Elvis Presley’s Homecoming Concert

Just 21 years after he was born there, and eight years after he left with his family as a young teen, Elvis Presley returned to Tupelo, Mississippi, as a star.

Sixty years ago this month, Elvis performed a homecoming concert to celebrate his whirlwind success. In his touring years, Elvis performed many concerts in and around Tupelo, but this show, on September 26, 1956, was the big one, complete with a parade, thousands of fans and lots of press.

Elvis performed that day in 1956 at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show, and it was actually his third time to perform at the fair. When he was 10, he had entered a talent contest at the fair, where he sang “Old Shep” and came in fifth place. Elvis and his band returned to the fairgrounds in 1955 to perform a set alongside artists such as Webb Pierce and Wanda Jackson, but he wasn’t the star of the show.

1956 was, as we’ve covered before on this blog, a turning point for Elvis’ career. He’d recorded and released his debut album, performed several times on national television – including the prestigious “Ed Sullivan Show” – and was filming his first movie. Elvis was Tupelo’s most famous hometown boy, and the town wanted to celebrate him.

The celebrations included a parade through downtown Tupelo, which Elvis didn’t attend – his manager, Col. Tom Parker, feared for Elvis’ safety in such a big crowd. But the town enjoyed the parade anyway, and encouraged participants to create Elvis-themed floats.

Elvis was backed by his band and the Jordanaires.

Elvis was backed by his band and the Jordanaires.

Elvis performed two shows that day, at 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Admission to the fair was typically 25 cents for children and 50 cents for adults, and the day of Elvis’s show, they charged 75 cents for everyone. Admission to Elvis’ show was $1.50.

Elvis and his parents, his girlfriend Barbara Hearn and his friend Nick Adams all drove down from Memphis for the show. Elvis wore a beautiful blue velvet shirt made for him by Natalie Wood’s dressmaker.

Local, regional and national press covered Elvis' homecoming show.

Local, regional and national press covered Elvis’ homecoming show.

Elvis, backed by his band and the Jordanaires, performed thrilling shows, and thousands of fans were in attendance – anywhere from 5,000 to 12,000 to 50,000, depending on what news report you believe. Teenage fans rushed the stage, somehow defying the massive security team, and Elvis encouraged them to be safe – and they did. In the audience that day – in fact, in the front row – was a young Tammy Wynette. Tammy – born Virginia Wynette Pugh – was from the neighboring town of Tremont, so she didn’t have far to drive for the show.

Elvis sang some of his biggest hits in Tupelo in 1956.

Elvis sang some of his biggest hits in Tupelo in 1956.

For both performances, Elvis sang his hits like “Hound Dog” and “Don’t Be Cruel.” Tupelo Mayor James L. Ballard gave Elvis a key to the city, which was in the shape of a guitar and featured his initials and the words “Welcome Home, Tupelo, Miss.” Mississippi Governor J.P. Coleman presented Elvis with a certificate and called him “America’s number one entertainer in the world of popular music.”

Elvis also took the time to speak to the press in between sets, thanking the city for honoring him and talking about his upcoming movie career.

Elvis returned to the fairgrounds in 1957 to perform again, this time to raise money for a youth center that was slated to be built near his birthplace in East Tupelo.

Elvis spent time with kids from Tupelo when he appeared in his hometown in 1957.

Elvis spent time with kids from Tupelo when he appeared in his hometown in 1957.

Today, the area where the fairgrounds were located is now called Fairpark, home to a park, amphitheater and Tupelo City Hall. The city erected a statue of Elvis in the park in 2012, and it depicts a famous photo of Elvis taken at the fair in 1956. Fans from across the world travel to Tupelo to not only see the birthplace, but to take selfies with the Elvis statue and to touch the statue’s outstretched hand.

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  1. Ive been in Tupelo and its so neat to know that elvis Presley was born there. I’m going back next year,can’t wait!!

  2. carlos r. ares

    Elvis at his best!

  3. Gerald Okolowsky

    Next time in Memphis I will visit.

    E- mail, E-mail,
    Don’t be slow,
    Be like Elvis.
    Go man go!

  4. Although I already knew all about Elvis homecoming concert it was lovely to see the photos and it’s easy to see why all the girls went wild when Elvis performed he was fantastic. I recently bought a colour copy of these shows and it great to see Elvis live and in colour thanks for posting .
    Eve in UK ❤️https://www.facebook.com/elaine.j.george.5/posts/10205454032469164

  5. ElizabethDavidson

    Love reading about Elvis.

  6. Joyce Insley

    Awesome information. I love reading all articles pertaining to Elvis. I have visited Tupelo and Graceland once approx. 6 years ago. I wish so much to visit again. I want to see everything new and old. I will always be a fan of Elvis’s. Thanks for this info.

  7. Stephanie Russo

    Thank you. I just love learning things about Elvis. Been a fan since
    I was 7 so I think I knew a lo. However there is a lot I am learning.
    I start a small Elvis Remembered club here in the Villages, FL. So we
    can share, learn and remember Elvis, we’ve never forgotten him.
    Please continue to educate me on Elvis.
    Thank you, Thank you very much.

  8. Sherri Kouns

    Love it!!!

  9. Carole Drexler

    I feel you should have given credit to Tupelo photographer Terry Wood for the iconic photographs he took of Elvis at the Sept. 26, 1956 Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show.

  10. Ronald H. Witt

    Ronald H. Witt such a cool site. I just bought a Elvis bobblehead and Im really gettinginto him

  11. judi Tabor

    On my trip to Graceland in 2013, we took a tour to Tupelo and went to this park. Ofcourse, I had my picture taken with the statue. It was wonderful. Went to the hardware store where Gladys bought him the guitar, to his birthplace, his middle school, Johnny’s drive-in and the cemetery where Jesse is supposed to be buried. Wonderful trip. Will be going back to Graceland when all the construction is finished. Can hardly wait. My first trip was a dream come true. My daughter and I signed the wall in front of Graceland and I am anxious to see if the writing is still there. Judi tabor

  12. LoveElvis

    Today in Hamilton ON at the Legion there was a program “Remembering Elvis”
    I didn’t know about it and darn wish I was there. No special date. $25.00 Admission and the show was great with 3 or 4 impersonators.


  13. Eve Hart

    Loved all this Elvis blog I knew most of it but always love reading anything about Elvis again. I visited Elvis’ birthplace and the Fairpark had my photo taken with Elvis statue and sat on the benches went to Tupelo hardwhere store lovely people in there was a fabulous day.
    Eve ❤️ England

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