Guest Blog: Drawn to Elvis

Note: This week’s blog comes from Elvis artist Joe Petruccio. Get to know more about him, and you can meet him at meet ‘n’ greets during Elvis Week! He will be at the Haberdashery at Elvis Presley’s Memphis from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM August 12-15, and at Elvis Threads at Elvis Presley’s Memphis from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM August 12-15. Go to to learn more.


I’ve been an Elvis fan my whole life. Just the idea that I became the first official artist for EPE and Graceland back in 2003 still amazes me. That is an honor I carry every day and I owe it all to his fans.

Joe Petruccio

Joe Petruccio

Elvis has been an inspiration to me in my life as well as my art. I don’t think there is a day that goes by where I don’t think about or get inspired by something he did or said.

I love drawing him. I try to bring freshness to his image that keeps him relevant to new, younger fans while being a special treat for people like me, who have known him for years. You can’t get too much Elvis.

Elvis' iconic sunglasses are the focal point for this intense piece.

Elvis’ iconic sunglasses are the focal point for this intense piece.


Petruccio's "Return of the King" is inspired by the '68 Special.

Petruccio’s “Return of the King” is inspired by the ’68 Special.


Petruccio created this unique piece by combining the blueprints for The Guest House at Graceland and his drawing of Elvis.

Petruccio created this unique piece by combining the blueprints for The Guest House at Graceland and his drawing of Elvis.

As Elvis Week draws near, I get really charged up. This year, for the first time, there is an actual gallery of my work at the new Elvis Presley’s Memphis entertainment and exhibit complex. Here there are paintings and merchandise with my work available for all collectors and fans. I love being able to share my work and talk with all of my “Elvis family and friends.”

Petruccio's "Memphis Son" in front of Graceland.

Petruccio’s “Memphis Son” in front of Graceland.

Can’t wait to see you all during Elvis Week.
Peace. Love. TCB.



  1. Sandy Van Horn

    Is it just me but I can’t view the pictures on this blog. Only see a black box with a white X and also the description of the picture…but no picture.

  2. Linda Hays

    I am a great admirer of you work. Did you ever meet Elvis?

  3. Starla Fitzjarrell

    Hi Joe,

    I believe you are the artist i met in Memphis 5 years ago. Look forward to seeing you again.

  4. this is the second blog in a row that there have been no pictures. this time it’s especially annoying when it’s about an artist.

  5. Mary Alice Pena-Lopez

    My husband Jaime and I come to Elvis Week every year from Texas. We were married across Graceland by Judge Thompson in
    1993! We love greeting and talking to Mr.Petruccio every year at the store that used to be” Memories of Elvis”, where
    owner Ms. Carol Light let us have a small reception. Mr. Petuccio is so gracious, friendly and kind , to everyone! He is a genius, and really captures the love and essence of
    Elvis………..God Bless him! Thanks for Loving Elvis and
    us fans! See you soon!

    Mary Alice Lopez
    San Antonio,Texas

  6. Alice Copley

    Own a print of “Memphis Son” by Mr. Petruccio. I wouldn’t part with it for any amount of money. I love it and all of his art. Hope to meet him one day. Thanks for keeping Elvis “alive” through your art.

  7. ShirleyBrozzoski

    It’s an honor to know you and be FB friends. Keep up the great works of art.

  8. As usual:Immense !! Petruccio: Italian for TALENT

  9. Carol K. Flite

    Have been coming to Memphis for Elvis week for over 20 years. This will be my last and it won’t be a week,more like 3 days. With declining health and the change going on.Love JOE,he is a great person.I manage to say hello and talk to him every year.

  10. Rosemary Bacino

    Love Joe and his work!

  11. I’ve been a fan of your work for many years and it always warms my heart to hear you talk about what drives and inspires you. It reminds me to be true to myself and always try harder to achieve what I need to achieve what I need in my life.

  12. Art Coffee

    Hiya Joe! I really enjoy All of your work, not just your Elvis work! You are just the best!

  13. Suzanne Burlew

    You know I think you are the best!! Love my collection of Joe Petruccio art!

  14. Clementine Moriarty

    Love all of your ‘Elvis Art’ and am a proud owner of two portraits! Keep on Rockin’ Joe! As always! TCB!

  15. Great job Joe Doesn’t surprise me.. Elvis would be honored

  16. ‘m a real elvis fan I have been buying his records since 1966
    I finally got my wish and went to graceland on the 24 to the 26 of july with some x coworkers I was amaze at the mansion of graceland and the plaza o f elvis I wanted to get an autograph from elvis radio unfortunately no disjocky there mon and Tuesday wed I headed to visted the city of Memphis George kline wasn’t there until fri I left to sacto ca my hometown

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