Test Your Knowledge – Elvis Presley’s Television Appearances

This year on the Graceland Blog, we’ve been pretty focused on celebrating all of Elvis’ many accomplishments from 1956 – including his many television appearances. We haven’t covered them all yet, but we’re getting there.

From his first appearance on “Stage Show” to his celebrated “Aloha from Hawaii” special, Elvis always drew audiences to the small screen. How well do you know Elvis’ television appearances?

Find out how much you know by taking the Elvis’ TV Appearances quiz below! Let us know how you did in the comments.


  1. Bill Nathanail

    Fun quiz

  2. Bill Nathanail


  3. I got 7/10 right not bad.

  4. Got 8 out of 10
    Not sure which 2 were wrong

  5. Paul Cwiklinski

    Please make more tests!!!!!

  6. Leslie J. Suli

    A bit rusty

  7. Leslie J. Suli

    Great memories

  8. Mark Christian

    8/10 I had to guess at three or four but not bad for sixties baby…


    ELVIS has always had the voice to sing, where ever he went. but most people think that ELVIS is still very much alive. why would such people think such much. we all know that ELVIS PASSED AWAY IN 1977. WHY CAN’T THEY JUST IT A REST?

  10. Only 7/10..congrats to those with 10/10!

  11. Dawn Mathieson

    I got 8 out of 10, not too bad.

  12. sheryl Hurula

    Nailed it! 10 of 10! Elvis was perfect, His voice, his eyes, his lips, his hair, his smile, his faith, his temperment, The whole perfect package!

  13. Colin Caddell

    Not bad at all!.

  14. bill moore

    a lot of fun & challenging & brought back fond memories, too

  15. bill moore


  16. A j van Geest

    10 out of 10.I that’s wath i axpected

  17. Marilyn Bradley

    Hello….in the quiz, I got five correct!

    Fun…always an ELVIS FAN-since the beginning. :-)

  18. Diane Kelley

    8/10 for me.

  19. margaret Yancey

    Graceland is great.

  20. Dana Elam

    10 out of 10. Elvis is still the “King”

  21. Toni molina

    I did eight out of ten .hope I do better next time.love my Elvis.

  22. I knew the comeback special was filmed in June but I picked November anyway. Never change your first answer!

  23. Got 10/10. Had to guess the jazz singer question but got it right.

  24. Michael Sheble

    well I thought I could’ve done better

  25. Rick Perron

    Elvis rocks Baby! 10/10

  26. Ginger Durbin

    All correct

  27. 9 out of 10. Should’ve made 10 of 10. Sorry, Elvis. Love you still.

  28. Virginia Cauthen

    He was the best singer….EVER ! ! ! ! !

  29. Joanellen Walker

    10/10. Just love his music.

  30. john f kennedy

    I got 7 out 10 fantastic john f kennedy

  31. Joanellen Walker

    10/10. Elvis in my opinion is one of the best singers of all time. He could sing the words from the phone book and make it great. Thanks for the fun.

  32. Cindy Miller

    Can’t wait to see Graceland thus spring!

  33. Wanda Perez

    I got 9 out of 10. Not too bad, but I should have done better.

  34. Wanda Perez

    I got 9 out of 10, not bad but should have been better
    If that stupid reCAPTCHA doesn’t work this time I give up!!

  35. Peter john mcvean


  36. Lynn Drowns

    I think that the Elvis quiz are good like to see more of them even though I didn’t do so good I guess it’s because I don’t know much about the younger years of Elvis Presley because I was not born until 59 lol !

  37. Rev. Dr. David L. Annanders

    Always “Follow Your Dreams”!

    U.S. Army-Vietnam Veteran Rev. Dr. David

  38. cindy walters

    7 out of 10! This was fun

  39. Joyce Dodson

    I’m all shook up only got 4 right!

  40. good questions

  41. Love Elvis

  42. Richard Bolt

    i got 3 out of 10

  43. john f kennedy

    I got 7 out 10 fantastic john f kennedy

  44. I got 7 out of 10

  45. I guess Im so old my memory dont work like it use too.

  46. we love elvis

  47. paula giannetta

    THAT WAS FUN….!!!!!

  48. Dinah Carson

    Good review for all us who admire Elvis – he will live forever

  49. Jacinta Gray

    I got 10/10 TCB – the luck of the Irish kicked in:)

  50. Nancy Shank

    10/10 Can’take wait to come to Graceland at the end of October to see everything Elvis.

  51. Janet Morris

    I need to review things.


    got em all, but guessed on the emcee question

  53. I got 9 out of 10.

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