New Exhibits at Elvis Presley’s Graceland

To get to know the real Elvis Presley – the man and the legendary entertainer – you have to explore Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

In addition to touring the home, fans can discover so much more about Elvis through the many exhibits on site – including two brand new ones that just opened this month.

“I Shot Elvis” is a photography exhibit that focuses on the iconic photos of Elvis and the photographers and fans who took them. The exhibit includes artifacts, such as clothing and jewelry, that Elvis wore in the photos.

Another new exhibit is “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” at 45. It features artifacts and information on this fan-favorite documentary.

Let’s explore these exhibits a little more.

This script and photo are from the "I Shot Elvis" exhibit. The script is for "Untitled Presley Film" - later renamed "Jailhouse Rock."

This script and photo are from the “I Shot Elvis” exhibit. The script is for “Untitled Presley Film” – later renamed “Jailhouse Rock.”

“I Shot Elvis” celebrates photographers such as Al Wertheimer, Bob Williams and William Speer, who all captured stunning shots of Elvis. Of course, fans snapped pictures of Elvis any chance they could, and some of those photos are included in the exhibit, too.

William Speer took this lovely portrait of Elvis' parents, Vernon and Gladys. The necklace, which Gladys is wearing in the photo, was purchased for her by Elvis in New York in January 1956.

William Speer took this lovely portrait of Elvis’ parents, Vernon and Gladys. The necklace, which Gladys is wearing in the photo, was purchased for her by Elvis in New York in January 1956.

The exhibit starts with pictures of a young performer and takes guests through his entire career. Elvis’ powerful performances in Las Vegas are highlighted, as are some jumpsuits. A few photos of Elvis at home in Graceland are also included, as are pieces of his personal wardrobe.

Elvis' stage costumes are legendary. Each are beautifully crafted, and fans can check out the gorgeous details at "I Shot Elvis."

Elvis’ stage costumes are legendary. Each are beautifully crafted, and fans can check out the gorgeous details at “I Shot Elvis.”

Elvis was always perfectly dressed. Other pieces in the “I Shot Elvis” exhibit include shoes, belts, hats and scarves.

There’s even a “Take a Selfie” with Elvis section of the exhibit at the beginning. Tag your photo #ElvisSelfie, and it could be featured on!

Our other new exhibit, “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” at 45, celebrates the documentary’s anniversary.

The summer of 1970 was such an exciting one for Elvis as he prepared for his Las Vegas performances at the International Hotel (now the Westgate Las Vegas Resorts & Casino). “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” captures Elvis as he prepares for and entertains thousands of fans. It’s a fascinating and unique view into how Elvis worked.

See the suits Elvis wore in "Elvis: That's The Way It Is" at the new exhibit at Graceland.

See the suits Elvis wore in “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” at the new exhibit at Graceland.

“Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” was Elvis’ first documentary since the start of his career in 1956.

The exhibit features numerous artifacts seen in the film, and from that period of Elvis’ career, including stage costumes, guitars, jumpsuits, contracts, memorabilia and more.

"Elvis That's The Way It Is" at 45 is a part of the VIP experience at Graceland.

“Elvis That’s The Way It Is” at 45 is a part of the VIP experience at Graceland.

Both exhibits will be on display through early 2016.

Want to see these two exhibits, as well as Elvis Presley’s Graceland? That’s easy: book your tickets today. We also have hotel packages that include tickets to other music museums, and they save you money on your Memphis vacation.

Also, if you want to learn more about Elvis’ Las Vegas shows, book your tickets today for Graceland Presents ELVIS: The Exhibition – The Show – The Experience, a new exhibition and show at the Westgate Las Vegas.


  1. Everett Lyke

    Elvis Presley is and will always be the king of Rock and roll.he will never be forgotten.I might be a man
    But I still loved his music
    And his movie’s.I still watch
    His feels like he is still here.Rock on Graceland.

  2. Christine

    Plan on trip in 2016 to see all new tours of Graceland. Love Elvis music forever.

  3. Michelle Voorhes

    I wud love 2 see Graceland and learn more about Elvis. His music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I wud love 2 experience the history. Visiting Memphis & Graceland is on my bucket list. Someday!!!!!!

  4. Pearle Melton

    Beautiful!! Love every piece of it!!!

  5. Dianne Jeddore

    I’m looking forwarded in seeing these new exhibits this year! God Bless Elvis and the Presley family! Cheers.

  6. Carol. Szewczyk

    My friend and I visited graceland. Last October on a v I p. Tour .We both loved. It and we had such a great time in memphis .We are hoping to visit memphis in three years time .

  7. My husband and I made a surprise visit to Tupelo MS, birthplace of Elvis, while enroute to Memphis for our Graceland tour. After our visit I could tell my husband had a new found respect for Elvis. There is so much to learn about his short life here on earth. We plan another trip to Memphis within the next two years. God Bless you Elvis. You have won the hearts of many and will always be the King of Rock ‘n Roll.

    • My husband and I also made a visit to Tupelo MS. Elvis’s birthplace after we visited Graceland in August of 2010 and also visited the restaurant and sat in his exact booth where he would go for lunch. It was amazing to sit in the same booth. When we visited his birthplace it was amazing that they lived in the same house. You wondered how they all lived in the small house. His music was the greatest and I have a lot of his CD’s. He will always be the king of rock and roll. No other music could replace his nor him. Elvis will always live on.

  8. Janet Hughes

    my sister and I Visited Graceland in 2014 will be returning in 2016 we come from Scotland and love Elvis and the Presley family very much love going to Graceland and never get tired of it see you all soon xxxx

  9. Lou Houlton

    I been to Memphis Tn in 2010 and walk threw Graceland itis outstanding i will be down again i would love to work for Graceland long live Elvis

  10. ruth bigness

    love all of Elvis movies, cds, and pictures….everything!

  11. Liz Preece

    Visiting Gracelands in May this year – can’t wait, will also be visiting the exhibition at O2 London.

  12. karen Ray

    What Fantastic News… excited soon to take in this thrill!
    From Viva Las Vegas my friend Daniel and I are currently spending our time admiring all of the Jumpsuits currently on display from the years that Elvis performed here.(Westgate Hotel/Casino… Exhibit to open April 2015).
    Graceland continues to bring into existance the opportunity to embrace this Wonderful Man – Elvis Presley…
    From Memphis to Las Vegas!



  14. Glenna Clarke

    I have loved Elvis since he started and will always love him.
    Went to Graceland and toured everything there.
    It is a awesome place to go. Hope to go back soon. Went on a tour boat up the Mississippi
    River in Memphis. There is a lot to do there.
    Graceland is the best.

  15. Elvis will always be the king and he was the best I’ve been to Graceland so beautiful.

  16. Denise Skelton

    I became an Elvis when I met the father of my daughter, his passion and enthusiasm for him rubbed off on me and has stayed. I visited Graceland/Tupelo and all the connected places in January 2015 and it blew me away. Ive not stopped playing his music and watching his films since I got back, the man is extraordinary in every way and I love him for being such a kind, giving and thoughtful person as well as his enormous talent. All I want to do now is go back to Memphis and Las Vegas and hopefully will visit again in 2017 with EP fan club of Great Britain. Im desperate to go back to to see the exhibit at the Westgate in Vegas, just love him, he’s the best ever. Its just so sad his life was cut so short and he’s not still with us.

  17. Janet Montana

    This is a wonderful new exhibit! I must come back to see this!!!

  18. I have been a huge Elvis Fan since I was a little girl & I had dreamed of going to Graceland for years! I finally got there 2 yrs. ago & I must say now that I’ve been there I just can’t wait to get back there!! Now that there’s new exhibit’s it gives me & all Elvis fans a reason to get back there sooner!! can’t wait to see them!

  19. judi Tabor

    Visiting Graceland was a dream com true for me. Have been a serious Elvis fan since 1956. It was almost a spiritual experience to go through his home, look at the places he lived, walked the grounds where he walked, and experienced the things in his life at his home. Will definitely return one day. Wonderful experience. So glad the planes are staying !!

  20. This Exhibit is beautiful.
    Thank you.

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