Elvis Presley’s Graceland at 35

Before Graceland opened to the public in 1982, it was practically unheard of for fans to take a tour of their favorite celebrity’s home.

Thirty-five years later, millions of Elvis fans from around the world have done just that at Elvis Presley’s Graceland. They’ve experienced the colorful Jungle Room and imagined watching TV with the ceramic monkey in the TV Room. They’ve been wowed by walls of awards and sparkling jumpsuits. They’ve stepped aboard his airplanes and taken selfies with his famous Pink Cadillac.

Graceland opened to the public for tours on June 7, 1982 – 35 years ago. Graceland has remained largely unchanged, but the Graceland experience has evolved and expanded into something you have to see to believe.

Check out this timeline and learn about how Graceland’s tours have changed over the years.

June 7, 1982Graceland opens for tours. Elvis’ cars were still in the carport, as no Car Museum had been created yet. Guests were transported to the mansion in vans, after purchasing a ticket across the street at a ticket office, which included a gift shop. Tour tickets were $5. More than 3,000 guests toured Graceland on opening day.

Did you ever purchase your tickets here? This is Graceland's first ticket office. It sat where the taxi area is currently located.

Did you ever purchase your tickets here? This is Graceland’s first ticket office. It sat where the taxi area is currently located.

Celebrities have been visiting Graceland since it opened for tours. Here, Tom Jones takes a tour in 1982.

Celebrities have been visiting Graceland since it opened for tours. Here, Tom Jones takes a tour in 1982.

February 22, 1984 – Elvis’ jet, the Lisa Marie, arrives in Memphis and is brought down Elvis Presley Boulevard to its present location. Elvis Presley Enterprises acquires the shopping center across the street from the home. Later in 1984, one of Elvis’ tour busses and his small Jetstar are loaned to Graceland, and are opened for tours. Graceland also celebrates its 1 millionth visitor this year.

The arrival of the Lisa Marie was quite a sight in Memphis.

The arrival of the Lisa Marie was quite a sight in Memphis.

1985 – Graceland’s corporate offices open across the street from Elvis Presley’s Graceland, in what would later become the Car Museum. Gift shops and restaurants, including Heartbreak Hotel Restaurant, EP’s LPs (a music store) and Graceland Hall (complete with a dance floor and carnival games), open up in that same shopping center across the street, in what will eventually become the Graceland Plaza.

1987 – Christmas Wonderland at Graceland opens. It features special mechanical light displays, a dancing water show, horse-drawn carriage rides and a Christmas choir.

1989 – The Trophy Room is renovated, and the corporate offices move from across the street to a building near the mansion. The Elvis Presley Automobile Museum opens across the street on June 12, 1989. Vernon’s Office opens to the public.

July 3, 1989 – Graceland welcomes a record number of visitors in one day: 4,920.

This was the Pink Cadillac's home in our former Car Museum. The famous car now has a new home at Presley Motors, our new car museum, which features more of Elvis' cars than ever before.

This was the Pink Cadillac’s home in our former Car Museum. The famous car now has a new home at Presley Motors, our new car museum, which features more of Elvis’ cars than ever before.

1990 – Graceland’s famous front gates are restored by the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis. Elvis’ 1956 purple Cadillac goes on display.

November 7, 1991 – Elvis Presley’s Graceland is placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1992 – Elvis’ tour bus, which was on loan, returns to its owner. Graceland celebrates its 10th anniversary of being open to the public. The “Elvis Up Close” area is redesigned as “Sincerely Elvis.”

1994 – Graceland makes the switch from live tour guides to audio tours on cassettes. The Kitchen is opened to the public.

1997 – The International Wall of Awards opens in the Racquetball Building. Elvis Presley Enterprises acquires the Graceland Crossing property.

1998 – Elvis’ parents’ bedroom opens to the public.

1999 – Heartbreak Hotel opens.

2000 – The annex becomes a new tour space. Jumpsuits are added to the display in the Racquetball Building, and new exhibits are added to the Trophy Building.

2001 – An exhibit focusing on fans opens in the Sincerely Elvis space.

2002 – It’s the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ passing. More than 30,000 fans visit during Elvis Week, which features a rainy Candlelight Vigil. A mobile Graceland exhibit tours the country.

2004 – The 50 Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll exhibit opens in Sincerely Elvis. On July 5, “That’s All Right” plays on radio stations around the world, and the tune is officially certified Gold. Elvis is named the Best-Selling Recording Artist in U.S. History, and he’s inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.

2005 – The Elvis’ Memphis exhibit opens in Sincerely Elvis.

2006 –  President George W. Bush, First Lady Laura Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visit Graceland, which marks the first time a sitting president visits Graceland. An Elvis After Dark exhibit, which tells how Elvis went to the movies, the fair and more late at night, opens at Graceland Crossing, while an exhibit focusing on Elvis’ 1956 opens at Sincerely Elvis. The post office at the Graceland Plaza, which allowed guests to mail postcards from Graceland, closes.

Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley welcomed the President, First Lady and Prime Minister to Graceland.

Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley welcomed the President, First Lady and Prime Minister to Graceland.

March 26, 2006 – Graceland is named a National Historic Landmark.

2007 – The 30th anniversary of Elvis’ passing is remembered at Candlelight Vigil, where more than 75,000 fans paid their respects to Elvis. Candlelight Vigil lasted until 8:30 a.m. the next day. An exhibit focusing on Elvis’ jumpsuits opens in Sincerely Elvis, while an Elvis and Nixon exhibit opens at Graceland Crossing. The Graceland Harley Davidson shop also opens at the Crossing.

Did you know that Elvis' clothing, including jumpsuits, need to spend time "resting" in between displays? It helps keep the clothing in good condition.

Did you know that Elvis’ clothing, including jumpsuits, need to spend time “resting” in between displays? It helps keep the clothing in good condition.

2008 – The audio tour is revamped from cassettes to digital. The annex becomes part of the VIP tour. Exhibits on the ’68 Special and Elvis’ service in the Army open at Graceland Crossing.

2009 – A special VIP exhibit focusing on Graceland’s 70th anniversary opens, while Sincerely Elvis becomes home to an Elvis in Hollywood exhibit. Elvis’ Rolls Royce and Mercedes limo from “Elvis on Tour,” as well as Elvis’ restored John Deere tractor, are added to the Car Museum. Stables tours open during the summer months. The official tour video is created and sold in Graceland gift shops.

2010 – A new jumpsuit exhibit opens. The VIP exhibit focusing on the Presley family’s journey from Tupelo to Memphis opens, and the Fashion King exhibit opens in Graceland Crossing. The Graceland gates are refurbished, and the Trophy Building is renovated.

2012 – An “Elvis on Tour” exhibit opens at Graceland Crossing. A special VIP exhibit focusing on Elvis and his daughter, Lisa Marie, called “Elvis: Through His Daughter’s Eyes” opens.

2013 – The Hall of Gold is revamped, and an “Aloha from Hawaii” exhibit opens at Graceland Crossing. Graceland becomes the first National Historic Landmark to be a certified arboretum.

2014 – Graceland’s tour moves from an audio-only tour to an interactive iPad tour, narrated by actor and Elvis fan John Stamos. The first Auction at Graceland takes place, and Graceland offers authentication services (remember – the items in the Auctions at Graceland are from third-party collectors). The VIP exhibit celebrates 60 Years of Rock. During Elvis Week, a special ground breaking ceremony is held for Graceland’s new hotel, The Guest House at Graceland.

Actor John Stamos, who narrates our iPad tour, is an Elvis fan. He also played an Elvis fan on TV when he starred as Uncle Jesse on "Full House."

Actor John Stamos, who narrates our iPad tour, is an Elvis fan. He also played an Elvis fan on TV when he starred as Uncle Jesse on “Full House.”

2015 – A photography exhibit, called I Shot Elvis, opens in Sincerely Elvis, while an “Elvis: That’s the Way It Is” VIP exhibit opens. Museums and exhibits shuffle around the plaza: the Elvis’ Tupelo exhibit moves from the Bijou Theater space to Graceland Crossing, and the Archives Experience exhibit moves into the Bijou space.

2016 – The new VIP exhibit, Elvis in Hollywood: From Teen Idol to Leading Man, opens, and features movie costumes, scripts, posters and much more. In May, Graceland celebrates its 20 millionth visitor.

October 27, 2016The Guest House at Graceland opens.

2017 – The trophies and jumpsuits housed in the Racquetball Building are removed so the court area can be renovated and restored back to its original condition. The Trophy Building’s artifacts are changed from gold records and other awards to telling the story of the Presley family.

March 2, 2017 – Graceland’s new exhibit and entertainment complex, Elvis Presley’s Memphis, opens, complete with new restaurants, shops, a soundstage and exhibits. Notable exhibits include a new car museum, Presley Motors, and the world’s largest Elvis museum, Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum. The old plaza will soon become green space.

All aspects of Elvis' career - music, movies and more - are covered in the new Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum. Elvis' stunning gold suit is on display there now.

All aspects of Elvis’ career – music, movies and more – are covered in the new Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum. Elvis’ stunning gold suit is on display there now.

Things are only getting better at the king’s castle! Be sure to make your plans now to experience all that Graceland has to offer. Learn more about the new Graceland experience here.

And share with us – when have you visited Graceland? What are a few of your favorite Graceland memories?


  1. Larry Kelley

    I was there before Graceland was opened to the public and Uncle Vestor and Lloyd were still guarding the gates. And I was there when they opened up the racket ball court, too. Still had the original carpet on the floor and the phone numbers were still on the front of the wall phone in that building. Being an Elvis fan since day 1 of his first recordings coming on the radio, it’s always very special to stand where our man Elvis stood and lived!

    • I agree. So very special to stand where Elvis stood, and to feel his presence so deeply. I went to Graceland a few months after it opened, and it brought me to tears…to see everything like Elvis left it. The cars etc, were still under the carport. Uncle Vester was still there when I went too. That first time was so SPECIAL.

  2. Karen Phillips

    So glad that the Racquetball Court has been renovated back to the way it was when Elvis was
    alive. Everything is great, the fans are now able to see more things, as Graceland is now able to display more for the fans to see.

  3. Eddie Gaskell

    I would move house from Liverpool to Memphis “in a flash”! And that way I could visit Graceland every day…

    Eddie Gaskell.

  4. Tammy

    Can’t wait to go in August!

  5. Patricia Snow

    Love Graceland been several times hope to come soon.
    Great job of keeping Elvis memory alive.

  6. tony simiele

    The greatest singer and performer of all time. There will never be another like him.

  7. Patricia T.

    We toured the house when it first opened and bought our tickets online. Our first visit was on a trip from our home in Wisconsin to Biloxi MS. We had stayed in Memphis overnight and I just wanted to drive by the house. When I saw the gates open, we just had to stop. Got to walk up the driveway to the grave site (on crutches from a skiing accident). It was a long walk but paying my respects to Elvis was worth it. I remember when we went in the front door on our tour, I said to my husband “it’s not as big as I thought it would be”. He said to me, “you thought Elvis was 10 feet tall”. I still do! I definitely want to return to see all the new additions and plan on it soon.

    • I think you might be confused.There was no such thing as buying tickets online when it first opened. I know this, because I went. I also had to call Graceland long distance and ordered my tickets.

  8. Mike Davis

    I was there in July. ’82 and again in August ’83.
    Returned again in Jan 2015 and with 350 other UK fans I will back as a Tour Manager with Strictly Elvis UK this August. Cannot wait

    • Ester Blajer

      Mike, I will travel from Argentina and we will meet in Graceland again!

  9. Michele

    Just took the Ultimate VIP tour at Graceland in May. It was absolutely FANTASTIC !! Loved all of the displays, artifacts and history. Just amazing. Great place to visit !

  10. Todd Vernon

    Wish I could have visited in the early 80s…

  11. John Mc Donaggh

    Visited Graceland in 2012 with my son and 2014 with my daughter.Never thought I would get to see the place but was delighted to get there.Tour was awesome.Highlight would probably be the jungle room.I hope to go back again in 2018 for my 70th.

  12. Joy Morrison

    I love, love ,love every improvement that has been made over the years! I have been twice … once before all the changes and once just in May of this year.
    Everyone involved has done an excellent job! I am already planning my next trip to Elvis’ home & complex.
    I love it there and I travel from Canada.
    Congratulations to everyone! And…
    Long Live the King!!! :)

  13. Carol Robinson

    I’ve been to Graceland 3 times. Something new everytime I went. First 2 times I went it was the vans taking you to Graceland. The 3rd time there was a lot of changes. Haven’t seen Heartbreak Hotel yet. Hope to see it soon!! I love Graceland!!! I am so grateful for Priscilla & Lisa keeping it open.

  14. Marlana Cannata

    We visited. Graceland for ny 50th birthday. Absolutely loved the new entertainment complex. My hissband loved the cars whileni could not get enough of the hall with all his clothing. We cant wait to come back!

  15. JO nn Austin


    • Oh I just love your story and I am very happy for you, that you were able to go! I live in Kansas, and I have been to Graceland too many times to count, as far as stopping and signing the wall….and I’ve been inside for a tour at least 4 or 5 times. I feel very very blessed. I was 16 when he died. I’ll never forget it. I cried all the rest of that afternoon,and then again on his funeral day. Long live the King of Rock and Roll.

  16. JO nn Austin

    thank you

  17. Beverley berger

    I would dearly love to go to Graceland before I pass away. I’m 73. Use a walker. Fell in love with Elvis the first time I heard him on radio. Been an avid fan since 1955, he was and is an extremely part of my life. I thank god I was alive when he arrived on scene. Changed my whole life along with millions of others around the world. I’m Canadian, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.. need passport. Could you send me an agenda of an all inclusive stay at Graceland incl costs. I want everything included except souvenirs I may buy.

    • Hi! You can see rates on the Guest House at Graceland website (we have packages that include a hotel stay, tickets to Graceland and more – click here to see those) or you can check out a list of our Graceland ticket prices on Graceland.com – click here to see our tour prices. You can also contact our Reservations team, who can book your stay and your Graceland tour, by calling 901-332-3322 or by emailing reservations@graceland.com.

  18. jonie firestone

    Visited the new complex. Love it so special to see the many areas of his life. PlAN to come back in a year. Loves the guesthouse. Nice stay

  19. Louisa

    Fascinating read. I love this blog. Thank you for always giving us something new and interesting to learn about Elvis and Graceland. I’ve visited Graceland twice (2006 & 2016). Coming back this November. Love Elvis so much. Happy 35th anniversary Graceland.

  20. Gary Marlow

    I have been twice to Graceland 2008 and 2010 it sound like lot has change since then hope to get there again one day

  21. Sadie akers

    I was just in Memphis and saw Graceland for the first time. It was an awesome experience. Wish I had went through the airplane. My only disappointment was I scrapbook and could not find anything at Graceland or in any of the local craft stores to pertain to Elvis or Graceland or Memphis. I was hoping your gift shops would sell a scrapbook kit. But , I absolutely loved going through the mansion. Always an Elvis fan !!

    • Fran Trakas

      If you want scrapbook stuff like stickers just google them or check ebay–also you can print pictures out rom internet for background on pages—that is what I did

  22. Louisa

    Congrats on 35 years Graceland! I’ve visited Elvis’ home twice (2006 & 2016), loved every second of it! I’m coming back this November. Very excited to experience all the new things. Elvis Presley’s Memphis looks amazing! Thanks for keeping Elvis’ memory alive.

  23. Stephen wearden

    Love everything about graceland and elvis. Got married at graceland last year and returning this year for elvis week

  24. Margie Reed

    I want to thank the Graceland Insiders Club for allowing me to rejoin the club. I had enjoyed for many years prior.

    I like visiting the mansion and seeing the menmorabia which makes me feel Elvis’s presence. And seeing the home Elvis loved.

  25. Diana

    Blessed to be there every single August since it opened. What a joy to walk through the door, and be in Elvis’s house! Endlessly thrilling!

    Favorite memories? The intimacy of the Trophy Building, where close quarters made you feel like you were sweetly looking through the closet of a beloved friend. The Hall of Gold where you were closely surrounded by Elvis’s gold records, on Graceland grounds, near their owner. The Car Museum with its video next to the pink Cadillac of his parents IN the pink Cadillac, as Mr.Presley drives it up to the house in the snow. The Racquetball Court, full of color and sparkle and Elvis singing on the video, handsome, vibrant and so dear, right before you leave the building to pay respects in the Meditation Garden. These favorite memories are precious to me.

  26. Karen O'Neal

    I bring my special needs daughter, Julie at least once a year. This is HER house in her eyes. LOL Priscilla knows it. LOL Julie could give tours & be security. No one would get near anything. She knows if something is moved a inch even. I always went to the counter right around the corner of that pic. See you all in Aug.

  27. Ramona Wulff

    I visited Graceland for the first time in early August 1982. I was able to sit in the pink jeep and get a photo op. My parents and an aunt also went with me. They weren’t as thrilled with it as I was, but it was a fabulous first visit. I’ve been to Graceland many times and will continue to visit until I’m not physically able to do so!

  28. Bobbie

    My first visit to Graceland was about 1959/1960. I was so excited to get to Graceland and have been coming there several times a year ever since. I met Elvis, Uncle Vester, Uncle Travis, Cousin Harold and so many fans from all over the world by just sitting at the Gates. If you say that I have visited 3 times a year…that is a very conservative estimate…that would be 171 visits??? There is never a time I visit that I am not just as excited as the first time I came. It is like with every trip, I grow to love it a little more. Last January my family and I celebrated my 69th birthday there and stayed at the Guesthouse. Thank you Elvis for allowing your home to be our home.

  29. judi Tabor

    Went to Graceland in 2013…the fulfillment of a life long dream. I have always been Elvis crazy, I guess. Have loved him since he began. I am so blessed that he was of MY time growing up. I was so fortunate to be able to go to one of his live concerts in Richmond, Va. in 1972 when my husband was going to the Medical College of Va. I have never been so excited about anything in my life. I had built him up so much in my head that my mother was afraid I was going to be disappointed but it was even BETTER than my expectations! Love, love, love his music and the Elvis Channel is the only one I listen to on SeriusXM. My husband says it costs him a fortune just for me to listen to Elvis every day! But it is so worth it. I am looking forward to coming back to see all the wonderful changes. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible to go to Memphis and walk in the footsteps of the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis will live in our hearts forever. Wish he could know how much he was loved. Judi Tabor, Charleston, SC

  30. stephen stathis

    I came to Graceland in 1979 before it opened. It was cloudy. Went to the graves and then walked back out the musical gates. Being an EP fan since I was eight (1956) it was the only way to honor a voice that helped me not only grow but transcend life to reach my dreams. That was the best way to say thanks. Going inside would be nice someday but back in 1979 it was fitting to come and go. Graceland seemed to belong to the public once his fame took off.

  31. Evan Hunter

    After being an a Elvis fan for 37 years, I finally got to visit Graceland in May, 2012. We had paid for the V.I.P tour and planned to arrive at 9am. I remember waking up at about 3am and thinking “how can this live up to my expectations after all of these years of being such a big fan”? Well, it was a 100 times better than I expected, I spent over $1000 on souvenirs within the space of an hour and even my wife, who is not really an Elvis fan, absolutely loved it.
    When we got to Elvis’ gravesite, both of us wept and I had to sit down to calm myself.
    I am sorry that you died alone Elvis. We did love you for just being you and we are sorry for the sadness that caused you pain. Forever the King!!

  32. Eunice Robertson

    I went to Graceland with my friend in 1982 when cars were just parked at the back of the house and we were allowed to have photos taken sitting in the pink jeep . We returned again when the Lisa Marie had been brought home to Memphis and it was parked in an area across the street next to the hotel . Access to this area was by a locked gate which was opened by the room key we had for our hotel room …. awesome ! We are going back again this August which will be my 5th trip to Memphis . It’s amazing what is available for the fans to enjoy , Thank You to Jack Soden and all at Graceland for providing us with the opportunity to enjoy Elvis Presley’s Memphis and everything at Graceland . Most special Thanks to The One and Only ELVIS …. we love you !

  33. Greg Pellom

    I love every part of Graceland, my favorite room is the jungle room. When I stand there I can just picture Elvis there recording those albums. The saddest part of of the tour is going by the graves, I just cannot help crying. I hoping to come back soon to see all the new exhibits.

  34. Brian Breidenback

    I have been an Elvis fan for a long time I love his music & movies. My mother had love him too when she was alive. I never been to his home but would love to go visit some day

  35. millie

    Best pictures

  36. Bobbie Halling

    I live over 900 miles away from Graceland and have visited there over 40 times. A few times even before it was open for tours. Each time it feels like coming home. To be able to walk the house, and surroundings gives me a feeling inside that no one could understand except another true Elvis fan. Looking forward to my next visit.

  37. raymond

    Was there 2 years ago with my son it was amazing , met George Klein as well and had photo taken with him. Will be back, loved Memphis.

  38. Grace Kanomata

    My family first visited Graceland in 1994. Since then, my husband Jim and I have been there three more times. In April 2017, met with George Klein and Big Jim at Elvis Radio. In March 2017, we stayed at the Guest House, toured Elvis’ Memphis, and met with Elvis Radio DJ Argo and shared Elvis photo with him.

    On my next trip to Graceland, I will take more leisurely tour of the mansion and the entertainment complex. I am now 71 years old and I wish to visit Elvis and Graceland many more times to come. Thank you for keeping Elvis alive for all of us and the future generations.

  39. Grace Kanomata

    My family first visited Graceland in 1994. Since then, my husband Jim and I have been there three more times. In April 2016, met with George Klein and Big Jim at Elvis Radio. In March 2017, we stayed at the Guest House, toured Elvis’ Memphis, and met with Elvis Radio DJ Argo and shared Elvis photo with him.

    On my next trip to Graceland, I will take more leisurely tour of the mansion and the entertainment complex. I am now 71 years old and I wish to visit Elvis and Graceland many more times to come. Thank you for keeping Elvis alive for all of us and the future generations.

  40. Candice Wolljung

    My heart skipped a beat the first time I visited. Been a fan since the 50s and continue to this day. His music and songs can’t be beat even today. He’s Been so special to all of us. Love sirius radio who presents e writhing Elvis.

  41. Mary Scott

    I was at Graceland in 1981 and again in 1982 when we got to go inside, I remember the pretty vans…I bought my ticket there. Back then there were no flash bulbs allowed inside, so my pics came out dark even using 400 speed film. I got great pics though. I can’t wait to go back someday.

  42. Shirley A Cheung

    Graceland was on my bucket list & my sister & I FINALLY got to tour the mansion May2017. It was awesome!!!

  43. Meryl Thomas

    I have been to Graceland twice – 1993 and 2013. It is amazing. You really feel Elvis everywhere. It is wonderful to have the house and grounds to be as they were then. There is so much to take in. I plan to be there in Feb. 2018 to celebrate my 65th birthday. I have several friends who have never been there so I plan to have them come too. There will never be another Elvis – not just the talent, but also the good person he was in all ways. Thank you for keeping him alive in many ways.

  44. Miguel Angel Ramírez

    buenos días,

    la vida de Elvis ha tenido una influencia positiva en mi vida desde que lo descubrí en 1987 cuando sólo tenía yo 13 años en una serie televisiva emitida por TVE. actualmente vivo en Canarias (España), provablemente nunca pueda ir a Graceland , pero siempre estará en mi mente.


    Miguel A. Ramírez.

  45. Rob Nelson

    I shared the journey of a lifetime from my city London, Ontario, Canada to Memphis and Graceland with one of my friends during the 10th Anniversary in August 1987. We all know Graceland first opened for tours on June 7, 1982. I am grateful to Priscilla Presley and EPE for opening Elvis’ home for public tours on my birthday! I am glad Priscilla, Lisa, and everyone involved has been able to maintain the Graceland tours after all this years. Best wishes to all for continued success! Peace, Love & Best!

  46. My first visit to Graceland was in 1987, and many times more over the following years. Love being there.

  47. Mary Alice Pena-Lopez

    My husband Jaime and I married across Graceland in 1993, Linda Thompsons’s brother Judge Sam Phillips married us during Elvis week, some of the original Memphis Mafia were around, Dick Grob was our best man, and we will always be thankful. We are coming in August 2017, like we do every year. I have been coming since the 80’s and met so many of Elvis friends and family. Wish I had met Elvis, so glad he was born in my lifetime, Love you always Elvis eternally, love the wonderful dedicated fans, Elvis staff, and family! Thanks for the Memories!

  48. Mrs Dany Chamboredon

    My dream’s come true!
    I visited Graceland in 1998, with my daughter (18) and my son (15). The most impressive moment( and best souvenir) was hearing ” Welcome to my world” on entering Elvis’ home! Then I was too moved to memorize so many treasures…I would like to visit it again but it’s a bit far from France! Thanks for keeping Elvis’memory alive…

  49. Mrs Dany Chamboredon

    Awesome place!

  50. Cathi Avenell

    Our first trip to Graceland,Aug 1982,we arrived in a thunderstorm but still walked up through the grass to Meditation Garden. You could still go up at any time and walk anywhere. The lawn got all torn up and muddy & it changed to morning /evening walk ups only pretty quickly. First time through the house, my Mother & I were about to go downstairs. There were signs up about not touching anything. Just as my Mother put her hand on the railing to go downstairs, alarms went off everywhere! She thought she had done something wrong and nearly burst into tears! We were all ushered outside as firetrucks came roaring up the driveway. It seems the fire alarms had just been installed that week and still needed adjusting.

  51. Stacy Fazekas

    I Finally Went For Christmas Lighting in November 2016 Loved It and Really Felt His Presence Originally I Was Supposed to Go With my Dad in 2004 and My Dad Passed a Month Before We Were Going So Went in Memory and Had The Honor of Staying at the Guesthouse But Tried The Heartbreak Hotel First not Knowing it Closed and I Did Meet John Stamos With my Dad When He was on General Hospital as Blackie So Really Felt my Dad’s Presence too but Had a Moment and Glad My Dad Raised Me Around The ‘S Music And Will Be Back for Sure and Loved that You Could Hear His Music Everywhere Even in The Streets The King Lives!!! TCB!!! ❤️

  52. Loraine Campbell

    I visited Graceland in June of 1982 with my kids, parents and Aunt. We stayed with a friend who lived near Memphis. My parents and aunt stayed in a motel. My husband and I visted in July, 2007 for our anniversary and we stayed in Heartbreak Hotel. it was an experience that I will never forget. I have been an Elvis fan for as long as I can remember. I would love to return and bring two of my grandkids who love his music.

  53. Kay Blanks

    I have been an Elvis fan since I was 11 years old. In my family there was young preteens and I was exposed to many varieties of music. Also, we had a black and white television and this was Elvis’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on September 9, 1956. My mother was 31 and she was watching with me. Of course the boys in our family were making fun of us caring on over him even then. This is the impact he had on most all females and males. He was a living doll and oozed sensuality, and if you had the opportunity to see him the very first time you would have always known he was destined to be a STAR! He made the media buzz, he was razzed, poked and joked about his swivling hips, his hair, his pouting lips, and his natural charisma like none other the public had been exposed until he showed up! I was a huge fan and had a love with music and it has remained that way for the rest of my life. I am now 73, let me boast, I don’t look nor act the age. Im not ashamed of being a senior. I have been blessed to see many of the entertainers I follow and adore.

    Backing up a few years… I actually saw him in the flesh in Tyler Texas at the fair on a stage that was portable, similar to what the wrestles used. Out doors. Me and my cousin were running around the stage chasing each other and was told by the security to stop. We did. Then stood with elbows on the stage and watched this guy sing. My boy cousin was a few years older than me and we had a conversation about how good looking he was and how he sang. We had no idea who he was and who he would become!
    Graceland was a wonderful trip for our small children and I the first time I managed to make it to Memphis and to Graceland. It was in August one year before he would die the next August and he was even home at that time. They aid he used to look at the cameras they had at the front gate to see all his fans. His Uncle Vester was on the gate and other guards but it was he that drove the jeep with my family in it to the large drive up to the front door. Then you could only get out and take pics all around and even step up the steps to the porch where the lions on each side were placed. No further. Later one of those lions were stolen. Since that first time I have visited Graceland 4 more times. I never grown tired of seeing all he accomplished, his taste, his lifestyle and his family heritage often pondering where did this amazing voice and talent originate? I am now 73, Elvis would be 84. He was simply amazing and no kidding absolutely a beautiful specimen of a man. Lord, it must have been him back in the day and his talent that in fact held him prisoner. I think he had much more talents and could have likely made a lot more music. I hate that he became fat and lost his stunning looks but his remarkable voice never failed him. I hope to visit Graceland after the renovation but do hate that it took the last look n style that Elvis actually lived in. Forever Fan till I can’t make decisions for myself.

  54. Marijke van Diepen

    I don’t think I will ever get to go to Graceland. As a single mum in Holland…I look at the livecam everycam so I get the feeling I’m there a little bit. I think it’s wonderful the way Graceland is preserved for all the fans to see. Well done EPE!

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