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It’s amazing to think about how much has happened at Elvis Presley’s Graceland since 2004, when we began broadcasting LIVE from Graceland on SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio.  There are so many incredible memories, events and highlights with Elvis’ friends, musicians, family and especially with the millions of fans around the globe who love the King of Rock & Roll!

Let’s shine the spotlight on some of the most memorable, as birthday boy George Klein (October 8, 1935) would say, from the “World of Presley”!


  • Fans still marvel and talk about the “Elvis 30th Anniversary Concert” at FedExForum during Elvis Week 2007.  Hosted by Priscilla Presley and a surprise starring cameo from Lisa Marie Presley and her incredible LIVE duet performance with her dad of “In The Ghetto” with an inspirational gospel choir.  The energy in the air for Elvis Week, whether it was the Candlelight Vigil, the Insiders VIP’s or the “Elvis 30th Anniversary Concert” made it feel like the whole universe was revolving around Graceland and Memphis.
  • Priscilla Presley’s frequent LIVE visits on Elvis Radio over the years with Argo, Big Jim, and her long time buddy, George Klein.  As a matter of fact most recently on October 3, 2014, Priscilla spent almost 90 minutes one-on-one with George Klein as she was in town to be part of the Blues Ball’s salute to the “60th Anniversary Of That’s All Right Mama and Rock & Roll”.

Elvis Radio Blog_PP-GK-Jim 10-3-14

  • Lisa Marie Presley’s birthday broadcast with Argo on February 1, 2012, when she announced she would be back to record and film songs from her Storm & Grace album at the legendary Sun Studio, where Elvis first recorded in downtown Memphis, and her return on May 14, 2012 to share her brand new release with Elvis fans around the world with Big Jim Sykes.

Elvis Radio Blog_LMP Jim 2012

  • Elvis Week, August 13, 2006 Sunday Morning Gospel time Show with original Jordanaire member Gordon Stoker hosted by Big Jim Sykes, with a live audience of fans on the Graceland plaza. Listen here:
  • Live coverage of the phenomenal Collingwood Canada’s Elvis Festival with the largest presentation of Elvis Tribute Artists and a Guinness World Record of the most ETA’s performing All Shook Up on one stage!
  • And the absolute best part of ten years of Elvis Radio is spending time and getting to know the hundreds and thousands of Elvis fans that come to be part of the Elvis Presley experience at Graceland.

When you come to Graceland, stop by, say hello and pick up your Elvis Radio sticker with your free 30-day SiriusXM internet radio trial or visit .  (This offer is available only in USA to those providing valid contact information.)

We would love to have you join us at Elvis Radio so you can visit Graceland every day!

And, if you are an Elvis Radio listener, we want to say “TYVM 4 TCB!”.

TY, Elvis Radio Night Time (Right Time) DJ



  1. beverly stockton

    i have been a ELVIS fan since ive been 6 years old. seen my first ELVIS movie then. been a fan since,seen him once in concert when i was in my 20’s omg could he put on a show i miss him so much.i would love to hear the ELVIS radio station,but how?? ty for this opp to get info to listen to ELVIS radio will someone please TCB and tell me how.

  2. Was at Graceland last weekend. It was a dream come true.I’m 64 and have and still do love Elvis the man and was a very moving experience.while there met Doc at the radio station. Another great experience. Planning on returning again soon!!!!!

  3. Rose Marie Cvetanovich

    i love the Elvis radio. listen to it all the time. finally got to visit Graceland in June. Loved it did not want to leave. Loved that I finally heard, that’s when your heartaches begin on the live stream for this birthday memorial. I was 9 when I first heard Elvis.. still love him. Love Priscilla has taken Graceland and Elvis to be forever remembered. Please play that’s when your heartaches begin,for me I listen from 7:30 am est and after work 4:30 pm est.. Keep up the good work. one regret I did not get to see George Klein, Argo or big Jim live on the radio. we left on Wednesday. next time.. keep up the good work.. Elvis forever.

  4. Alicia Dean

    Oh wow, such exciting events. I would have LOVED to be at Graceland when Lisa Marie was there. Elvis Radio is doing a fabulous job of keeping Elvis’ memory and music alive. It is the only channel I ever listen to. Keep up the good work!

  5. faith bradbury

    Love hearing all this, so interesting.

  6. faith bradbury

    Love hearing all this, so interesting. I loved Elvis music and still do.

  7. Shirley Brozzoski

    YES YES YES, I have Elvis radio in both cars. And believe me it’s all ELVIS all the time. Played Elvis Trivia several times (guest DJ once). Love all the DJs, especially Big Jim and Argo and of course GK. Proudly have the Sirius Elvis sticker that says ALL ELVIS ALL THE TIME on rear window. I hope it never stops as I gain a lot of knowledge of the Elvis World and Special Guest Speakers.

  8. Priscilla Soignier

    Love Elvis Radio and love George Klein, he is the greatest and has all the best true stories of the King.

    cilla in love

  9. Donna Bjorklund

    This fan has adored Elvis Presley since I was 12 years old. Now I am retired and just visited Graceland with my daughter in 2011.

    Could I make a request? How does a Canadian find Elvis on Sirius radio? If possible to answer please email me.

    Thank you very much!

  10. Julia Montague

    I was listning to big Jim Sykes on my car xm radio l heard him talk about when Elvis went to Hawaii.he said that Elvis took the cruze line s.s. Lurline.l could not believe my ears .l have a menu from that ship it is from the year 1937 it has a very pretty cover of Hawaiian girls very tropical.l saved it .it means more to me now just to know that Elvis was on that same ship at one time.l held on to it just because I liked it. I have been a Elvis fan for years I saw him in 1972 in little rock,ar. He died on my birthday I will never forget. I love all his gospel I think that was the real Elvis I play it at night when I go to bed it.brings comfort to me calms my heart.

  11. Lonnie

    This is for GK I really miss listing to your show I had lost my job witch ment I had to give up my car that was the only way I could listen to you guys sometime I would sit in the car just to listen to Elvis radio I herd wink Martindale do his tribute on u tube it was great made me miss Elvis radio even more. T C B

  12. Barbara levinson

    I would like to know how the London philharmonic and the if I can dream cod was made. Is there information on how this amazing collection was put together

  13. Amy Smith

    Please please please stop talking and play Elvis recordings!!!!!! I will have to cancel Sirius if people don’t stop talking about themselves and playing music other than Elvis recordings. Especially during commute times. Waste of money.

  14. Can you please play takes 8, 25, 77, 109, 314, 610, 675, 889, 929, and 1,944 of Burning Love? After all, these takes represent what we heard on the radio and caused us to fall in love with the King and his music. Also, we can’t get enough of the ghetto-rap vegas versions of his music you play. He was the right man at the exact right time for this great nation and with great respect and appreciation, there is no need to create a new persona/image in the name of money. He lives on for what he was and what he did and not for what anyone wants to embellish after his death. Also, as the listener stated on 20 August, if we want to listen to a talk channel, we would not turn on something called a music channel. Thanks.

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