Unseen Graceland: In the Details

In October, we took you “Beyond the Ropes” with our first Unseen Graceland post. We’re back again with another Unseen Graceland feature, and this time we’re focusing on the details of Elvis’ home, cars and more.

Thousands of fans visit Graceland, the car museum and other exhibits on the property, and they see so much, but there’s still even more to discover. From hidden fixtures to used appliances, let’s dig into the details of some of Elvis’ most beloved parts of his home.


Open up a drawer in the kitchen in Graceland, and you’ll find Elvis’ kitchen utensils.

The kitchen was a busy hub at Graceland, and Elvis was always happy to have his guests’ favorite meals prepared for them. Fans simply walk through the kitchen on the way to the basement, but if you open the drawers – and we ask that you don’t, because the drawers are beyond the ropes – you’ll find all of the utensils that were used to cook delicious meals at Graceland.

This beautiful light fixture hangs in a staircase leading upstairs.

This beautiful light fixture hangs in a staircase leading upstairs.

As fans move from the dining room to the kitchen, they walk by – and usually don’t even notice – a staircase that leads upstairs. That’s OK, because upstairs is off limits, but fans do miss this stunning light fixture that hangs in that stair way. The beautiful jewels provide a colorful show when it’s turned on.

12414 unseen barn

Elvis and Priscilla loved horses. Fans can tour Elvis’ stables during certain times of the year, but the loft in the barn is a place they miss.

Hay, hay and more hay – what else can you expect to find in a barn loft? The horses here at Graceland, several of which are rescues, would surely love this photo. The horses currently kept at Graceland are Bandit, a rescued Quarter Horse; Candy, a Tennessee Walking Horse; and Max, another rescued horse. A Golden Palomino named Tucker is here in honor of Elvis’ Golden Palomino, Rising Sun, which inspired him to name the barn the House of the Rising Sun.

Now let’s take a peek inside Elvis’ rides – there are plenty of surprises in the car museum.

Take a peek inside Elvis' famed pink Cadillac.

The interior of Elvis’ pink Cadillac matches the exterior.

Elvis’ pink Cadillac is a sight to behold. The cool thing is, it’s just as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside. Elvis purchased his famous pink Cadillac in 1955 and later gave it to his mother, Gladys. The matching pink interior still looks flawless. The “E” in the floorboard is the perfect finishing touch. It’s definitely a Cadillac fit for a king – or his mama.

Elvis loved technology, so of course he had a phone in his car.

Elvis loved technology, so of course he had a phone in his car.

Elvis had the latest and greatest technology of his time, including this smooth car phone in his Mercedes limousine, on display at the car museum. Wonder who he called from that limo? Fans may recognize this vehicle from “Elvis on Tour.”

Elvis' cars had everything you could imagine and then some. This is the backseat of his 1960 Rolls Royce.

Elvis’ cars had everything you could imagine and then some. This is the backseat of his 1960 Rolls Royce.

You can see Elvis’ 1960 black Rolls Royce in the car museum, but you may not be able to see the backseat so well. Elvis had a support shelf in the back, which no doubt came in handy. The man thought of everything.

If you want to know more about Elvis’ life and career, visit Graceland! If you’ve already visited, come on back – there are always new exhibits and artifacts to discover. You’ll experience, learn about and see plenty, even if you aren’t allowed beyond the ropes. There’s always something special to experience at the King’s castle.


  1. Kim Horner Shaver

    I have visited all of Elvis’ s artifacts and enjoyed each one…
    A true voice from God….but God just called him Home to young in life….

  2. Marlene Foster

    I really appreciate the sharing of the Home of Elvis – Graceland. I have never been able to go and not sure I will in my life time but I feel I have had the one opportunity of a life time by getting to meet Elvis and get a kiss and a scarf and during this time I had given him a gift that I made and after I left the stage and walked back to my seat I heard the crowd scream and he actually put the item on and whore it through the rest of his concert. I also got to meet Linda Thompson and his daughter Lisa Marie at their table so yes I have missed seeing Graceland but I have been for a moment a small part of his life while he was with us.

    • Diane Miller

      you are so lucky to have met him! id give my visit to graceland back a thousand times to have met him! He was such a good, handsome singer I loved his movies and music!

    • When you say he ‘whore’ it,I think you mean wore it.’.Whore’ has a totally different meaning.

    • Yvonne Hart

      What a lovely story you have a wonderful memory to cherish I would have so loved to have seen Elvis perform on stage what a thrill it would have been. So how very lucky you were to not only see him but Kiss Elvis and get a scarf from him. I will be visiting Graceland for Elvis’ 80th birthday celebrations and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I will be travelling from the UK as part of the Elvis fan club of Great Britain. It will be my first visit so it’s a very special trip for me Marlene. Merry Christmas to you from Elvis fans here in the UK

  3. vicky mason

    thank you 4 sharing—well appreciated

  4. vicky mason

    Thank you 4 sharing–it is well appreciated

  5. I have been to Graceland so many times I’ve lost count. It is so much fun to see even more of Graceland. Thank you!

  6. ida williams

    Thanks for sharing..huge fan

  7. marie france

    tres jolis objets je crois que c’est la cadillac de sa mere ?

  8. Love Graceland and love Elvis so much!

    • Love Graceland & Elvis forever. I was one of the lucky ones to have seen him on stage. What a blessing…

      • Priscilla Soignier

        Yes, I totally agree, but God loves all of the wonderful things He created, and Elvis just happened to be one of those creations.

        Miss Elvis, but he is peace.

        cilla in ruston

      • Priscilla Soignier

        Yes, a very special blessing that I would have love to have had as well.

  9. I would so love. To go there. Would. Be. A dream. Come true but not go the money loved. Elvis since. Was 2 and now 58 jab 5th r i p Elvis. Sleep right. My angel. Love you xx

    • Nancy barron

      visited GRaceland in October was amazing and so emotional for me , would love to go back on my own tour was too much of a rush could have spent days there loved it all x

  10. Pekka Heiskanen

    I have been in Craceland 2010 and i love it!

  11. Kerry Wellington

    Thanks for sharing you story how great you got to see Elvis live and meet Lisa I was not so lucky but went to Graceland in 1991 just loved it and thank you Graceland for sharing all the newest things to see I live in Australia so may never get back to see them

  12. Kim DeGroot

    Keep these posts coming…..they are fun to see and read about!

  13. Georgia Booras

    I love this!! Thanks for giving us views of things we are not able to see! I love visiting Graceland!!


    Miss Elvis so much, cherish the memory of a good person who never forgot his roots. Did he stumble, yes, he was Human. Always in Memory, Shirley R.

  15. Janet Whelan

    I have been to Graceland and Tupelo and loved every minute it was a dream come true my husband took me there for my 50th birthday. I have loved Elvis from a very young age.I am now planning to go back again can’t wait breathtaking .RIP Elvis from one true fan xxx

  16. Diane Kelley

    These blogs have all been fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing all of these extra parts of Elvis’ life and home with us!

    • Hey there my BEF, yes this blog is fanastic, plus your fanastic too. god bless elvis and his family and my bef and her family as well.

  17. paulette

    Went to Memphis this year in July and loved it! Graceland was a dream come true for me! I would recommend going to Memphis to anyone! The people were fantastic and the food was to die for!! I really would love to go back

  18. Nancy Callender

    I am in my sixties and finally got to Graceland this summer. I really want to go again and spend more time. What a fabulous place. Thank you for sending these pictures.

  19. Eileen Creaney

    I visited Gracelands for my 50th this year and will never forget the overwhelming feeling of awe I felt when I looked up to see the home of my love Elvis Presley. It will remain with me till the day I die.R.I.P

  20. Donna Lewis

    I visited Graceland a few weeks ago from 9th -17th nov 2014 with my daughter-in-law she wasn’t an elvis fan but after her visit to Graceland she now a fan so even after his death elvis still touches life’s & heart ELVIS PRESLEY will live on for many more years & hearts to come thank you for everything u have do & continue to do god bless & look after you xxxxx

  21. Niels B. Larsen

    Been there, naturally. One’s got to pay homage to the King.

    Love Tennessee, and love Graceland!

  22. Dorothy Camm

    Was nice 2 c these but I’m going to O2 in April 2 c them.

  23. Dorothy Camm

    Was nice 2 c these,but I’m going 2 O2 2 c them really in April.

  24. Tina LaBere

    My husband and I visited Oct 2014, loved the tour with the iPad. Always loved Elvis as a child, remember the day he passed and all the coverage on radio and tv. He was so talented and really made a huge breakthrough for music in his time. Will always cherish the memories. We just have to go back to take my mother-in-law she would love it as well.



    • Rusty A Daigle

      I have been to Graceland About five times now the last time, I took my wife to Graceland she had never been to Graceland. She loved the trip and I enjoy taking her there. It is worth going, Graceland in haven on earth, The grounds is so peacefully and beautiful.

  26. been to graceland ,candlelite vigil many times can’t wait to go again love it and love elvis there will never be another

  27. Joe Krein

    I think its great that this has finally been done. I can think of many other places in Graceland and a Panal Truck in the archives i would like to see. But again .
    Thank You E.P.E
    Joe krein

  28. Carol and Brenda

    Have visited Graceland many times – it is fab to see ‘beyond the ropes’thank you.

  29. Nancy barron

    visited GRaceland in October was amazing and so emotional for me , would love to go back on my own tour was too much of a rush could have spent days there loved it all x

  30. pam donkin

    I was fortunate enough to visit Gracelands in 2012. My friend and stayed at Heartbreak Hotel for a whole week! We visited Gracelands most days, meandering around the gardens, honouring the family graves, eternal garden and touring his home – once a VIP tour, a voucher my work colleagues presented to me prior to my departure (how good is that). I remember on one occasion when my friend was taking photos, I knocked on the front door, opened it and said “Honey, I’m home!”, I didn’t realise a tour group had assembled in the foyer to begin their tour. I’m sure it brightened up the introduction.
    Visiting Gracelands was a dream come true and I would love to go back. I loved every ittsy bit of it, plus Tupelo, Memphis – we walked where Elvis walked and ate etc.

    Visiting Gracelands was my dream holiday and I wasn’t dissaponted. I would love to go back, I would love to see the christmas decorations, I would love the opportunit to meet Priscilla or Lisa Marie……… but that will be dreaming.

    • Melanie Gibson

      We stayed at Heartbreak Hotel many times when it was Wilson World. I loved it to be able to do the morning and evening walk up. Beautiful to see the sun coming up behind Graceland !

  31. Char Black

    Thank you for letting us take a peek When I return for his 80th I can share with myElvisistas..

  32. Mariangela

    Será que algum dia a “EPE” permitira que se abra as gavetas da cozinha ou que se consiga explorar o celeiro ?
    Will we ever the “EPE” will allow you to open the kitchen drawers or you can explore the barn?

  33. Melanie Gibson

    Going on the VIP tour you see a lot if these. With the Barn Tour there is a lot of pictures of what you aren’t allowed to go to.
    I’ve seen most of these things.
    No matter how many times I’ve been on the tour. Love seeing it all and feeling Elvis’ presence.Gives me chills every time !

  34. Phyllis Petty

    What a Beautiful man ~ inside and out. His voice was so amazing there is no other singer that could make every song sound unique and his voice so different. Elvis could sing anything. I have loved Elvis since I was 13 years old (I am going to be 66 next month) and I will love Elvis Forever. I thank God every day that I was blessed to be in His short life time. I also was one of the lucky ones to see Elvis in concert numerous times. I thought I had died and went to Heaven ~ He was just magnificent. I am glad that we are seeing these rare pictures of inside off limits Graceland.

  35. Billy Lee Caldwell

    The ’55 caddy is and always will be my favorite car of his collection and PINK was my mama’s favorite color as well…It still means allot to me!

  36. Bonnie lawrence

    I have been very lucky to have seen him in concert in 1972 In Detroit , Michigan . One of the greatest nights of my
    life.!!! And was at the Christmas lighting in 2013 and this year 2014 . And my husband surprised me with 2 nights
    at the Heartbreak Hotel and vip passes to Graceland . Wonderfull weekend . Love ELVIS !!!!!

  37. Christine Berish

    I fulfilled my dream an made it to Graceland this March 2014. My best friend and I stayed at Heartbreak Hotel. I can say I have never experienced anything or will experience anything like it again. We had the V I P tour and from the moment I crossed the gate such a feeling of peace and tranquility passed over me. Now of course I had to do the tour twice back to back because from the moment we started to cross the road I didn’t quite crying till we were done and back on the other side. It was truly a humbling moment in time for me and one I will never forget and one I hope I get to repeat. Love always a fan.

  38. I have always loved elvis his looks and his voice. Took my kids and then had a granddaughter and made a elvis fan out of her. So we had to make a trip to graceland last year stayed at the Peabody and that was fun then headed to graceland and I love my pictures of her sitting and listening to all the stories and writing her name on the wall. Love you Elvis RIP we will be back !!

  39. Liam Grant

    Elvis mad since I 12years old – soon be 70. I have been to Graceland many times,I love the place.I met and talked with Priscilla,just after 35th walkup a real nice lady,I took a photo of her holding my wifes school teddybear,it hangs on my main wall. She still loves Elvis,and she does so much helping to keep us Elvis people happy, I love her and LisaMarie.Elvis music is the ONLY music I need.Thank you Elvis,for everything.

  40. Christine Conway

    Love this blog…Love Elvis!

  41. Mary Alice Pena-Lopez

    I have been loyally visiting Graceland since the 80’s, and come back
    every year for Elvis week, and used to come twice a year, for his Birthday also. My husband Jaime and I married at the tent across Graceland in 1993, it was a Blue Hawaii type wedding, and some of Elvis Memphis Mafia members, were there, Dick Grob, walked me down the aisle, and Judge Thompson(Linda Thompson’s) brother married us.
    We love the fans very much, and have friends from all over the world. I wish people could love each other that way, and there would
    be no need for violence anywhere! Elvis was a Blessing to us, and is
    the rainbow that colors our world after the rain, with song! I never got to meet him, or see him, but I hope I will in Heaven! My husband, and I hope Ms. Mary Mobley will be happy to see Jesus, and
    then be greeted by Elvis in Heaven! Till we meet again my Beloved friends.
    Mary Alice/San Antonio,TX

  42. Elvis was and still are the greates artist who have walked on this planet. I was on Graceland in 1987 and again in 2013, will go again you discover more on Graceland evry time, a trip from Norway is worth evry penny, Kaj

  43. Janice Gandy

    I was lucky my Dad liked Elvis and even though I had already left home. Dad bought tickets for my Mom, my two sisters and me. I was so happy. When one of Elvis’ movies came out my Dad was always the first to go see him. When I was a baby he played in a band and wore his hair like Elvis. My Dad died in 1982 and my Mom died in 1988.She never got to go to Graceland,but my Husband took me there in 1999 and we went to Tupelo also. When I was driving down Elvis Presley Boulevard ” I said this is for you Mom”, because she never got to go. Anyway I got most of her collection old magazines, TV GUIDES and clippings, books, I also have a collection of my own.. This man could not have been loved more. He was a beautiful person inside and out. He was a giving person. He love his mom and I don’t think he ever got over her death.

  44. Debbie Mead

    Went to Graceland in the summer of 2013. loved him as far back as I can remember, im 56. This was a dream come true. as the tour bus was winding up the driveway,past the gates of Graceland, the song on the headset was ” Welcome to my World”, need I say more? ok have to say my Love Elvis, was the most handsome man that will ever walk this planet. Absolutely Stunning. Fan Forever, Love you Elvis, yeah baby

  45. Letitia Ryan

    I visited Memphis in 2012 – all the way from Australia! Graceland was my dream come true, as I had always dreamed about getting there one day. Graceland was the best. There was so much to see and take in. I had a fantastic time in Memphis, checked out all the Elvis sights and was even lucky enough to visit the shot gun shack where he was born in Tupelo. I hope to get back to Memphis one day and check out Graceland again but next time I will allow a couple of days to visit the mansion as there is so much to see and do. Long live the King xx

  46. Shirley Roemer

    I’ve enjoyed reading all your comments and totally agree …GRACELAND is so special, you feel it when you enter the gates. ELVIS resides here, you know his presence is evident. It’s so serene , you just want to stay forever. It’s hard to take it all in..all he accomplished in such a short time..the awards, gold records and artifacts on display. I’ve been there twice and saw him in concert twice and it was magical…BUT ITS NEVER ENOUGH!!! You just can’t get enough ELVIS! I will get there again.. Elvis, you are so loved ….forever.

  47. The first time I saw Gracelands I cried.It was so lovely to be able to see and get a insight to the beautiful precious man. A man who is so loved by millions of people all over the world. I use to play his songs to my children when they went to sleep. I had the greatest joy of taking my grown up children and two of my grandchildren to see Gracelands in April 2014 They were astounded.And amazed to see the amount of his generosity, they all so loved Gracelands.

  48. Angeline & Sandy

    We both visited in November for my 60th Birthday and spent 8hrs on the day
    at Graceland with our VIP Tour and across the other side of the road totally enveloped in everything Elvis. This was my Bucket List trip and I assure
    it was well and truely worth it.

    I especially was disappointed with a photo I took at the bottom of the
    stairway which came out blurry as my eldest son is the spitting image of
    him with that blonde hair.

    If anyone does go could they please email me a copy of that photo at the
    bottom of the stairs as I would desperately love a copy of it.

    It showed us what wonderful taste they had in those times as the house is
    just beautiful and I loved every minute of being there.

    We did Sun Recording Studios and so thankful we did the drive to Tupelo
    to see his birth house, church and hardware where his Mum bought his
    first guitar.

    He will forever live in our hearts and minds.

  49. Pattie Dillon

    Oh I cried so much to know that he king was gone he has such beautiful music he was the talented man that I have ever known about I member that my bff my hero my dad would play some of his songs about 5 or 6 in the morning when I had to get up for school it was good times then when Elvis had passed and about 34 later after Elvis had passed my nephew Matthew Dillon had passed away that very same night, what is this a coincident ,but in all truth they will be missed and still loved I would love to go to see Graceland so bad my 55th birthday is coming up

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