Royal Selfies from the King’s Castle

Back in August while Elvis fans and the Graceland staff were all celebrating Elvis Week 2014, we missed the news that the word “selfie” has been added to the Oxford Dictionary. So was twerking, but we won’t go there, for now. Selfie wasn’t even a word when the version of Microsoft Word being used to write this blog entry was created, therefore it still shows up with squiggly red lines underneath it. Just so you know, the definition of “selfie” according to the Oxford Dictionary is: A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. Around Graceland, we see plenty of selfie action, daily. When employees see guests taking selfies, we offer to snap a photo and sometimes the offer is politely refused in preference of the extended arm close up. With the realization that selfies are here to stay, we have suggestions for the best selfie spots on your future visits to the King’s castle. Take a look at these #Graceland selfies submitted by our guests to @VisitGraceland on Instagram.

Dad and Kid - House

If you take ANY seflie at Graceland, it has to be OF Graceland. This father and son made selfie memories that will last a lifetime with this adorable photo captured on a beautiful day in front of the King’s castle.


Blonde at Wall

Not everybody makes it inside Graceland, some folks only get as far as the front wall and gate. This fan made the best of her visit by snapping a selfie at this primo spot for an unforgettable memory. She also left her own mark on Graceland by signing the wall.


Blonde with Grammy

This guest goes for the Grammy GOLD with this selfie in the Hall of Gold at Graceland. In case you didn’t know, all three of Elvis’ Grammy wins were for gospel recordings.


Couple at Graceland Sign

What says you went to Graceland better than a photo in front of a sign that says Graceland? This is a great spot for taking a selfie. Since so many visitors often walk up to Elvis Presley Blvd. at the entrance to guest parking to take a photo in front of the Graceland sign, a few years ago a replica of the sign was added to the guest entrance of the ticketing area to save people a few steps for that primo vacation photo.


Antonio Sabato Jr at Plaza (2)

Even celebrities take selfies, including Antonio Sabato Jr. He captured this selfie at Graceland Plaza in front of a ’68 Comeback Special mosaic made of fan submitted photos, which we know includes a few selfies.


  1. Elvis Fan70

    Nice shots of the smiling faces that result from a visit to the “Heart of ELVIS Country” – Graceland!
    Of course it made me “homesick” for a quick return! Come on ELVIS Birthday Celebration!…Maybe if I keep “jonesin'” – I’ll have to come over early for Santa and the Christmas Lighting – all SO Beautiful when lite for the Holidays!

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  3. Marilyn Relf


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