Elvis Week Blog 4 - Ultimate Elvis Fashion

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Welcome to the official blog of Elvis Presley’s Graceland! You can take Elvis-inspired quizzes, get first-looks on events here at Graceland and how-to guides on everything you need to know about Elvis and his home. Like Elvis, we come with a little southern charm

Elvis Week Blog 4 - Ultimate Elvis Fashion


Not matter what hung in the king’s closet, Elvis wore it well.

When it came to fashion, from casual clothes to stage wear, Prelsey had a knack for unbuttoning conventions, breaking boundaries, and pushing the apparel envelope while setting trends in the process. That style reverberates to this day with arguably as much influence as Elvis’ music. And perhaps nowhere is it more evident than during Elvis Week.

Fans can get up close and personal with a seemingly endless array of Elvis’ outfits and accessories on view in the museums and exhibits on the Graceland campus. Many take it a step further by representing their fandom in the form of their own bold and rocking fashion statements.    

The Haberdashery shop, adjacent to the Lisa Marie exhibit at Elvis Presley’s Memphis, continues to be a favorite spot for fans to peruse everything from replicas of the king’s duds to original pieces drawing inspiration from Elvis’ fashionable finesse. Yesterday, I asked shoppers to make their top picks from the pack.


Tess Rightnour, Charleston, South Carolina
A rocker at heart, Tess says she can’t get enough of the live shows rumbling throughout Elvis Week. When she darkens a concert venue, Tess does it in style. The TCB studded denim jacket ($79.99) would be a prime example of her Presley passion coming to life in the form of rock star chic. “It’s really slim fitting for a nice denim jacket, and the gold studs are a great addition,” she says. Tess accents the jacket with a TCB scarf ($16.99 or two for $20), a dynamic piece with a repeating TCB lighting bolt logo print. “You could pair it with something simple like a T-shirt and jeans or just go all the way with black-and-gold everything; as blingy as you can, just like the king.” With bling on the brain, Tess gravitates to the jewelry case and spots a gold-plated replica of Elvis’ horseshoe ring ($100) sparkling with cubic zirconia. “It’s super unique,” she says. “You get to see (Elvis’ horse) Rising Sun’s head in the middle of the ring. It just shows the extra detail Elvis was willing to go to make his outfit 100 percent stellar.”


Andel Vivnancos, Zaragoza, Spain
After stepping in the stop, Andel’s eyes head straight to this woven button-up with a blue palm leaf print ($39.99). It harkens back to the 1961 feature film “Blue Hawaii” and the soundtrack’s title tune. Andel says he appreciates the shirt’s king connection and “awesome vibes.” Festive and colorful without going over the top, the shirt echoes Andel and Elvis’ mutual admiration for the Aloha State. “I’m in love with Hawaii, because it’s all about chilling and relaxing,” Andel says. “In Spain, it’s not common to wear these types of clothes, but I would wear it on a special occasion in honor of Elvis.” (This particular shirt is not available to purchase on the Shop Graceland site, but you can browse the men's apparel section here.)


Janet Prater, Ripley, Tennessee
More than 20 years ago, Janet’s mother introduced her to Elvis’ music by dancing around the house every time a Presley song came on the radio. Janet carries on the tradition by grooving to Elvis tracks, both on the radio and at live shows. So, wearing something that allows flexible movement while pairing comfort with Elvis style is key. And Janet’s cold nature can find her getting chilly indoors, even during a sweltering August in Memphis. The Elvis Graceland mock spa jacket ($155) checks all of those boxes. “On the front it’s subtle with the Elvis signature, but very beautiful,” she says. “On the back, you have a little bit of bling, but it’s not overwhelming. I love the jeweled pendant zipper. It’s almost like you don’t have to have a necklace.” (That particular jacket design is not available on Shop Graceland, but here are two other versions - Aloha and 68 Special)

Last night’s Ultimate Return Concert at the Graceland Soundstage and the subsequent Ultimate After-Party at the Graceland Exhibition Center saw many guests representing the Presley aesthetic.

Ava Lail, Charlotte, North Carolina
This 8 year old can’t help falling in love with Elvis’ jumpsuits, and a trio of them occupy her closet space. “I like how they look,” she says, “and I love the capes,” which give her a superhero feel. And she agrees Elvis serves as her own musical titan, reminding her of Superman at times. While wearing her Burning Love jumpsuit, Ava shrouds her feet in gold boots. Yesterday she purchased an Elvis signature necklace at a Graceland store, which pairs nicely with the shining footwear and gold suit accents.

Holly and Heather Norman, Nashville, Tennessee 
These siblings simultaneously bond over Elvis sounds and style. Holly (left) chose a jumpsuit, an obvious nod to the king. “The 1970s Elvis era is my favorite,” she says. “And I thought this print looks like something Elvis might have worn on one of his shirts. And of course, I had to have the little belt with the fringe on it.” Holly adds a little shimmer with a rhinestone bracelet. “Head to toe,” she says, “this is all for Elvis.” Heather (right) says while she loves casual Elvis wear during the day, she’s all about dolling up a bit at night for Elvis Week concerts and shows. “We all know Elvis always dressed for his fans, whether he was on or off stage,” she says. “This dress has a floral print I think he would’ve liked. He loved Hawaii, so I think this look fits right in with Elvis Week.”

Nevan Castaneda, Denver, Colorado
Prudence Mercury, Atchison, Kansas

These two teens became instant buds while dancing near each other at the Ultimate After-Party. Both echo classic Elvis style. Nevan, 15, an aspiring vocalist, cites the king’s hillbilly cat look with a button-up shirt, featuring an embroidered silhouette of Elvis. He snagged the top from a Graceland gift shop. “I love all of Elvis’ eras,” he says, “but the ’50s was the most raw.”  Prudence agrees with Nevan’s appreciation for each of the king’s decades of performance, but she has a soft spot for 1960s style. Prudence can be seen wearing a vintage dress dating back to 1964. Nancy Sinatra would have to put on the brakes to make way for Prudence's fashion statement, which looks as if it came right off of the set of “Speedway.”

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