The Arboretum at Elvis Presley’s Graceland

There’s something for everyone at Elvis Presley’s Graceland – especially if you love nature.

Graceland is surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers and plants, all of which are maintained and cared for by our grounds-keeping staff. Not only do these trees and flowers make the property even prettier, but they are also educational.

The Graceland Mansion was named the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council’s first corporate arboretum on June 7, 2013. It’s also the first National Historic Monument to be certified as a corporate arboretum.

Here’s a video from 2013 about Graceland’s arboretum.

An arboretum, for any non-nature fans in the audience, is a collection of trees cultivated for educational, scientific or aesthetic purposes and labeled with information including genus, species and common name.

All of the trees at Graceland are labeled. This is especially educational when school groups visit, or when it’s Scout Day, and troops are encouraged to explore the different types of trees at Graceland.

The next time you visit Graceland, take a look at the trees and plants on the property. They all have signs providing more information about them.

The next time you visit Graceland, take a look at the trees and plants on the property. They all have signs providing more information about them.

Graceland includes 20 identified species of trees, including Southern Magnolia, American Elm, Willow Oak, Red Maple, Pecan, American Holly, Tulip Poplar and Black Cherry.

A recent addition to the trees at Graceland is a Somei Yoshino Cherry Tree.

The Somei Yoshino Cherry Tree was planted at Graceland in April 2013.

The Somei Yoshino Cherry Tree was planted at Graceland in April 2013.

The tree was a gift to Memphis in appreciation  for Memphis’ relief efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Motohiko Kato, Consul General of Japan in Nashville, and the Japanese delegation attended the tree planting ceremony at Graceland.

“I hope that the cherry blossom trees at Graceland will become living reminders of our thanks and also symbolize the continued growth of the friendship between Memphis and Japan just like the cherry blossom trees in Washington D.C.,” Kato said at the ceremony.

Graceland’s trees and plants make the property even more special. The next time you visit Graceland, be sure to take the time to appreciate the trees (and learn more about them, thanks to their labels!), flowers and other plants that make Elvis Presley’s home even more beautiful.

Here are a few more shots of the gorgeous greenery here at Graceland and Graceland’s Chapel in the Woods.










    LOVES your showing of The Arboretum at Elvis Presley’s Graceland. It was truly BEAUTIFUL !! Plze do keep up the Great work, Many Thanks for Sharing.

  2. jennie mascall

    looks lovely,were coming on the first wk in june looking forward to seeing it

  3. Audrey

    My boyfriend and I were at Graceland in April of this year. The grounds are beautiful and so is Graceland. I only have 1 problem as I got back home I wondered why The Chapel wasn’t included in the tour. I wish I had got to see it, other than that my tour was excellent and I am hoping to go back one day.

  4. Kathy Mabry

    I fulfilled my dream of visiting Graceland earlier this month. The grounds were so beautiful and want to thank you for sharing all of this with everyone. I know Elvis is happy that he is still giving to the world.

  5. Diane

    Absolutely beautiful!

  6. Milica Djukich

    Beautiful scenery! I am sure Elvis would be very pleased! GOD BLESS all that do the work! I have 11 and a half acres of my late brother’s property that I am trying to figure out what to do with here in INDIANA!Wish I could mnake it like Graceland!

  7. Cristina Gaspar

    absolutely beautiful just like Elvis’s music and soul

  8. Raymond Walter

    Looks great! I enjoyed looking at the trees when I visited in 2007.

  9. Lynne Proctor

    It’s just beautiful just like Elvis him self.

  10. Tammy

    Elvis’s house never looked better. Keep up the great work. Elvis wou8ld be proud.

  11. Vicki Seward

    What a wonderful feature for Graceland. Especially touching to see Jimmy’s role in all this. What a fine man. Double cousin Patsy’s son practically grew up at Graceland. Quietly intelligent, kind, hard working, hospitable, the Gimbills add to the brilliance of it all.

  12. rosy angeloni

    io ho visitato 3 volte graceland ed è sempre bellissima!!!come è sempre bellissimo ELVIS

  13. Mary Evelyn Wilbanks

    When I visited Graceland it was in November and I get to see all the Christmas lights and all the decoration. . it was beautiful.

  14. Janet Meulman

    I am so excited. Am traveling to Graceland tomorrow. can’t wait to see the beauty of Elvis.

  15. I was at Graceland in 1978 and there were grave sights at the estate in the back where I think Elvis was originally buried next to his parent(s).
    Years later around 2000 we stopped there again and I noticed in the paddock, leading from the main house to exhibit area, the most beautiful oak tree. Just wonder if others had noticed it.

  16. What are the two trees that the camera shows to the right and left of the house? Are they oak? There is a coloured light on each tree.

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