Candlelight Vigil

By Alyssa Long

The Candlelight Vigil is completely different from all other Elvis Week events. While other things during the week are high energy, loud and entertaining (all in very good way), the Candlelight Vigil is a time during the festival when everyone can gather together and pay their respects to Elvis Presley.

This year, an estimated 30,000 people arrived at the Graceland gates to stand together in remembering Elvis.

Lisa-Marie Presley lighting candles at Graceland
The evening started with Lisa Marie, Elvis’ daughter, lighting candles for fans. This gesture meant so much to everyone in attendance. It doesn’t happen every year, but the impact was incredibly touching.

After a few words are spoken and a few songs are played, the procession to the Meditation Garden begins with the Elvis Presley Fan Clubs. These fan club members come from all over the world and are made up of fans of all different ages. Throughout the night, they’ll line part of the driveway with candles in hand to welcome all other fans in attendance.


Elvis Candlelight Vigil
The procession continues up the driveway and it’s a beautiful thing to see. From a distance, it’s incredibly picturesque with the whole Graceland area all lit up and hundreds of candles dotting the drive.

To actually walk up the driveway and then through the Meditation Garden surrounded by other fans all in quiet remembrance is unlike anything else. The love and passion for Elvis Presley and all he did is contagious and can truly be felt at the Candlelight Vigil.


TCB candles
Back on Elvis Presley Boulevard, a normally very busy road, cars are not permitted and fans make shrines to commemorate Elvis. They use candles and pictures, they build structures and draw art on the pavement. They all gather together, share stories, share memories and bond over their love for Elvis Presley and his music.


Fans remembering Elvis at the Vigil
Elvis is more than the jumpsuits, more than the pink Cadillacs, more than the sideburns. He is special to so many people and fans will continue remembering Elvis each year at this special event–his memory and legacy will live on.


  1. David Mcgrail

    always remembered.

  2. Brenda Shimenosky

    Wish I could be there this year. I love Elvis. He will never be forgotten. RIP.

  3. Debie Ogdahl

    this is and will always be a beautiful event for Elvis, and I know he is looking down on us and his beautiful family who puts this all together, thank you all for this beautiful gift not just for Elvis but for all his fans too, forever love and beautiful memories :)

  4. gina barker

    Iloved him then,I love him still,always have,always will,till i breathe my last breath

  5. Gail Allen

    And he thought the world would forget him in 10 years. No way, Mr Presley, you and all you did are unforgettable! Beautiful and uplifting evening.

  6. LaTressa Melton

    Elvis’s talent absolutely goes without saying, but it is his humanity and good heart that lives on after so many years.

  7. sandy norman

    I think that was so sweet of Lisa to hold the flam for the fans . I was thinking how that had to be hard for her cause thats not an easy day for her my hart goes out to her… Sandy Norman

  8. I have been to Graceland but never to the candle light vigil it is really beautiful . Forever Elvis fan

  9. I was there it was so beautiful this was my first time going to the candlelight vigil and I was so glad to see Lisa Marie it was my first time ever seeing her in person and what she did for her fans was very sweet this is the day that I will never forget. R.I.P. ELVIS PRESLEY WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Tammy

  10. The name “Elvis”, speaks of a beautiful man in more ways than one, a voice from GOD, Love, kindness, giving, caring for his fans and the well being of all. He helped so many needing people, and he helped “us”, his fans by treating us with respect at all times, whether we were right next to him, or hundreds of feet away in a crowd. There will never be another Elvis, but his Memory will remain in our hearts and future fans forever.

  11. mary ware

    wish i couild been there

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