Alyssa’s Favorite Things – Elvis Presley’s Graceland Edition

By Alyssa Long

Whether you live right around the corner from Elvis Presley’s Graceland or you’re halfway across the world, you should absolutely bring some Elvis home with you! Luckily, the gift shops at Graceland are stocked with many unique, useful, and oh so cute things for every Elvis fan.

Personally, in my home, I have one of the Elvis swinging hip pendulum clocks. It’s always a great conversation starter and a fun way to incorporate some Elvis into my decorating. Here are some other fun items that would be the perfect souvenir to bring home with you:


To Wear:

One of the best ways to show the world how much you love Elvis is to wear your heart on your sleeve… literally! At Graceland you can find t-shirts, hats, socks, pants, pretty much any article of clothing, for any Elvis fan! There are even Elvis sunglasses and jewelry to accessorize with.

Don’t worry men, there are even replica Elvis jumpsuits that you can bring home with you!


To Read:

Over the years, many fans and friends of Elvis have compiled their thoughts, memories, and facts about Elvis in books. These many different books from many different authors, can be found all throughout Graceland.

One of my favorite books found at Graceland is Ten Little Elvi. The perfect way to introduce little ones to the King of Rock n Roll.

There’s even an Elvis cookbook to help you in the kitchen… which brings me to my next point.


To Eat:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cup of coffee with Elvis? Well, you can have the next best thing with an Elvis Presley coffee mug. There are even some that are personalized.

It’s a well-known fact that Elvis loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Take that flavor home with you in the form of saltwater taffy! I mean, how yummy do these look?


For Your Home:


As I mentioned above, I have an Elvis clock. Luckily, there are many different ways to incorporate the King in your home decorating. There is some beautiful artwork to be found at Graceland depicting the man we all know and love, Elvis.


What’s your favorite piece of Elvis swag that you’ve picked up at Graceland or through Shop Graceland? Or is there anything in particular you hope to find while you’re at Graceland for Elvis Week?


  1. Laraine Bashford

    When I visited Graceland back in 2006 for my 60th Birthday, I bought Framed Record 24kt gold plated limited edition The Number One Single ELVIS PRESLEY ‘Don’t be Cruel’ 50th Anniversary. It was too big to put in a suitcase to bring home to France, I had it Delivered by carrier. It is hung in my office along with other great posters and photos of Elvis.

  2. my scarf I got from him in 1968 at the concert , I have it framed , and in my curio cabinet ,

  3. Natasha

    I just recently went to Graceland and bought the cute little guitar magnet with all things Elvis on it. I wanted to buy the whole store but my husband wouldn’t let me :/

    • Haha, I ran into the same problem Natasha. Wish I could just have it all! LOVE ELVIS!! <3

  4. Leslie Askew

    I am hoping to go to Graceland, for Elvis Week, in 2017. The saving grace, to save me from “going crazy” is that I will limited in what I can cram into my suitcase to come home.

    And, although I am always tempted to put a big order through the Graceland store, I have stopped myself, because the shipping and handling costs are so expensive to ship to Canada.

    I think the perfect solution might be for me to shop, in person, at Graceland, and then pack up everything myself and ship it home myself.

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