Elvis and The Guest House at Graceland

There’s everyone else, and then there’s Elvis.

Elvis always stood out from the crowd – not just for his voice and stage presence, but for his personal style. He was always ahead of the fashion trends for both every day and stage wear, and once he purchased his home, Graceland, he decorated it in the most unique ways that changed with his one-of-a-kind taste. Few homes can pull off so many mirrors, a jungle-themed room or a room covered in fabric, but Graceland does, and beautifully.

The Guest House at Graceland is also uniquely Elvis. The new hotel, which celebrated its Grand Opening last weekend, is full of designs and décor that came directly from Elvis and Graceland. Everywhere you look, you see something that reminds you of Elvis.

Let’s take a look at just a few of these Elvis-inspired designs.

The Lobby Ceiling



Elvis’ sparkling, eye-catching jumpsuits are a part of what makes the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll so iconic. Not only did he put on powerful performances, but he did so in these incredible outfits that raised the bar for all performers.

The Guest House at Graceland lobby ceiling was lovingly designed to match the stunning crystal design on this cape that Elvis wore on stage.

The Color of Royalty



A pretty purple hue accents many areas of The Guest House at Graceland, from the lobby furniture to carpet designs. Elvis loved purple – as seen in his beautiful Purple Cadillac. The color is also found in Elvis’ parents’ bedroom.

The Staircase


Sure, you could take an elevator up to the next floor, but why do that when you can take a staircase that looks like the one inside Graceland?
Shake, Rattle & Go


One of five dining options at The Guest House at Graceland is Shake, Rattle & Go, for guests who need to grab nourishment on the go. Of course, Shake, Rattle & Go is a reference to Elvis’ hit “Shake, Rattle & Roll,” and the Shake, Rattle & Go sign is similar to the beautiful gold clock in the living room at Graceland.



Elvis’ personal motto design – TCB with the lightning bolt – is iconic. The designers of The Guest House at Graceland “took care of business” and included the lightning bolt design in these beautiful light fixtures in the Founders lounge.



The two colorful stained glass peacocks in Graceland’s living room are a fan favorite; in fact, you can purchase similar stained glass peacocks at Shop Graceland. If you’re in The Guest House at Graceland’s Founders lounge, look down – you’ll see this pretty peacock pattern, which was inspired by the Graceland peacocks.
The Founders room also features Jungle Room-styled features, like green drapery that is a nod to the Jungle Room’s green shag carpet.

Elvis Lights the Way

Check out the “EP” on these light fixtures… wonder whose initials are EP?


And that’s not all.

One of the restaurants, Delta’s Kitchen, is named after one of Elvis’ aunts; the theater is blue to pay homage to “Blue Suede Shoes,” and much more.

Book your stay at The Guest House at Graceland and let us know where you find Elvis!


  1. Nancy Shank

    Just got back from the Guesthouse at Graceland it was just beautiful everything was prefect. EVERYONE was so nice especially Danny,Lee,and Jalil our valors.They were priceless.

    • I was there too! Joe Willy n ERICA!!!!! Great time, was ELVIS all the way. Like to stay in a Suite next time. Friday, I won’t talk about it, but at 630 AM we all were awake. Priscilla you did great!

  2. Paul A. Clarkson

    I with there was a portrait of Elvis at the foot of the staircase as in Graceland. A fan photo opportunity!

  3. Ray Pazdzior

    I sure can’t wait to see and stay at the guest house. It looks alsume

  4. linda ferris


  5. linda ferris

    beautiful can’t wait to visit

  6. Janet A. Polk

    Very unique and creative. The Presley’s would have been proud. I would have loved to see family photos of Elvis and his family as well as photos of Elvis himself. This would give it a more personal feeling of actually staying with ELVIS.

  7. Charlotte McGuire


  8. Donna Morris

    Just Beautiful. My Family And I Were At Graceland in August 15 2016 . We Seen The New Guest House Not Quite Finished. Beautiful. Dream Come True Being At Graceland.

  9. Just awesime

  10. Lynn Drowns

    Yes its beautiful I & my husband hope to visit Graceland sometime soon. Thanks

  11. I will be at the Guest House for my birthday in June. I can hardly wait!

    • Brenda

      My daughter and I will be at the guest house in June. I was there many years ago and they only had a small museum and one plane. I’m excited to be able to see Graceland again.

  12. Barbara Nix

    I hope to get there one day.I’m a big fan

  13. Jeri Brandon

    I am planning to visit soon.

  14. Jeri Brandon

    Planning a visit soon.

  15. Jeri Brandon

    A visit in 2017 early spring.

  16. Just beautiful…Elvis would love it. I wished I lived closer to go and visit in person. TCB….

  17. Marsha Peter

    Love How everything looks! Hope I can see it in person! Been to Graceland once!Stayed at Heartbreak Hotel and loved it!

  18. Just beautiful. Elvis would love it I am sure. Wished I lived closer to visit in person. TCB

  19. Delores Rivers

    My friend and I were there for the Grand Opening. The whole building is done in excellant taste with just enough of Elvis. Everything last weekend was wonderful, all the shows, the music and the talks that we heard. Everyone was so friendly and the service was great. We will be going back soon!!!

  20. Joanne Lortie

    The Guesthouse…what an Hommage the King! He is probably looking down on us all, smilling and Proud because that was a dream of his and Priscilla,you made it all come true,he is certainly proud and very happy of all your dedication to him and his memory!

    We will be visiting again from Canada next year and hopefully get to stay in Elvis’s Guesthouse!

    TCB and long live Elvis!

  21. The quest house is just beautiful!!!. I was at Graceland years ago I so loved it. Before I agreed to marry my husband I said if something ever happens to Elvis you have to get me to Graceland!. Well it happened sooner then all wanted,but my husband paid my way to Graceland I saw everything and did it all. I have a Elvis room that was filmed by Open eye productions when I lived in Paso Robles,CA. That was a dream come true.I still have my BEAUTIFUL ELVIS room,everyone LOVES it. I’m 64 now so hope I will be able to return someday,money tight now so will have to wait and see.I LOVE ELVIS!!!!

  22. Jerry Wilkerson

    Looking forward to visiting Graceland once again and everything new.

  23. Cynthia Cudmore

    It looks beautiful. I can hardly wait to visit. Great job in Elvis’s Memory.

  24. Cynthia Cudmore


  25. linda west


  26. linda west

    you are loved more than words can tell.

  27. Barbara Boggess

    Can,t wait to visit The Guest House

  28. sonia key

    hope to be at the guesthouse march of 2017…..cannot wait, it looks wonderful.sonia

  29. Timothy Port-Dean

    Requesting room rates please?

    • If I am not mistaken it was $150 a night but the suites on the 7th floor are $2500 a night. Dont quote me on that but I think that is what we were told.

  30. Can’t wait to visit!

  31. Ana Maria Merayo

    Mi sueño es conocer Graceland, nací y vivo en Buenos Aires,Argentina.Desde mis años adolescente amé y seguí la carrera de Elvis, ahora ya mayor escucho siempre su música y cada día me gusta más, ojalá algún día pueda ir a conocer.

  32. The Guesthouse is just beautiful .Just what you would expect from anything that involves Elvis. No tacky trim,just to add Elvis favorite colors. All done in goood taste.
    Thank you EPE

  33. Alexandra G. Herrer

    Coming to Graceland, is on my bucket list… And staying at the hotel, will be a dream come true

  34. Alexandra G. Herrer

    I love my ELVIS…

  35. Karen Feinberg

    Really looks beautiful and done in good taste. I can’t
    wait to come to Memphis – My birthday is also Jan. 8th.

  36. pam hammond

    Absolutely lovely and tender

  37. Maria Soder

    This rooms are all beautiful, You all did a fantastic job, Hope to see them all in person.

  38. Maria Soder


  39. Kookie Hart

    We stayed at Graceland a few months ago and so enjoyed it. Will you be using it for Tours. It is a beautiful house. Good Luck with the New Hotel. We may come to the New One sometime. As Elvis would say. TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. Kookie

  40. Sarah Smith

    This is a hotel that will make any and all of Elvis’ fans pay homage every year. So beautifully styled and decorated. Very much in Elvis’ style!
    Hope to see many fans from every corner of the world in Memphis to show their love every year as I did for many years and always will.

  41. judy Rose

    Looks lovely.Hope I get to see it in person real soon.

  42. Lynn Gerber Smith

    I saw it being built this spring, but it more amazing than I imagined. I must visit it!

  43. Kathleen Pesl

    Thank you for letting me see the new hotel. I would love to see more pictures of Graceland as well. Thank you for all that you do for Elvis’ memory. A special thank you to Priscilla and Lisa for their exceptional help.

  44. Kathleen Pesl

    I love receiving any new info about Elvis. Thank you for the pictures of the new hotel. A special thank you to Priscilla and Lisa for their exceptional help in the latest project!

  45. Judy White

    I’m thinking of visiting Memphis possibly early Dec. When do they light up the Xmas Decorations at Graceland?

  46. Matthew Goodrich

    ALSO the Lampshades MAY Stand for – EVER PRESENT !

  47. karen chalk

    Hotel looks amazing can’t wait to visit there some day. I love the way they have captured everthing about Elvis in this hotel. Keep up the great work.

  48. Beautiful definitely stay there when I come over to Graceland

  49. irene deasy

    Just read the blog for Graceland Guesthouse…Fascinating..I would love to see it all ..

  50. Malcolm lewis

    What a tribute to the king . He will be watching and feeling very proud and happy . He will never be forgotten and this hotel will help cement that. Well done to everybody.

  51. Rita Zinn


  52. malcolm lewis

    what a great tribute to the king he would be so proud and happy . well done to everyone for a well deserved tribute.i must get there.

  53. Keep posting pictures of the Guesthouse. Love every single one. We have our reservations in August for the “40th”. Can’t wait. I will be excited all year!!!!!

  54. Pirjo Johansson

    This is very nice for every one who will visit Graceland.

  55. Shannon Myers

    I love the King. I was 13 when ELVIS died. A very big part of me died that day. So the more Graceland does I love it. I pray that I can go one more time.

  56. Sharon Crissman

    It is all so beautiful. If Elvis was here today he would really love what has been done.

    • Sharon Crissman

      It is all so beautiful. If Elvis was here today he would really love what has been done.

  57. Jackie Olson

    How much do the rooms cost per night?

  58. Letitia Ryan

    Wow, The Guest House looks stunning. My dream is to stay there one day.

  59. RIP

  60. Ramonda Brady

    This guest hotel in honor of Elvis takes your breath away. Thanks Cilla, Elvis would be so proud.

  61. Renee Pelissier

    Just glamorous

  62. Sharyn Mitchell

    I live in South Australia, and have been to
    Graceland three times.
    Hoping I can make it one more time to stay in
    this magnificent ‘Guest House’….
    looks fantastic!!
    Regards, Sharyn

  63. shelly gettys

    Love the most amazing place to be in.

  64. Fameli foti Rosa

    Beautiful House. .Very Nice ..Elvis n.1 King of the music

  65. Fameli foti Rosa

    Bellissima casa e Elvis il Re dela musica

  66. mrs mary johnson

    It looks out of this world cannot wait to com and see it I came with my late husband in 2010 and 2011 and loved it then. My ambition is to come and see it for one last time.

  67. Marc-A. Comtois

    See you in 2017!!

  68. Sandy Malone

    It is beautiful! I will be there for Elvis’ birthday Jan. 8th, 2017!

  69. I was there for the grand opening. What can I say but this place is Awesome! It is just the way Elvis would want it to be. Hats off to Priscilla and her team!

  70. Rhonda Schacher

    I want to stay there

  71. Rose Mains

    How much does it cost to stay at the guesthouse

  72. Martie Simmons

    Oh how beautiful the new Guest House is! I Pray that I can get there to see/stay there sometime. I have always loved Elvis Presley, he was/is my Idol!!!

  73. The tall chairs in the lobby represent Elvis’ high collars. The silver wallpaper in the guest rooms have vertical lines representing guitar strings.
    I stayed for the Opening Weekend and really loved the hotel. Very elegant and very friendly staff.

  74. Carol Flitter

    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures it looks amazing one day i will “Follow That Dream” and stay in this amazing place and be so close to Graceland. The King will reamin in our hearts forever, and to be able to stay in this amazing hotel is the ultimate dream. I live in the UK so to be able to see your lovely hotel is extar special.

    Kind regards

  75. Dawn &Tom

    Looks amazing can’t wait to see it next year for my 69th birthday very exciting !!!!! Have been lucky enough to visit Graceland twice and stay at Heartbreak Hotel now we’ll be staying at The Guesthouse !!!!!!

  76. Brendacrossland

    My daughter and I are coming to Graceland next September.And we are staying at The Guesthouse for ten nights.It will be our 4th trip.So looking forward to it.I was 16 yts old in 1956 when I first heard Elvis with Heartbreak Hotel.He is still my favorite singer always.

  77. One of my best friends took me to Graceland for the weekend to celebrte my birthday. I had waited 40+ years to visit. Absolutely AMAZING experience. Before we left, we went and took pics at the Guesthouse. WOW… It was truely BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING…it was like being as close to Elvis as one could get. We are already planning a trip for next year….

  78. tony simiele

    This could only happen because of Elvis, and deservedly so. long live the king. Tony in Rome,NY

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