and I said where is uncle vester. he said he was not there anymore. it broke my heart. I will never forget uncle vester and of course GRACELAND. and the sadiness looking at the gravesights. So very sad. since all this I lost my husband in august of 2012. I would like to come to GRACELAND one more time. oh oh I have to say I wanted to get a place setting like Elvis and Priscilla had but they discontinued it. I wrote to nortake and I did get 2 cups. 2 saucers and a pickle dish. Its called Buckingham. I love it. wish I could have gotten the whole set. well that my reply. Hope to visit GRACELAND AND GRAVES in the near future.

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    had the PLEASURE of getting not only a scarf but a kiss also.
    He was one of a kind and will always be my hero and I’d love to
    see more inside his home.

  130. roxie bollinger

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    • roxie bollinger

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    I have been meaning to visit Graceland ever since.
    Perhaps this will be the year.
    Your behind-the-scene tour was lovely.

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    Thank you for a closer look into the home of our beloved ELVIS! We have ,indeed, been to his home and felt the presence of this beautiful, talented man. His music still fills my home, and my children and grandchildren know his name and music….he will ALWAYS be kept alive in our hearts! Thank you again!

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    I am glad we went there that day, it gave us a look at the mansion the way it was when Elvis lived there. We have been back several times, it sure changed from then. Thanks for all your work, Graceland sure has changed for the better. I’m waiting for the new hotel to open, we will go again. Thanks all of you for sharing Elvis with us all these years. Margaret : )

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    Thankful for the Graceland tours, quite amazing. This year we got to take part in the vigil. Will never forget it. Looking forward to our next trip to Graceland.

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  169. Mary Alice Pena-Lopez

    I have been visiting Graceland since 1983, and we(now) go back every year, my husband Jaime and I for Elvis Week, and have only missed about three times(not consecutively), on separate occasions, due to family situations. My husband and I are known there by the regulars(fans who come out loyally), as we do, year to year
    as “the Blue Hawaii Wedding Couple”, having married there across Graceland on the big stage at the Plaza in 1993! Judge Thompson(Linda Thompson’s) brother, married us. Linda, was one of Elvis’ last girlfriends, of course, before Ginger Alden. We love Elvis so much, the fans, the Presley family, and all our many friends in Memphis, and around the world! Thank you so much for sharing Graceland, and Thank you for the memories!
    Mary Alice Lopez

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    I hope that I will be able to take the trip all the way from Denmark some day, and see The King’s Castle.

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    This is great info. I intend to make my dream trip to Graceland perhaps next year or at the most 1st quarter of 2016. Is a dream trip having made Elvis my idol since high school days. Before there was no internet in the Philippines especially in Mindanao where i was growing up but now the deluge of information on elvis thrills me to the bone. It is perhaps part of my enjoying retirement and growing old gracefully with elvis, priscilla and lisa marie on my mind. I love to see Graceland even if my wish to see elvis in person didnt come true (that was an impossible dream then) but now hopefully the visit to Graceland will come to fruition-with Gods help. God bless!
    Mary Lou

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    Just returned from a trip to Graceland, it was one of the most
    memorable times in my life including my trip to Tahoe on my Birthday
    to see Elvis in person. Clint Eastwood was there and I even got to
    kiss my idol. People always ask my husband why he let me kiss Elvis
    and he answered I did not want to get killed that day. We are from
    Antioch, Ca and drove to Graceland.

    Sincerely, Carol

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    After visiting Graceland, if I see a pic of Elvis there I know exactly where it is and feel so much closer. Long live the King of Rock and Roll.

  197. Craig Dunlevy

    The archives at Graceland, are they located in the basement & in the attic? I visited Graceland on two occasions. once in mid ’80s, again in mid ’90s. The home of Elvis looks bigger from potcards then it actually is. Will we ever be able to visit second floor? I remembered many years ago round ’86 when Mr. Jorgensen was allowed to search the mansion for music that they couldn’t locate in the vaults at RCA. Are there any secret passages in the basement that lead to other rooms not included on tours of his home? That would have reels of music. I can’t wait to see the New Elvis Hotel. Is that on land where the old Howard Johnsons motel was located? Elvis’ fathers home was located on the same property, has anyone checked in there. Was there stuff his famous son might of gave him to hold on too?

  198. Lucille Walkup

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    Elvis and his “home” time. So glad he had his own time at home out
    of the glare of the public.
    Thank you

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    I have been to Graceland many, many times but still take the Platinum Tour, I always discover something I never noticed before & having these “extra peeks” adds to the excitement!
    Friends in Elvis,
    Sand K.

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  210. Thank you for insight into the private parts of Graceland. I toured Graceland in 2007 while in Memphis on business. I’ve been a fan of Elvis since I was in the 9th grade and am 71 now. The King’s still my favorite soloist. My husband recorded a tape for me of him and Elvis over 20 years ago and I treasure that tape!

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    • The Swimming Pool
      One of the top five comments made by people visiting Graceland is: “I thought Elvis had a guitar-shaped swimming pool.” Nope, never did. It’s kidney-shaped. And it’s no bigger than your average backyard pool. However… if you feel ripped off not seeing a guitar-shaped pool, head over to the Days Inn just South of Graceland plaza. There it is. Frets and all. (Heart Break Hotel has a heart-shaped one.)

  217. Pattie Dillon

    I was just 15 when the king had passed I had cryed for days and it is on my bucket list to get to see Graceland, here is something els that I think that you would like to know my nephew Matthew Dillon had passed away 34 yrs earlyer right to the day that the king has passed and I miss hi as well oh please make my dreams come true I am on dialysis to me the king isand always beat a beautiful man thank you so much yours truly miss Pattie dILLON

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