Elvis Week Trivia Game

Who’s ready for Elvis Week?

Elvis Week 2018 will be the biggest and best Elvis Week yet! We look forward to welcoming fans from around the world as they make the ultimate pilgrimage to be with us during this annual celebration of the life and legacy of Elvis Presley.

How well do you know this year’s special guests, events and celebrations? Take the quiz and find out – and don’t forget to make your Elvis Week plans now at ElvisWeek.com!


  1. Diane Kelley

    10 out of 10! See you next week for Elvis Week!

  2. sylvain vertez

    not bad 10/10

  3. Terry D Hutchison

    God bless everyone at Elvis week hope everyone has good time sincerely Terry

  4. I would like to know what should I see that is the best in Memphis Tennessee when I come to Graceland for Elvis week?

  5. Milica Home Djukich

    I0ve the quizes and pray that the G0speI AIbum seIIS biIIi0ns! I0ve that Iisa is inv0IAVED And that she sang with her dad EIvis!

  6. col littlefield

    very well organised site and can’t wait to get over there next year my first time will have taken me 40 years to get there.
    elvis your still our king

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