Peeking Inside the Vaults of the Graceland Archives

The Presleys weren’t hoarders, but they also didn’t get rid of many things they owned pre- or post-fame, including report cards, receipts and grocery store lists. Thankfully most of their collection was organized and today all of those documents, furniture, clothing and more are part of the famous Graceland Archives.


New Graceland Archives Studio

Launched during Elvis Week 2014, a fascinating new addition was made to the tour offerings at Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis, and no we aren’t talking about the new iPad tour which is ALSO pretty neat. The newest attraction added to the Graceland tour, the first in over 20 years since the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum, is the Graceland Archives Studio Experience. After finishing the mansion tour, visitors are taken by shuttle to a new state of the art archives facility where they get a unique presentation of artifacts that are found in the vaults of the Graceland Archives.


A shot inside the Graceland Archives Experience

A variety of shows have been developed to take visitors on a journey through the archives that utilize the various categories that include audio, video, documents, textiles, etc. While one show might focus on his time in the Army or his groundbreaking debut in Las Vegas with his tablecloth contract and a jumpsuit, another show may focus on his movies with a presentation of costumes, publicity photos and personal scripts.

One audience favorite show about Elvis being an early adopter and features his Zenith remote from a 1957 TV called the Space Commander 400, and of course his famous briefcase phone is included in this technology-focused entertaining show. On any given day, you don’t know what show you will see, but you can be certain that there will be two different shows presented in one day, a morning and afternoon show. For hardcore Elvis fans who arrive first thing in the morning for a tour and purchase the Platinum Tour, be sure ask the ticket agent when you arrive how you can be sure to see the afternoon show during your visit.


An up-close look at Elvis artifacts from the Graceland Archives

One of the great things about this new attraction presentation is that you can actually get up close to the artifacts, no gold ropes separating you from the cherished items, so close you could almost touch, however we advise you don’t get handsy with the artifacts. Seriously, don’t touch. Pictures are allowed, but no flash photography. It has been amazing to see faces light up just being so close to the items, and the respect and reverence people show when getting an up close encounter with an authentic Elvis artifact.

So if you have been to Graceland before, the new Graceland Archives Studio Experience is more than enough reason to come back, and the variety of shows even more reason to make a day of it and see what special shows the Archives staff has put together to excite and entertain fans from all over the world.


  1. Tarla Cartera

    Awesome blog! I had no idea there were two shows per day!

    • I was a fan of elvis music and his movies but I was more of a fan of the love story of him and Pricilla and there daughter the relation ship with his family was great inever been to graceland would love to see it some day I never been to any concerts my whole life

  2. Diane Kelley

    I saw a show on August 16th and I was so thrilled to get an up close view of Elvis’ Red Ladder suit and one of his belts! With no glass separating me from them! I asked if gloves were included in the show so that I could touch! I think gloves would be a great addition to the experience! lol I think this is a fantastic addition to the Graceland tour and I can’t wait to get back and see more!

  3. You guys at Graceland keep making it better and better! Thank you for showing us the “KING” and allowing us to hang onto our memories and make many new ones! Thank you, thank you very much! Ashley!

  4. Wendy Ivanchuk

    My friend and I are from Calgary Alberta Canada and we were at Graceland Setember 9th and saw the army segment of this show, and it was awesome, as was the whole tour! I want to go back!!

  5. I’m very thankful that y’all keep making our experience wonderful & keep Elvis so great for us.:

  6. Just been there 4 days ago. Saw the archives show. Did not realize there was more than one show !!!
    Just another reason to return

    And I will.

  7. Nancy farrell

    This looks very exciting. I hope that I can get back to Graceland to see this Cool.

  8. I’ve been to Graceland many times..I have a panoramic photograph taken in 1986 that is extremely rare printed on oil canvas to give it a painted look. I met Jack Snowden in a meeting I missed Priscilla by minutes.. The photo is almost 4th ft long by 12 inches tall..they sold these photos in their gift shop there are only a limited few out there.

  9. Micheline Tiburzio

    Great from EPE to add this new addition for Elvis Presley Graceland’tour. All fans will appreciate to visit Graceland Archives Studio. I’ll be there next january coming back for second time in the Elvis’Universe
    M.T New Caledonia South Pacific

  10. Martha Howell

    I’ve been to the house, and the car museum, NOW I can’t wait to visit this new site. Sure loved Elvis, and still do.

    • ANGEL Pointer

      I’ve been to Graceland many times January and December months many times traveled from Oklahoma and many more times traveled from
      Saudi Arabia will always love that man. God bless you Elvis

  11. Linda C.Taylor

    To Priscilla & Lisa Marie, Hello my name is Linda C. Taylor, I’m 61 and I hope I’ll be able to get to Graceland one day. Being unemployed for 4 years makes things kind of hard right now. My cousin, Gayle Paige is 72 and saw Elvis @ the Mosque, here in Richmond, Va in 1956 when he was 21. Unfortunately she doesn’t have any photos from that show and I wasn’t born yet. She has given me some of her Elvis items to keep in the family. I receive emails from Graceland, so this keeps me up to date on the New Events, Programs and other Special Projects that You, Lisa Marie and EPE have for all US (fans)Keep up the wonderful job that all of you are doing!!!! Take care and have a pleasant day!

    With kind regards,

    Linda C. Taylor
    1700 Yale Avenue
    Richmond, Va 23224
    804 358-8275

  12. June Biber

    It was really great the new addition for Elvis Presley Graceland tour

  13. ronda kucala

    We saw the archive show on 9.29.2014…very impressed with the presentation. This was our first trip to graceland and it will not be our last. Great way to spend our 30th anniversary!!

  14. Barbara Toolan

    My Sister Judy Kerlin & I are hoping we can make the trip to Graceland next year. We would be very interested in information on where to stay that is reasonably priced & all the wonderful things to do & see about Elvis in Memphis.

  15. patricia massey

    Although I never got to see Elvis live, I have admired him & his music for years. He died on my birthday & this just makes me feel close to him in some way. I came close to seeing him one time & have always regretted that I did not.

  16. jennie mascall

    cant wait to come and see the archives museum we have been to gracelands twice ,will be back june 2015 so will be coming to the museum then ,quiet excited

  17. Marilyn Relf

    Looking forward to seeing the show in January at ELVIS’80th Birthday.

  18. Judy Foreman

    When I was a teenager I used to write to Elvis and send him Christmas cards. Early in 1963 I received what would be called a fan letter. It is a copy with my name filled in at the top and Elvis’s signature at the bottom. The original was hand written. I don’t think that Elvis wrote the original so I am wondering who did , and also if the signature is really his. Can you help me with this? Muchly appreciated!

  19. Judy Hunt Lindley

    it is so wonderful for Graceland to pass on the different facts about Elvis to his fans. It helps us keep his memory fresh & alive in our thoughts as we read the blogs. Thanks again.
    Judy Hunt Lindley

  20. Helen Pearson

    I was there in April of this year, and back this month, didn’t know anything about the archives show, but did use the iPad. I guess I missed something special.

  21. ObletonPa

    Thank you ever so for you blog post. Really Cool.

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