Elvis Reimagined: Duets and Remixes

Barbara. As in Streisand. Yes, it’s true, Babs and the King will duet on “Love Me Tender” as part of her new Partners album due out (Sept. 16) next week. One of the songs that helped make Elvis a household name, this reimagined duet of “Love Me Tender” has been widely praised by the music industry, considered “breathtaking” by Parade music writer Lindsay Lowe. Approved by the Presley family, a love song is reborn when two icons come together in this delightful duet.

Enjoy a sneak peek at the historic track and hear from Streisand about the mutual respect she and Elvis had for each other. It was Streisand who debuted at the opening of the International Hotel, but it was Elvis who broke box office records, making Sin City a destination to see “A list” entertainment.

This is not the first time an original by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll has been altered from the master recording originally pressed to vinyl. This is something that irritates a sector of the Elvis fan community, while other fans see it is a welcome adaptation of a classic, made new again and shared with future generations of fans. Regardless of what side you are on in the debate, you have to admit, it is pretty amazing what can be done with modern technology. Elvis was an innovator who always embraced and created the latest trends of his time, and still does today with these groundbreaking duets and remixes.

Who can forget the stunning, not just vocal, but video duet featuring Elvis and Celine Dion for the Idol Gives Back telethon in April of 2007. The world watched as the reigning Queen of Las Vegas and the King of Rock crooned the classic “If I Can Dream” from the finale of his 1968 Comeback Special. The magical video that paired Elvis and Celine on stage together for the duet became a global sensation and wound up becoming the #1 video download on iTunes for almost a month.

Even more amazing, and touching, are the duets between Elvis and his only child, Lisa Marie Presley. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Lisa surprised a crowd of 20,000 fans at Memphis’ Pyramid Arena with a duet of “Don’t Cry Daddy” during Elvis Week 1997 on the 20th anniversary of her father’s passing. This was followed up in 2007 with “In the Ghetto,” and in 2012 on the 35th anniversary, the mother of four debuted a video duet featuring family photos of yesterday and today, giving fans a small peek inside the private lives of the Presley family.

Elvis fan or not, most American families (and many around the world) have a copy of “Elvis’ Christmas Album” which has achieved Diamond status, the highest sales award available from the RIAA. Elvis’ Christmas classics were developed into duets for a 2008 album featuring the likes of Elvis fans Carrie Underwood and Wynona Judd. The honor of doing a duet with Elvis on “Blue Christmas” went to Martina McBride who also delivered a bit of holiday magic by appearing on stage with Elvis via video.

Perhaps what started this trend with Elvis was the “A Little Less Conversation” remix made by Dutch DJ JXL. It is the remix that almost didn’t happen, the Presley Estate almost declined the altering of a master recording, unsure and uneasy about the departure from the original. The world knows how this story ends though, they eventually gave the OK and the remix of “A Little Less Conversation” became a top 10 hit in upwards of 18 countries, reaching No. 1 in at least 11 of them some 25 years after the passing of Elvis Presley.

Long live the King. Elvis lives.


  1. joyce raskett


  2. Rene'e A. Braxton

    He is my idol.
    My favorite Elvis song is ”Can’t Help falling in Love!!!
    I named my only child after his child.
    I wrote a song about ”Graceland!!”
    And I have not been the same since he died.
    Oh,i love his gospel music and ”he did his best work in ”Flaming Star!!!”’

  3. Barbi Voight

    is there a Love Me Tender duet with Lisa Marie ?

  4. Louise Palovitch

    This is the most amazing thing yiu have done with his music. I think it has given us so much

  5. Peggy Grubbs

    I just heard my favorite Elvis song Today, Tomorrow and Forever, remade. I don’t think the woman can handle his voice in this one. I like most of the remixes but not this one. Just picking a song to do to be able to say I sang with Elvis is not a good ideal. He was awesome alone and you need to really think about that before you try.

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