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Welcome to the official blog of Elvis Presley’s Graceland! You can take Elvis-inspired quizzes, get first-looks on events here at Graceland and how-to guides on everything you need to know about Elvis and his home. Like Elvis, we come with a little southern charm

Elvis Presley's Tupelo

By Alyssa Long

Tupelo, Mississippi, located about an hour outside of Memphis, is where Elvis Presley grew up. Elvis lived in this tiny town until he was 13 years old and his family packed up their car and moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

I had the opportunity to visit and it was truly incredible to see the humble beginning Elvis had and how this sleepy town shaped the man he was to become.

If you get the opportunity to visit Tupelo, I highly recommend visiting the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum. The house he was born in and lived in during part of his childhood is the main attraction. This tiny two-room home is in the exact location it was in when Elvis lived there. Even though the furniture and things inside are not original to the Presleys, you really get a feel of what it must have been like, although I can't really imagine living in a two-room house. Notice that I said two rooms... not two bedrooms. It is just a room that was a bedroom/living room and a kitchen... that's it.

It's pretty crazy to think that when the Presleys moved, they sold all their furniture. I keep thinking about how their furniture is sitting in someone's home or an antique shop or (I hate to say) has been destroyed, and nobody even knows that it all belonged to Elvis!

Beside the house, there is a statue depicting 13 year old Elvis holding his guitar. He was very friendly.

The birthplace hosted Fan Appreciation Day on August 8, 2015, and unveiled two new Elvis statues - titled "Becoming" - behind the birthplace's museum and office. One statues is of a young Elvis holding his guitar, dreaming of what music he'll make one day, and behind it is a statue is of Elvis in a jumpsuit, arms stretched to the sky.

Also found on the grounds is the church Elvis attended while growing up. It was originally located a few blocks away, but they moved it to this location and restored it in 2008. You have the opportunity to go into the church and watch a presentation where they simulate what a church service would have been like when Elvis attended. It's actually a pretty cool thing to see. You sit down in the pews and screens come down from the two walls on your sides and a screen at the front. Then they play a video of actors going through a service. It's surrounding you so you feel like you're really there. They even have a little boy who pretends he's Elvis and sings a little song. It's pretty cute and very interesting!

After touring the grounds and the museum, I ventured into the little town of Tupelo. It is definitely the cutest little Southern town! Tupelo Hardware is where Elvis purchased his first guitar. It's still there and still a working hardware store! Apparently there's a little mark on the floor of the store showing where Elvis was standing when he was handed his first guitar.

Tupelo is perfect little day trip! I highly recommend taking the time to visit.

Learn more about Tupelo and the Elvis Presley Birthplace.

Posted by Elvis Presley's Graceland at 2:34 PM
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