Elvis Presley and the Grammy Awards

Seeing Elvis’ many awards and Gold and Platinum Records is one of the most memorable aspects of touring Graceland.

Whether it’s the Hall of Gold – a long hallway full of Gold records and awards – or the Trophy Room in the Racquetball Building – where awards and Gold, Platinum and Diamond Records cover the walls up to the ceiling – both locations leave fans in awe of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Right now at Graceland, fans can see three of Elvis’ most prestigious awards: his Grammy Awards, all of which he won for his gospel music.

He was nominated for many more songs and albums, though – do you know which ones?

The 58th annual Grammy Awards are Monday, February 15, so let’s take a look at these awards and how Elvis has been honored.

Elvis' three Grammys are currently on display in the Hall of Gold at Graceland.

Elvis’ three Grammys have been on display at Hall of Gold at Graceland.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences present the Grammy Awards to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. It’s the music equivalent to the Academy Awards, given for achievement in film, the Emmy Awards, for television, and the Tony Awards, for stage performance.

The first Grammy Awards ceremony was in the spring of 1959, so some of Elvis’ earliest hits (like “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Heartbreak Hotel” and many more) couldn’t have been nominated. But Elvis was nominated in that first year: “A Fool Such as I” was a nominee for Record of the Year (which lost to Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife”) and “A Big Hunk O’ Love” was nominated for both Best Performance by a Top 40 Artist and Best Rhythm and Blues Performance.

Elvis' "A Fool Such as I" was nominated for the very first Grammy Awards ceremony.

Elvis’ “A Fool Such as I” was nominated for the very first Grammy Awards ceremony.

In 1960, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll earned several Grammy nods.

“Are You Lonesome Tonight?” was nominated for Record of the Year; Best Vocal Performance Single Record or Track, Male; and Best Performance by a Pop Single Artist. The instrumental “The Theme from A Summer Place” won that year for Record of the Year.

Also in 1960, “G.I. Blues” was nominated for Best Vocal Performance Album, Male; and Best Sound Track Album or Recording of Original Cast from a Motion Picture or Television.

The next year, “Blue Hawaii” was also nominated for Best Sound Track Album or Recording of Original Cast from a Motion Picture or Television. It lost to the “West Side Story” soundtrack.

Elvis became a Grammy winner in 1967. His second gospel record, “How Great Thou Art” won Best Sacred Performance.

This is Elvis' winning certifcate for "How Great Thou Art."

This is Elvis’ winning certificate for “How Great Thou Art.”

He was nominated for Best Sacred Performance in 1968 for “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

He became a winner again in 1972, with “He Touched Me,” which won Best Inspirational Performance. He took home a trophy in that same category in 1974 with “How Great Thou Art,” which was recorded live in Memphis.

In 1971, Elvis became the sixth recipient of NARAS’ Bing Crosby Lifetime Achievement Award. He was in good company: the first five recipients were Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Irving Berlin. Since then, artists such as Nat King Cole, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash, Al Green, David Bowie, Etta James, Tony Bennett, Diana Ross and Patsy Cline have all received this prestigious award.

On August 28, 1971, Elvis received the Lifetime Achievement Award from, left to right, NARAS official Gene Merlin, Bing Crosby's nephew Chris Crosby and Bill Cole. This photo was taken in Elvis' dressing room in Las Vegas.

On August 28, 1971, Elvis received the Lifetime Achievement Award from, left to right, NARAS official Gene Merlin, Bing Crosby’s nephew Chris Crosby and Bill Cole. This photo was taken in Elvis’ dressing room in Las Vegas.


Elvis' Lifetime Achievement Award is one of the most prestigious awards he received.

Elvis’ Lifetime Achievement Award is one of the most prestigious awards he received.

Elvis is also in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

“Hound Dog” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1988, followed by “Heartbreak Hotel” in 1995, “That’s All Right” in 1998, “Suspicious Minds” in 1999, “Don’t Be Cruel” in 2002 and “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” in 2007.

Elvis never attended any of the Grammy Awards ceremonies; in fact, he only accepted one award in person.

But you can see these awards – and much more – here at the king’s castle. Experience it all for yourself when you visit Graceland.


  1. elvis and the grammy award thers nothing better brother William ny

  2. Victoria Roberts

    This so amazing, Elvis deserved these honors, His voice, acting, AND HIS Concerts, Elvis amazing man in every way,

  3. Great! Fantastic! The best award is true love and sincere appreciation from his audience!

  4. Michael J. Hubbard

    Elvis is the Greatest singer and performer to ever live. Elvis is the first person I ever remember listening to from my childhood to now. I’ve always loved his music. Especially his gospel music. There is hardly a day goes by that I don’t listen to his music. I was just seven years old when he passed away. It was one of the worst days of my life. I’m thankful his memory has been kept as live all these years . I’ve visited his home in Tupelo and Graceland . I’ve been to studio B at Rca in Nashville. Y’all do a wonderful job. Thank you for all y’all do.

    • muriel parsons

      he was the besy ever and if was still alive would still be receiving grammys

    • I have Sirius XM in my car and listen to nothing but Channel 19, the Elvis station. I’ve been an Elvis fan “forever” and just when I think I’ve heard (or own) every song Elvis ever sang, they play another new-to-me song on that station. It is amazing how many songs I’m hearing for the first time, after all these years. I met Elvis when I was 16 and was so excited that I couldn’t recall one word he said to me. He was not only the most talented singer and actor that ever lived, but he was absolutely GORGEOUS! There will NEVER be anyone like him again although people keep trying. The “young ones” who think Justin Bieber is so great don’t even have a clue what being great really is and I’m glad to learn that so many young people actually love and appreciate Elvis because he was and still is the greatest.

  5. I think it’s a shame that Elvis didn’t win MORE than he did !!!!! The WORLD knows Elvis was NEVER out done when it came to music….BY ANYONE !

    • mary wiley

      You are so right Janey. I think the awards academy did it on purpose. NO ONE was better than him. But he won in the end. He is still loved my millions, millions visit his mansion, and he has his own radio station on Sirius, which I listen to ALL the time, and play his music on You-Tube when I am just doing nothing or working around the house. THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL LIVES ON. It is absolutely amazing the following he has on Face Book.

  6. Please list all three songs for which Elvis won a Grammy. Thank you, I knew about “How Great Thou Art”, but would love to know the other two.

    Sincerely a devoted fan from the very beginning!

    • He also won for He Touched Me & A Fool Such As I…

      • Nope, he won for How great thou Art twice, and then He touched Me. A Fool Such as I is not a gospel Song. He won for the record how great thou Art, then he won for, he touched me, and then he won again for how great thou Art in a live performance.

  7. Diane Hejl

    Elvis was such a great singer. Elvis deserves these Granmy’s. I love Elvis.

  8. Larry Covington

    I cried n cried n cried. I wept. The day Elvis died. The King” will never be gone. He lives in our Hearts n Mind. One day, I hope to see Graceland.

    Larry C.
    Retired FED
    Atlanta, GA 30021

  9. Mary lou parajas

    I appreciated elvis awards and achivements in music when i saw it last september 2015 during my tour of graceland! Its awesome!

    • Jennifer Alcala

      Did elvis receive any additional awards after he passed away… Its horrible the best music of the 1950s to the present…he will forever be in our hearts… I was 9 and have been to Graceland…. Just to think their could have been 2 of them!!

  10. Dean Laster

    He deserves more for his secular music. I hope the new If I can dream album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will be nominated this year for next years awards. Plus more awards for the Grammy Hall of Fame.

  11. Elvis, even as a young man recorded all kinds of songs, Reconsider Baby, one Night, Are You Lonesome Tonight; etc with so much raw talent. It was not fully recognised by NARA, just like everyone else who thought Elvis was “something”. I have been a fan since I heard Elvis sing “Are you lonesome tonight” and “It’s now or never”. Elvis’s biggest award is the loyalty of his fans, he knew that, and even today, he is probably looking down on us and saying “thank you, thank you very much. Love you, Elvis for bringing sunshine into our world.

  12. Pam Bevins

    He should have won more Grammys, IMHO.

  13. Paul Williamson

    I’d just so so love NOT!! to see Justin Bieber
    Ever try & match all this about Elvis!! 1 word:

  14. Great article!

  15. Elvis deserved/deserves everything he got,RIP Elvis.

  16. Elvis sang so many different kinds of songs that he was never boring: if you heard one Elton John song (substitute any other name: Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, etc), you’ve heard them all. After 60 years of listening to Elvis, he still fills my days with energy: the variety of his work is impressive: Blue Moon, So Glad Your Mine, His Hand in Mine, Gently, Bob Dylan’s Tomorrow is Such a Long Time. Truly something for everybody.

  17. Sue Plante

    Elvis was & is the best recording artist that ever lived. He can take anyone’s song & sing it 100 times better than they did. There will never be another singer who can do it all & better than anyone else. It is so heart warming to know that he still appeals to all ages. I brought my kids up listening to Elvis all the time.
    Been a fan for more years than I can count.

  18. Elvis definitely deserved more Grammy Awards.

  19. Greg Lemke

    I was wondering why there isn’t a grammy in Elvis’ honor that is given out? Has that been asked? Who would do that?

  20. Nick Spang

    Icon doesn’t say enough – what a performer, what a voice!!
    I was lucky enough to visit Sun Records, where it all began, and Graceland last year as part of my 50th birthday celebration – a truly spine tingling experience to walk where the great man once walked!
    Long live the King!



  22. To see the trophies and awards at Graceland really leaves you in awe of all this man accomplished. Even though he deserved more, he was recognized a great deal.

  23. David Gibbs

    I have always felt there was some political reason why Elvis only ever received 3 Grammy awards out of all the classic songs he recorded.If he could not win for Are You Lonesome Tonight,Its Now Or Never or Suspicious Minds to name but 3 then there is just no justice in the world.


    Elvis definitely should have been nominated for more awards and he “was one of a kind”. You see today people all over the world still love him. He will always be the King. He loved his fans and took the time to let them know it.

  25. Yvonne Hart

    Ihopefully the fantastic new If I Can Dream album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra which has brought Elvis and his phenomenal talent to a new generation who maybe didn’t appreciate his fantastic voice will get a nomination for the best album for next years Grammy’s. He certainly deserves to be honoured again by the National Academy of Performing Arts and Sciences. And I’m sure it would be a very popular choice.

  26. Gill McGuinness

    Every comment is 100pc correct,there never has and never will be anyone to measure up to Elvis.The greatest singer the world has known.I have been a fan for over 50yrs (yes an old gal) and listen to Elvis every day and play his records in the car constantly.Long live the KING.

  27. Pat Smith

    Being honored with Grammys was great, but Elvis appreciated the love of his fans more than any award, He deserved more Grammys for his secular music, but the three for his gospel music was well deserved. Amen.

  28. Gary Marlow

    Really Elvis should have won a lot more awards there are a lot more songs that should have been nominated he was the greatest recording artist and stage performer ever

  29. Sarah Smith

    We always watched the awards…..Elvis was NEVER treated fairly at any of them.Here was a man that had a world of talent that no one will ever equal or pass and only very few that were in control did anything about it!He should have got many more awards than he did.

  30. Elvis gave us all a part of himself with every song he sang. He put his heart and soul into them. He was called to be the lead singer in that great chorus in heaven. God gave him that wonderful voice and he wanted to hear it with the singers he had called for before Elvis. We were at least left with the recordings he made while he lived. Thank you Elvis, for sharing.

  31. Shirley Brozzoski

    I agree with those that say Elvis should have won more Grammys than he did. But I ask you how many of the current artists do you know or know their music? I would venture to say that not one of those nominated or performing at the Grammys does not not know who Elvis Presley is or even one of his songs. Well as I heard today on Elvis radio that all you have to do is introduce Elvis once to a young person and they’ll know Elvis the rest of their life. I’m with those who are hoping that the new Album-If I Can Dream can earn a Grammy. So all my fellow Elvis Fans-

  32. Shirley Brozzoski

    To finish my post. All my fellow Elvis fans, keep loving Elvis and Elvis On & on & on.

  33. Was only a ELVIS fan growing up. The man could sing anything! And no entertainers have even come close to what was so natural for him. So glad I saw him every time he came to Houston. Thank you Lisa and Priscilla for leaving Graceland open for ALL to see what he accomplished in the short time we had him. He will live forever in our hearts. No other entertainer has done that!!! Opens his home and has a radio station 24/7 playing his songs and movie/concerts on tv!!!! He was the man! No one can top that…..

  34. Dale Hampton

    It’s a shame that when Elvis at his best the Grammy’s didn’t
    like to give awards for anything that was Rock’Roll.

  35. Elvis was the greatest singer to ever exist. The media had a field day tearing him down, which is an absolute shame. I was 15 years old when he passed and it was the worst day of my life. I saw him in Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1976, the New Years Eve before his death. His concert was my very first and it was a life changing event for me. His music played an integral part of my life and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I will always love and miss him!!

  36. Elvis should have won a lot more Grammies!! Male Vocalist! His records out sold all singers!! He should have gotten a Grammy for his Tv specials 68 and the The one world wide over a BILLON people seen that one in 73!!Record of the year on both!!!

  37. the biggest entertainer in the world should have won more grammy awards

  38. Steven Chew

    It is so awesome to see all his awards during my visit to Graceland 2007 the 30th Anniversary.

    I have been a fan since I was 6 years old and now I am 59.
    Not a day passes by without me not thinking about his greatness in this world and the happiness that he gave to his fans.

    It is only appropriate that his greatest recognition is these three Grammy Awards for the music that he truly loved and shared with his parents and his fans, the Gospel music.

    His Rock N Roll songs were what he created and started his fandom, but his other songs, like the Blues and Ballad were also his skills and talent. In fact he is the only singer who could sing any genres. He loves the opera and other non-English songs.

    I watched with pride when he sang in Cantonese and Hokkien (Chinese dialects) in Little Moon Beams in Girls! Girls! Girls! and in German in Wooden Hear in G.I. Blues, and Spanish in the movie Fun in Acapulco.

    To fathom the immense popularity of Elvis songs, here is sometime for the all avid Elvis fans.

    While Elvis was also the King of Hollywood in his days, he is also the King of Bollywood today.

    Why you ask.

    Over the years, seen some hints of Elvis artefacts in some Bollywood movies like Swinging Elvis Doll in a recording studio is a Bollywood movie called Taal. Elvis posters including Elvis in his gold lame’ jackets in an old movie called Fitoor (not 2016 version in a dance hall.

    Also the main actors we singing Hindi version of Jailhouse Rock in a bar in a Bollywood movie called We Are Family (adaption from the Hollywood movie The Step-Mother where the stars sang Jailhouse Rock.

    Someone has previously put a beautiful version of And I Love You So to a great movie called Veer-Zaara on YouTube. If you see the clip and this Elvis song, it was a perfect match. It is so touching. Only Elvis voice could produce the emotion to set the scene.

    There are so many awards not mentioned especially his humanitarian acts. He will always be the Greatest.

    Thank you Graceland for sharing his achievements. Keep up the good work.

  39. Bruce Roberge


  40. Rita Zinn

    The best ever – greatest artist

  41. Best Singer Ever Any Genre
    Best Voice Ever
    Best Performer Ever
    Best Versatile Voice Ever
    Best Able to Sing Your Song and Own It Ever
    Best Singer in a Movie Ever
    Best Looking Singer Ever

  42. Letitia Ryan

    Graceland, thank-you for sharing this information. These awards prove just how passionate Elvis was about music. Those gospel songs are truly sacred and no one could sing them better than THE KING. xx

  43. Elaine Garman

    Elvis was such an amazing performer & singer & we are so blessed to still have his home to enjoy & see all of his awards & gold records, he deserves every award the music industry has to give because his music is still untouched, he is just ELVIS!

  44. Rev. James W. Clifton

    Should have won for best male vocalist many times and should have been nominated and won for Song of Year, “In the Ghetto.”

  45. vincent

    this site was very helpful

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