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Many Elvis fans know the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll never performed outside North America, but that didn’t stop the spread of his global popularity. Across Europe where he maintains superstar status, Elvis fans are now celebrating his long-awaited arrival with a new London exhibition, direct from Graceland in Memphis.

Elvis fans check out the new Elvis at The O2 exhibition in London in December.

Elvis fans check out the new Elvis at The O2 exhibition in London in December.

Over 300 artifacts have been pulled from the vast Graceland Archives – and a few from Graceland mansion – to create a retrospective of the king’s career and a unique look into his life at Graceland. If you have ever moved once in your life, you know that packing up 300 items and shipping them to a foreign country is no easy task, especially when sending such precious items, including two classic cars. Such was the task for the talented Graceland Archives team, which rose to the occasion in planning the exhibition along with pulling and packing of artifacts and the painstaking task of installation once in London.

Items included in the Elvis at The O2 exhibition include several jumpsuits, his cars, records and more.

Items included in the Elvis at The O2 exhibition include several jumpsuits, his cars, records, photographs, jewelry and more.

The exhibit at The O2 also honors Elvis' military service.

The exhibit at The O2 also honors Elvis’ military service.

The timeline for exhibition development and installation was accelerated by space availability at a prime London venue, the famous O2, known during the Olympics as the Arena at Greenwich. If there is ever a must-see concert in London, it is always at The O2, which made it the perfect place for a king-sized Elvis exhibition. Twenty-thousand square feet of space at London’s main stage now houses a nine-month run of an amazing exhibition that traces the steps of the Presley family from Tupelo to Memphis all the way through his record-breaking performances in Las Vegas.

Elvis' story starts in Tupelo, and artifacts from the Presley family's time in the Mississippi town are included in Elvis at The O2.

Elvis’ story starts in Tupelo, and artifacts from the Presley family’s time in the Mississippi town are included in Elvis at The O2.

Elvis' 1968 television special is an iconic moment in rock 'n' roll, and it has its own special section full of artifacts at the London exhibit.

Elvis’ 1968 television special is an iconic moment in rock ‘n’ roll, and it has its own special section full of artifacts at the London exhibit.

Most personal is the Graceland section of the exhibit which features a select few artifacts from the mansion, including a bust of Elvis made by a fan. This artifact has been seen by millions of visitors to Graceland over the years, and while you might miss it if you blink during the mansion tour, it takes center-stage in London sitting in front of a larger than life photo of the living room covering an entire wall. For visitors, this and other artifacts are the closest some will ever come to seeing Graceland. On opening day, one fan that travelled two hours by train to London remarked that her husband who was battling terminal cancer would never make it to Memphis. To them, this exhibit was a dream come true. During what is a difficult time for families, this was a rare, joy-filled day, and it was all because of Elvis.

Fans can have their photo made at the gates of Graceland at the Elvis at The O2 exhibit, just like they can in Memphis.

Fans can have their photo made at the gates of Graceland at the Elvis at The O2 exhibit, just like they can in Memphis.

All of the worrying, weeks of planning and hours of back breaking work are worth it when you witness firsthand the impact Elvis is still having on lives around the world.

Elvis fans enjoy some of the King's best performances at The O2 exhibit.

Elvis fans enjoy some of the king’s best performances at The O2 exhibit.

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  1. Esther REnnie

    love to see everything about ELVIS I would like to come and see everything do you need to book or can you just
    Pay on entry I have seen everything as I had the best time of my life visiting ELVIS home in GRaceland in 2004 with my best friend it was our 40th and I will never forget it. How much is it for entry can you let me know and will it be on forever many thanks

  2. Esther REnnie

    I have never been in London apart from getting off a plane Would love to see ELVIS at the 02 would be awesome

  3. Pat Ramsay

    My sister and I and our daughters are going in July.Can’t wait, it will be fab!!!!!

  4. Linda Miller

    I saw Elvis at s are airport in Syracuse, New York. This was after his concert in September. Someone ordered pizzas to be delivered just before his arrival. He arrived, I stood right next to the stairs going up to the Lisa Marie. I was probably five feet from him. He smiled at me, but I was so star struck I couldn’t move. He just smiled and walked into the plane.I was so mad at myself. Had tickets for fifth row center for his concert the following year. He never did make that concert. He passed about three weeks before it. I have loved him since he came on the scene when I was 12.

  5. robert brady

    i would love to see elvis ok i only been there once and yet have not been to memphis but that does not mean i would not go cause i woulddo it in a heartbeat

  6. This is so amazing!!! That you have brought so many artifacts to share across the world with elvis fans to enjoy. Great Job !!!

    • Cecelia

      I have been an life time elvis Presley fan since I saw his first movie love me tender….and finally was able to visit Graceland, july of 2014, awesome to be in his home, and we did the vip tour….I hope I get to go again this year.. God Bless Priscilla and her graceland team for starting the graceland tour…I hope it goes on forever……..his talent, both in film and his singing I have no words to express, how great he was and to me still is. Keep it going Priscilla…I know you loved Elvis and He loved you and Lisa very very much. Happy New Year everyone. amen

  7. Are tickets still for sale its my bday on the 5th as Elvis in the 8th would love to go

  8. This is fantastic!

  9. Donna Lewis

    I went in 9th to 17th November 2014 to Graceland for my birthday stayed at the days in narcosis the road in Memphis it something to stay in my mine forever if anyone get the chance to go please to go I’m planning to to the O2 soon if u go on 2 my Facebook page I have loads of pictures warringtongirl@ I’m planning to return to Memphis there’s lots to see & a lots to take in ELVIS I NEVER SEEN U IN PERSON BUT YOUR HOUSE & peressions are priceless thxs for givin me a chance to see want u did when u was alive god bless u

    Thanks donna Lewis from uk

  10. linda thorn

    Been to see this exhibition, it is fab, can’t wait to go back, a must for all Elvis fans who can’t make it to Graceland xx

  11. Kathy Rech

    How amazing and ambitious and all of Graceland staff to get that exhibit together! Looks like another win for the Graceland/Elvis phenomena—congratulations! Nothing like keeping the Legend alive! KR.

  12. Nancy farrell

    I have never been to London would love to see this exhibit. Went to Graceland in 09 and 12 want to go again.

  13. Liz O'Sullivan

    I went to see this before Christmas. Just amazing, absolutely loved it. And will keep going back for as long as it’s here.
    It was in some ways better than seeing these things at Graceland as you could get up close and personal to the Aloha suit and walk around it.

    A HUGE thank you to the whole team who put this together, it was well thought out and I loved all the interactions possible, the photo-booth, red phone, headphones, truly wonderful to have it here in London.

    I really enjoyed the shop too.

  14. Paul Turner

    As a well seasoned regular visitor to Graceland I was still able to feel the same excitement at the 02 exhibition as I did walking into Elvis’ home in Memphis.
    A 5 star attraction for the world’s biggest and brightest star, if you have not had the opportunity to visit Graceland then this is the nearest and closest thing for any fans in Europe to get a true sense of what Elvis was about ..The man,the music, the legend.

  15. Mike Davis

    If you want to see something which typifies the WOW factor this is it. Have already paid two visits to this truly wonderful exhibition.
    As expected its all been done very professionally, every inch of the area is used including some larger then life pictures of Elvis.
    Every area is carefully planned into areas of Elvis life right from day one.
    Do not miss this show, it is a chance of a life time

  16. Ruth Carroll

    I was never fortunate enough to see Elvis in any of his concerts. I was asked to go to Gracland this past July to visit, I almost didn’t go, but changed my mind @ the last minute, I’m so glad that I did. It was absolutely breathtaking, I enjoyed every minute I was there. I plan on going back when the “Guest House” is built. I would tell anyone if you ever get the chance by all means go, you won’t regret it. I will never forget my visit to Graceland!

  17. Frank Gerritsen

    Yesterday I made a very positive comment on your exhibit I visite 2 days ago . I really liked the show and you removed my comment ? Can you tell me why?

    • Hi Frank – our blog gets hundreds (sometimes thousands) of spam comments, mixed in with actual comments from fans, daily. Sometimes it’s easy to lose the legitimate comments in a sea of spam. We’re so sorry your comment was lost! Feel free to comment again, and we’ll be sure to watch the comments more closely. Thank you!

      • Frank Gerritsen

        Thanks Graceland ,no problem. We were lucky to visit Graceland in 2013 and we where very impressed to see were Elvis lived and getting to see so many things that belong to him (jumpsuits!!) So it was a big surprise that we where abel to see a lot of cool things again so close to our home (Holland) Great show and I was very happy to stand so close to the Aloha suit and cape, thanks Graceland.

  18. I am a big fan for many years. Been to Graceland several times. Will go again soon. Would love to see this exhibit in UK.

  19. Janet Davies

    I wish it would come down to Falmouth Cornwall where I live, that would be fantastic, as I’ll never get to Graceland, only in my dreams

    I looks amazing

  20. I would love to see the Elvis exhibition, my daughter is only 21 months, so l worry that she’s a bit young to take her? It would take us a few hours traveling by train BUT SO TEMPTED to go and see this display! It sounds wonderfull, l bet Elvis would be amazed by the support of his fans.!

  21. Carol

    I was taken there yesterday for a 50th treat from my schoolmates!

    BUT despite putting in the codes I simply cannot get the 2 x videos to see (both were useless and giggly!)

    Numbers are:

    I do so hope you can help us!

    It was great – so thank you Priscilla/Lisa …………. we are endebted (even though I visit Memphis every single year – see you in September 2015) XXX

  22. Carol

    Fantastic – go if you have the chance!

  23. Carol


  24. I went today and it was fabulous. My sister and I have always been fans of Elvis after watching “Elvis and Me” it didn’t disappoint. Are you able to tell me what songs play in the exhibition? I hears one but don’t know what it’s called. There was a few verses of one on loop and it was beautiful.

  25. John copperthwaite

    Great experience

  26. John copperthwaite

    Can anyone help me I can access the photobooth photo strip but not the video any help would be much appreciated Thanks John

  27. John copperthwaite

    From December 2014 at the Elvis Presley experience at the O2 London

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