Play the Elvis 101 Trivia Game

How much do you know about Elvis Presley?

Put your Elvis knowledge to the test with the Elvis 101 trivia game! The following questions cover Elvis’ music, movies, personal style and accomplishments, and many of them are related to Elvis Week events and guests. And if you love learning about Elvis, check out Elvis 101 at Elvis Week.

Elvis 101, with host Tom Brown, features scholars, authors and those who have spent hundreds of hours studying Elvis Presley talking in-depth about different aspects of Elvis’ life and career. Our special guests include author Peter Guralnick, talking about his most recent release, “Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ‘n’ Roll;” Dr. Charles Hughes, Director of the Memphis Center at Rhodes College and professor for the course there entitled Elvis Presley and America; and John Jackson, Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon, all of Sony Music.

Scroll down and enjoy the game, and get your Elvis Week tickets now!


  1. Tommy Peeters

    Great quiz! Greetings from Belgium

  2. Elvis week is on my bucket list

  3. Elisabeth Rohrmoser

    Well done, Thats Great

  4. Rob Stafford

    Elvis is still the King of Rock and Roll!
    Nice quiz.

  5. Lana Schmidt

    The Trivia game did not load.

  6. Doug Butt

    Enjoying Elvis Presley Festival right now, in Collingwood Ontario Canada. The biggest festival in the world. Honoring Elvis Presley. DJ Memphis Jones is here again, for the 4 th year. Two years ago Pricilla Presley was here. We have met so many people who were associated with Elvis at the festival, over the 22 years. Keep rocking TCB in a flash !!!!!!

  7. Voila jai trouver les 10 bonnes reponses je serais content de recevoir un petit cadeau de graceland merci et vive le king

  8. Charlie Pelliccia

    Still the king

  9. Tom Kirby

    Got them all right…

  10. kelly Broomfield

    Liked the trivia. Wished there was more.

  11. kelly Broomfield

    Very fun to do.

  12. Jan Sankey

    I would love to see Graceland. I saw Elvis perform 2 times at The Pittsburgh Civic Area and saw Lisa Maria along with Cris Issac also in Pittsburgh. Wow what luck and What Shows!!!!!!

  13. Fun! Let’s have more!

  14. Loved Him

  15. Janis Dittman

    Please tell me if there is a chance Sixthman or someone as good will do anymore Elvis cruises. I went on three and loved them

  16. Morgan Scates

    WOW! I think I didn’t have all right. We’ll be John Brown. Since I’m a big Elvis fan. Thank You for the Trivia.

  17. Charles Block

    My wife is the Elvis Fan I just try to answer. Been to Graceland twice. Hope to get to go next year.

  18. Charles Block

    Elvis still lives in this house and van and on Sirius by the pool

  19. I Love the Elvis trivia

  20. Donata Gray

    Thank you for the quiz.
    Those were hard!

  21. Gary Simpkins

    Cool, i like this

  22. Esther E Feldman

    Wow! I know more than I realized about the king of rock and roll and attribute part of that because is cw a,e listen to the Elvis station on sirrius-xm: what a fantastic station for not just keeping Elvis’s music alive but also the many memories of this gifted man’s legacy!

  23. Lisa Truman

    I love Elvis

  24. John barquinero

    Thank you very much!

  25. Danny perez

    I had 7 right but the wrong space on one answer .. Lol ..I just recently went to Graceland and it was an amazing experience for me . I’ve waited my whole life to go and finally made the trip I’m 46 years old now took my daughter she is 17 and a big Elvis fan as well .

  26. I’m a 56 year old retired firefighter from Tulsa OK . My parents were huge Elvis fans therefore lol they passed it on . I got to see Elvis three time 3/1/74,7/4/76,3/25/77, everytime was special. Spending Americas 200th birthday with him was incredible. I miss him everyday he’s a special pet of my life and I appreciate his talent more than anyone could ever under stand . I’ll always be in his corner

  27. Diane Stanley

    Only got 2 right, but was lots of fun !!! Still Loving My Elvis !! :)

  28. Peter john mcvean

    Long live the king

  29. Peter john mcvean

    The king lives in every body,s heart long live the king

  30. Lisa maddox

    Love Elvis. My grandmother was kin to his mother

  31. Timothy Cuchens

    I love to listen to elvis radio station on xm satellite radio

  32. Ricky Biggs

    I really loved playing elvis 101 trivia game id like to play more of this game ive been an elvis fan for 47 yrs and ill be 57-year-old on August 14th

  33. Bonnie

    Got all 10

  34. Rafael

    Viva Elvis

  35. Sheila Keyes

    I am 54 years of age and my earliest memories are of loving Elvis! I have always been a huge Elvis fan and I always will be! Thank you all for the amazing way you keep his memory and legacy alive for all of us will will love him forever!

  36. Sandra Fitzgerald

    Love, love, love Elvis!

  37. hilario




    Loved the quiz.. Not the usual questions over and over, actually had to put some thought into it.

  39. Angie Lopac

    There will NEVER be another Elvis!
    Adore him! The Quiz was fun!

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