Hit the Jackpot: Elvis Presley and Las Vegas Trivia Game

Viva Las Vegas!

This week we celebrate the grand opening of ELVIS: The Exhibition, Elvis Experience and the Elvis Presley’s Wedding Chapel at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. The expansive, permanent exhibition features hundreds of artifacts never displayed outside of Graceland. The chapel offers couples the chance to celebrate Elvis and their love as they get married or renew their vows. The first show in the newly renamed and renovated Elvis Presley Theater is “Elvis Experience,” which recreates one of Elvis’ incredible concerts from his time at the International – now the Westgate.

Think you know everything about Elvis and Vegas? Try your hand at our Elvis trivia game!

But before you test your knowledge, don’t forget to book your tickets to ELVIS: The Exhibition and Elvis Experience, and plan to tie the knot in the Elvis Presley’s Graceland Wedding Chapel!

You’ll test your knowledge of song lyrics, film trivia and other facts about the king of rock and roll and his music performances in Las Vegas. Take the ten-question Elvis trivia quiz below and see how many questions you can answer correctly!


  1. Melissa

    It’s was fun!! I’ve got 10 out of 10 I’m really a Elvis fan one day I will go there and visit but I will oh I will!!:)

  2. Pat Ramsay

    10/10 Love Elvis and loved visiting Graceland,it was awesome!!!

  3. Margaret

    Thank you for the quiz I scored 9/10

  4. Clementine

    Should have had 10 of 10 instead of 9!Drat it all! Love Elvis! TCB!

  5. 10/10 I am a true Elvis Fan!! Benn to Graceland 2x’s now. More to come!!! Vegas, here we come, soon!

  6. Vicki Seward

    Thanks for the interactive features. This was fun! Breezed through 10 for 10, which my family would expect. Before this, Elvis-style March madness was terrific. Enjoyed watching the brackets fill in while we voted “That’s the Way It Is” as the no. 1 Elvis movie. Elvis in concert & in Vegas – nothing’s better. (Even though we really love all the Elvis flicks.)

  7. Mark Viale

    As a life long Elvis fan, this was great I got some answers wrong which I thought I know but didn’t trust myself. This was lots of fun I hope you keep it up. Keep rockin Elvis.

  8. Dale M howe

    I live Ct.and I am originally from Maine and every time I go by the hotels in Portland where Elvis was to stay for what was to be his performance I look at them wistfully as I drive by.

  9. charlene frydberg

    I hope I was right with all of them

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