Trivia: Elvis Presley’s 1957

Last year on the Graceland Blog, we focused quite a bit on Elvis Presley’s 1956 and his many accomplishments made during that year.

But as we all know, Elvis’ incredible shot to stardom didn’t end in that year. He enjoyed many more successes in 1957, including making more movies, purchasing Graceland and recording more music.

How well do you know Elvis’ 1957? Take the quiz below, and stay tuned to the Graceland Blog this year. We’ll highlight many of these milestones, as well as other important anniversaries from Elvis’ legendary life and career.

Before you take the quiz, don’t forget to go head over to and book your visit to the king’s castle. If you want to learn everything about Elvis, Graceland is the place to go.


  1. Elvis went from Love Me Tender to Jailhouse Rock in one year: he was moving ahead as an actor and then came King Creole, his best movie along with Flaming Star(1961), the following year. Too bad he gave up on himself as an actor.

    • Jeffrey Michael White

      Elvis Presley’s movies in the 50s were his best films. He was able to play light and deep roles with facility.

  2. Elisabeth Rohrmoser

    I Love this Quiz

  3. Barb Toolan

    Fun enjoyed quiz.

  4. Shelly Miller

    I love ELVIS long live the King

  5. I got 10.

  6. 7/10 not bad!

  7. Becky Gallagher

    Love Elvis and everything about Elvis. He’s forever be the king of rock and roll. Miss him can’t wait to go to Graceland this summer and experience the Elvis Presley Memphis. This gonna be our eleventh visit.Elvis Lives Forever

  8. Linda J Diaz


  9. Coltan Smisek

    Shake, Rattle & Roll – Great Job! 8/10 Elvis is the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen

  10. Love to get involved in the quiz so that we start thinking and remembering good days of my life.I am fan of elvis right from 50’s.

  11. Dash Beardsley

    I’m still learning about Elvis.

  12. What a great quiz. I only got 7 correct so I need to brush up on my Elvis trivia. thanks.

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