Love Letters

It’s February. Love is in the air and, hopefully, in the mail.

Elvis received thousands of love letters and fan mail throughout his career.

That tradition continues this year: We’re asking fans to write love letters to Elvis, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Fans can write about how he impacted their lives, why they love him and his music and their connection to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Fan mail always came pouring in for Elvis.

Fan mail always came pouring in for Elvis.

Visit for details on how you can send your love letter to Elvis (a few lucky fans may even score an Elvis-themed Valentine’s basket!) – but let’s take a look back at some of Elvis’ more memorable fan letters.

This letter arrived in 1958, when stamps cost about three cents each. One of the most charming parts of the letter is the closing line: “We’re counting on you.”

This is one of the many letters Elvis received about starting a fan club.


This next letter, sent in the ’60s, is a heartfelt note from a fan. It doesn’t get much more sincere than this.

This fan appreciates the work Elvis put into his music.


This letter, from 1964, is from someone who isn’t a fan of Elvis’ music, but instead appreciated his patriotism. Elvis purchased President Franklin Roosevelt’s U.S.S. Potomac early in 1964, and gave it to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis to sell as a fundraiser. “Americans of all ages should be proud of you, and with our nation in the hands of young people such as you, we should not fear the future,” Mrs. R.S. Stevens wrote to Elvis.

This letter-writer claims she's "a 'little' old for rock 'n' roll," but she appreciates Elvis all the same.


Few letters are as heartfelt as those from Elvis’ youngest fans. This 12-year-old loved Elvis’ ’68 TV special, and she wished him a merry Christmas, too. It would’ve cost Becky about six cents to mail this letter.

Becky loved Elvis' '68 television special, and she wished him a Merry Christmas, too.


Some Elvis fans were serving in Vietnam and had to miss that iconic TV special. That didn’t stop a few of them from sending him a letter from the other side of the world, expressing their love for his music. In 1969, air mail cost about 10 cents.

These fans, Mike and Patrick, also shared their condolences on the death of Dewey Phillips.

This letter came from soldiers who were serving in the military in Vietnam.


Not all letters from fans were happy ones – especially if they thought he’d changed his appearance.

Many fans wrote in to Elvis after they saw pictures of him at Sonny West’s wedding. They thought he’d grown his hair out to his shoulders, and they hated the look. In fact, he had not grown his hair out – the collar of his black suit matched his black hair, and fans mistook the collar for his hair. “Oh, Elvis,” this fan wrote, “how could you?”

Elvis received several letters asking him to cut his long hair - but he never had long hair. His suit gave the impression that his hair was longer than it really was.


Still, most of the correspondence that arrived at Graceland was overwhelmingly positive. These excited fans wished Elvis the best of luck as he started his Las Vegas residency at the International Hotel. The brightly colored paper and slogans like “Happiness is Being an Elvis Fan” and “Elvis Still Rules” are especially charming.

This letter from the '70s wishes Elvis luck on his upcoming Las Vegas performances.


Elvis entertained fans on his records and on the radio, but it was at his concerts that he cast a spell on his audiences. This fan writes about how much she loved Elvis’ performance at show in 1971 at the International: “Even though I rode over seven hundred miles to see you, I would do it again and again if I could. You were worth every bit of it.”

Maria's letter is full of praise, but her stationary is just as sweet.


Don’t forget to send in your own love letter to Elvis during February! We’ll share our favorites on Happy writing!


  1. Sherry Davis

    Love letter straight from my Heart. to Elvis you are always on my mind. this Texan Loves you Tender. Happy Valentines day. From my heart. For you are someone I will never forget. Can’t help falling
    in love with you. Today tomorrow and forever.
    Love Sherry Davis

  2. ida williams

    Still love you Elvis..always on my mind..left us much too soon but our God. In heaven is taking good care of you
    ..needed someone like you in his heavenly Ida wiliams

  3. Barbara Bowden

    Oh Elvis, how can I still be so in love with you after almost 58 years. You are AMAZING!!! That’s how!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day,
    Love always, Barbara Bowden

  4. Barbara Bowden

    Oh Elvis, how can I still be so in love with you after almost 55 years. You are AMAZING!!! That’s how!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day Elvis,
    Love Barbara Bowden

  5. evangeline

    Hi elvis it’s evangeline I sent you a love letter I hope you like it and answer me
    Evangeline Douros xoxoxo ♡ :)

  6. Elvis i send you a love letter love u so much love u forever! Kiss from Greece!

  7. Elvis
    I have loved you fromn the first time I heard your music and saw you on TV years ago. You are my most loved Valentine!! Your incredible voice and presence are amazing!! I have folllowed your career for over 40 years. I saw you once live in Birmingham, Al. and I will never forget that night. If you were here I would give you a big Valentine Kiss and hug.
    Happy Valentine’s Day Elvis.
    Love Forever

  8. Jean Peterson

    Dearest Elvis–You were the most generous, kind,talented and handsome man ever up to this very day!! No one comes even close to the affect you had on so many people (young and old alike)! There will never be another that compares to you–Once you have entered a person’s life they are never the same-at least that is how it went for me and my life!!! I will forever love you and you are so very special to me and always will be. TCB with TLC and Happy Valentines Day with love!!




  10. Caroline Savery

    My Darling Elvis, Thank you for being a part of my life for 48 years. You have shared my happy times & my sad times. The sound of your voice is with me every day. You are truly the King, not just of music but with you’re never ending generosity & kindness to others. I am so proud to say ‘I am an Elvis Fan’& I will love you forever!
    Happy Valentines Day, Elvis
    Forever Yours, Caroline xxxxxx (From the UK)

  11. Diana Maguire

    Dearest Elvis,
    As the song says ” When I first saw you, With your smile so tender, My heart was captured, My soul surrendered”. I write this in grateful appreciation for all your hard work and lovingkindness. God blessed me to become an Elvis Presley fan in 1956,and every day since you have been part of me. I thank God for that precious gift. Time does not diminish how much we love and miss you, darling Elvis.
    Your devoted fan, Diana

  12. marc vanslambrouck

    I thank you for your time on earth your song and movies.I thank you for your love to your fans all over the world . I thank for bying yourself and that wath you loved most,music . I still see you as a person,man,father,son,brother and friend. thank you for everything . thx Marc

  13. Debbie M - VA

    Will always feel much love for the greatest entertainer ever born …. there will never be another Elvis, ever !!!! not only did you have the most amazing songs (that will love on forever), but you were always a wonderful human being ….. so generous & loving with all people, not just your fans, so patriotic, such a humanitarian with your unending generosity, and forever a loving father to Lisa Marie ….. you will be in all of our hearts throughout eternity !!!! Heaven must have an amazing choir & band with an artist such as you included !!!!

    • Debbie M - VA

      meant to say your amazing songs will live on forever …. easy mistake, as we will all have love forever for Elvis !

  14. allen dunlea

    I would like to thank our lord Jesus Christ for Elvis first and for Elvis for him self for 40yrd he was with me in good times and bad and with God and my Elvis kept me smiling through God bless you Elvis and all of his family and fans.Allen

  15. Dolores J Melton

    I hope you received my love letter to ELVIS I mailed it by priority mail so I was sure you would receive it I LOVE ELVIS FOR EVERYTHING HE STANDS FOR !!! Dedication, Devotion, Extraordinary Entertainer, Magnificent Musician, the Most Generous Humanitarian,With A GOD Given Talent That Will Be Cherished Through out Eternity Thank You GOD for ELVIS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE Until We Meet Again I Will Hold You In My Heart Til I Can Hold You In My Arms LONG LIVE THE KING OF R&R For ELVIS will Live Forever In My Heart and Soul Love Dolores J Melton <3 <3 <3 XXX OOO

  16. Hennie Beenen

    Hi Elvis,

    this is an unusual ‘love letter’ from a great fan of yours. I am not a woman, but a man and i am not gay éither(no offense to all the gays anywhere), but i like you to know, that each day, when i feel sad, or i feel lost in this tough world, your music puts me right back on my feet again. There are people who i miss and who are in heaven with you right, and mostly when i think of them its like i get namned and the pain inside takes my breath away. Still i know that one day i will see them again, and maybe…maybe i will be able to meet you too. The 23th of april is my birthday and i will turn 64 then. If i could make a wish, it would be that i would receive a postcard from you from heaven, with a few words coming from you. I thank you for all the good that you have given people, it was your destiny to do so. Thank you God, bless you friend,


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