A Mother’s Day Tribute: Gladys Presley

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, so we’re celebrating the woman who gave her son to the world. Without Gladys Presley, we wouldn’t have Elvis Presley.

Gladys’ best-known trait is right there in her name: Love.

She was born Gladys Love Smith on April 25, 1912, in Pontotoc County, Mississippi – about 15 miles outside of Tupelo. She was one of nine children, and she loved to play basketball, dance and listen to music.

Many of Elvis' childhood friends recall Gladys as a loving and protective mother. She kept an eye on her son as he played with friends, and often made them snacks to share.

Many of Elvis’ childhood friends recall Gladys as a loving and protective mother. She kept an eye on her son as he played with friends, and often made them snacks to share.

As a young girl, she worked on farms to help her family make ends meet. She later began working at a garment factory as a sewing machine operator.

It was in East Tupelo that she met her future husband, Vernon, at church. They quickly fell in love, and their courtship was brief – so they eloped. Vernon was just 17. Gladys was 21. On their marriage license, Vernon claimed he was 22, and Gladys said she was 19.

The couple were married on June 17, 1933, by a circuit clerk.

The Presleys were terribly poor during much of their marriage, but love kept them together and happy.

They welcomed their son, Elvis, on January 8, 1935, but also mourned the death of his twin, Jesse, who was stillborn. Gladys couldn’t have any more children, so she was fiercely protective of her only son. Elvis’ childhood friends have recalled that Gladys was a sweet mama bear, doting on Elvis, welcoming his friends into their home, but also making sure they all stayed safe and didn’t get into trouble.

This photo is from the house on Audubon Drive in Memphis, early in Elvis' career.

This photo is from the house on Audubon Drive in Memphis, early in Elvis’ career.

After the Presleys moved to Memphis in November 1948, Gladys continued to work. Her jobs included working as a nurse’s aid at St. Joseph’s Hospital and working at Britling’s Cafeteria.

Elvis wanted to give his mother, who’d given him so much, a better life.

He purchased their first home on Audubon Drive, a year before purchasing Graceland. And of course, after he purchased Graceland, he welcomed his parents in with open arms.

Elvis entered the Army in March 1958, and he took special leave when Gladys fell ill later that year and passed away.

Elvis entered the Army in March 1958, and he took special leave when Gladys fell ill later that year and passed away.

Gladys lived at Graceland until her death in 1958, which broke her son’s heart. But Gladys’ impact on her son was lifelong. He was loving and protective of his own daughter, Lisa. He loved the same music Gladys loved and recorded some of her favorite songs. He shared his love of music with the world, the way she shared her love of music with her son.

Many fans may think of Graceland as the home of a rock star, but it’s also the home of a Southern man and his family. Elvis purchased Graceland so his parents could have a home they deserved. The home is full of Presley family artifacts and photos. Gladys and Vernon’s bedroom is on display, for example, and fans can see a gorgeous necklace Elvis purchased for his mother in the new “I Shot Elvis” exhibit. While visiting Graceland, many fans have seen Elvis’ famous pink Cadillac. After using it briefly on tour, Elvis gave it to his mother Gladys as a gift, even though she couldn’t drive. Elvis and both of his parents are buried at Graceland’s Meditation Garden.

This beautiful portrait of Vernon and Gladys is in the new "I Shot Elvis" exhibit. The necklace she's wearing in the photo is one that Elvis purchased for her during a trip to New York.

This beautiful portrait of Vernon and Gladys is in the new “I Shot Elvis” exhibit. The necklace she’s wearing in the photo is one that Elvis purchased for her during a trip to New York.

Elvis Presley is known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but he’s also known as a generous man who loved music, his family and giving back to the community. His rock ‘n’ roll instincts came naturally, but it was his mother who taught him how to be a good man.

Happy Mother’s Day, Gladys.


  1. Happy mother’s day to Gladys and to all our wonderful mothers. I just wish Gladys could have been with her family longer than she was. She would have loved all the great music her son made for the world.

    • Ursula

      I think that if Gladys had lived, Elvis would still be alive today. I think he lost his will to live when he lost his precious mother.

    • Ann Chamblee

      miss Gladys you were the light in his life. When you left part of him left too. Thank you for giving your so to us and sharing him with the rest of us. He had a real God given talent for sure that we miss a lot. I listen to his music and I really think that we all miss the smile and the man behind it so much. He was kind and generous. We all loved him and continue to do so. You did a great job and were a great mom.

      • Ann Chamblee

        I think of Elvis every year especially at his birthday Miss Gladys as mine is on the 10 th of January and his is just before mine on the 8 th of January. .a great day when you brought that baby into this world !

    • Sharon Mynar

      Happy Birthday Gladys a special & blessed mom of Elvis,who was sent by God,embracing all of us with love. Warmest aloha on Mothers Day in Heaven. Mahalo nui..Sharon Mynar
      Maui, Hawaii 4/16 2016

  2. kathy wells

    thank you Gladys for giving us a awesome friend to share with the world. R.i.P.

  3. Karen Preston

    Happy Mothers Day Gladys.Thank You for sharing your son ELVIS with all of us.Music would not be what it is today without ELVIS.You were a great mother and Elvis loved you very much.

  4. Danny Pasatiempo

    Happy Mothers Day to all the Presley Women. Rest In Peace and pray for all Mothers here on earth.

  5. Glendalee

    I love this Thank you so much

  6. Linda chadwick

    Lovely story. She really loved her son. Fabulous necklace. I have been to Graceland and see all the memorials

  7. Diane Keicher, Alexander, NY

    Happy Mother’s Day Gladys and a belated Happy Birthday to you too! I don’t think any mother loved her son any more than you did, and certainly no son ever loved his mother more than Elvis loved you! Thank you for instilling in Elvis all of the wonderful qualities he had – the honesty, humility, kindness, and compassion for others. Thank you too for supporting him in your understanding of just what a beautiful, gifted voice he had. Our love lives on for your beautiful son and for you who gave him to us. Thank you.

    • Cheryl Hewitt

      Diane, this was beautifully worded. As much as I love Elvis’ singing and acting, it is the wonderful person he was that makes him great!

  8. Priscilla Soignier

    Yes, indeed, and looking at this picture of her, you can see where he got his good looks and she is the reason the southern charm oozed out of him.

  9. Tammy

    A very touching story about Gladys. Elvis loved his mother very much and he was never the same after she passed away. I think that Lisa Marie looks alot like Gladys.

  10. Patsy Davis

    I am and always have been a BIG Elvis fan and am very familiar with his background. This article is a beautiful tribute to Gladys Presley.

  11. kathleen charnoski

    She was a good mom and always wanted Elvis to be proud of her. A mother’s love is always strong for her sons

  12. Jeanie

    Thank goodness for Mothers!! Without them, we wouldn’t be here to honor, cherish, spoil, admire, love, hug, kiss, use as a role model and remember how truly special our Mother was/is to us. Elvis had a wonderful mother and he knew it.

  13. Theela Steel

    I think A Mother’s Day Tribute to Gladys was very deserving and sweet. After all she gave us Elvis and for that I’ll always be grateful. There will never be another Elvis or anyone that will ever live up to him. Thank you so much, Gladys Presley!

  14. Leon'a Wilson-Mann

    Lord, thank you for giving the world the Presley Family. Little did Gladys & Vernon know that their only surviving son would grow up to become ”The King Of Rock & Roll,” they just strived to raise a good God fearing man,…and they did. We, his legion of fans,laid the world at Elvis’ feet, & he in return, lived his life for us. From age 11, Elvis had a very big hand in raising me. Because of his huge influence in my life,I learned to believe & love my Savior Jesus Christ,he taught me to respect my elders, to not be judgmental of my fellow man,but to meet each person at whatever stage of life they were at,to lend a helping hand whenever I could…&the list goes on & on.His life was an inspiration to all of us,& we strived to make him proud. Elvis was ‘only human’ & he stumbled sometimes along the way, but Gladys & Vernon should be proud of the man he became. He will forever live in our hearts,& we love & honor his beloved Mama, Gladys Love Smith Presley on this Mother’s Day…. Thank You Gladys.

  15. Diana Maguire

    I was 8 years old when Mrs. Presley died and I distinctly remember how sad and scared that made me feel. Through the years, I would always hear how devoted Elvis and his Mother had been to each other, how very much he loved her. It was only when my own lovely Mother died 18 years ago, that I said “Oh, Elvis, now I truly know how you felt. Only now I know”. We were blessed to have them and feel empty without them. May God bless their precious memory.

  16. Lillian Dunk

    Elvis would be happy if we made his mother ….. Mother of the year as she was a awesome mom to Elvis love both of them for ever love LRD xxxxx TCB4EVER

  17. Leanne Larkin

    The tribute to Gladys really touched me- brought tears to my eyes. I have never thought of Graceland as the home of a Rock Star- rather- as Elvis’s home and that of his family. When I visited it last year I was not disappointed but felt his presence and that of his family throughout. It was wonderful. I know how much they meant to him- particularly his mother. Happy Mother’s Day Gladys- Thank you!

  18. Rosalind

    I have been a fan of Elvis since the 50’s. I know that he will be celebrating with his family on Mothers Day. Thank you for all you have done and I am still a fan.

  19. maggie dominguez

    happy mother s day Gladys !

  20. Janet Hastings

    Thank you Gladys for being such a wonderful role model for Elvis.
    A Life long Elvis Fan

  21. Janette Anthony

    I think Elvis would be alive today if his morher had lived, he was so young, his fame was so fast, happy mothers day Gladys, thanks for sharing him to the world, we will always remember him, I am sure the two of you are singing in heaven…..

  22. Beautiful tribute to Gladys Presley!

  23. She was the quintessential woman who represents the very best in all woman, and, did what came natural as a mother, a person, a humanitarian, she was very maternal and her Family was everything, and always came first.

  24. Sarah Smith

    I never got to meet Gladys, I started going to Graceland in ’68.
    The many family members that I did get to know, will have never taken the place of Gladys.No one can ever take a Mother’s place or compete with her love for a child. The many times that I was with Elvis at home and on tour was just a sample of the true love that I had for him.To all Mothers and her children all over the world let Elvis
    and Gladys teach them how to love and cherish one another as Elvis & Gladys did! Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

  25. Karen

    May God Bless Mrs. Gladys Presley. If she could only see how Much her son was and is, and alway will be so loved by so many people. Her raising him, as she did,certainly does not go un noticed.
    It’s comforting , by faith, to know, that That part of the Presley Family are all together, sharing in The Glory of Heaven.
    We are ever so Lucky to have live and enjoy Elvis’s Heavenly Voice, and to Honor his Legacy as the man he was.
    Thank-you Gladys and Happy Mother’s Day.

  26. james jackson shepard

    love the photos and the story of elvis mother

  27. Patricia Smith

    Elvis Presley was truly blessed to have had a Mother like Gladys Love Presley; we should all have been so lucky in life. Many, like me, believe that had she lived longer, Elvis’ life would have been much different, and he would have been with us much longer. She was a light in his life, one that burned out too soon. Happy Mother’s Day. Gladys!

  28. Rosemary Rathgeber

    Happy Mothers Day…God Bless You and Yours…Forever…

  29. Randi Martin

    Thank you Gladys for being the loving Mother that you were and for teaching your son how to love everyone, no matter what race they were or what background they come from. You taught him how to be such a giving person and how to be humble no matter how famous you are. But most of all your love of music and what came natural to him made him the King of Rock & Roll! Now your family is all together again and I see alot of music playing, dancing & singing going on up there is Heaven! Happy Mother’s Day Gladys!

  30. Anita Winegar

    It’s pretty obvious that Gladys was an outstanding mother because Elvis loved her so much. Wish I’d known her but I will be forever grateful for the marvelous gift of Elvis that she gave to the World. Happy Mothers’ Day to Gladys and all Mothers.

  31. nena and tracy

    We have been an Elvis and his family fans since the beginning of Elvis’ career. We know Gladys loved her son more than anything. Happy Mothers Day to a Great Mother!

  32. Peggy gray

    Elvis loved his MOTHER ALOT AND THINK MY mother was great to when I was little mama didn’t work but later she . Her and daddy wanted her home with the 3 of us I have a sister and a brother thank you for letting me talk about my Mama we has school clothes and my Mama has 4 dress and they were home made. Happy Mother Days to all the real motherd

  33. SASunshine

    She was the light of his life. Perhaps his life would have ended differently had she lived. They are now together for eternity…
    Bless them all! Happy Mother’s Day Gladys!!!

  34. Anne-Marie

    What a wonderful, loving tribute to a beautiful & special lady



  36. Audrey

    Thank you for such a fabuloud portrait of a devoted Mother. XXOO

  37. Adriana Cravens

    Yes, indeed Elvis and Gladys had a very special mother/son relationship. It was such a shame that she died so young and wasn’t there for him when he needed her the most. I think Elvis was a lost little boy, especially after him and Priscilla broke up. It’s comforting knowing that mother and son are together once again. God bless them both!!!

  38. Renee Jensen

    Happy mothers day in heaven Glady’s Presley
    you gave all of us a very amazing man. Elvis was a fine actor
    And his voice was just wonderful no matter what type of song
    he sang.
    Just wish you could have seen your grand child Lisa Marie.

  39. Linda Patterson

    Elvis first love was his mother. We thought the world of her and wanted to have the best since they had such a hard life. When she died a part of him died also. He hunted the love that he had for his mother and the love she gave him.When he met Priscilla he thought he found it. I believe he did but just couldn’t cope with it and made him scared and didn’t know what to do. Too many pulled him in different directions and dominated his life. He lost his true love. Gladys was his life and if she would have lived longer she would have guided him in the right direction and would have had a happier life and a longer life. Gladys was a great MOTHER to him.. Happy Mothers Day Gladys . <3 <3 <3

  40. Lori Lees

    Being an only child because my mother was as Mrs. Presley, she could not have anymore children.

    Your descriptions of Mrs. Presley is exactly how my mother was. I lost her in 1984 when I was 19 years old, she was 42 years old. The same age as Elvis. She was a New Year baby born in
    1942, and she died January 18th. My mother was my best friend, and the day she died part of me did as well.

    I was very blessed to have this beautiful woman both inside and out as my mother. She was the kindest and bravest woman and she was mine.

    As life would come full circle I was unable to have children of my own after many, many surgeries and painful, emotional procedures my dream ended in 1994 and my dreams of becoming a mommy never happened biologically. However in 2001 we adopted our beautiful little China doll Rachel, and the moment she was placed in my arms I knew that love and protectiveness that my mother and Elvis’ mother had. All children are a gift, but under circumstances as these they truly are miracles.

    My mother ADORED Elvis, and always talked of how special his mother was.

    Her favorite song was If Everyday Was Like Christmas , too many others to mention, except for one.

    She cried when the very last song on the Christmas album came on…

    …Mama Liked the Roses, I love you Mommy, and Happy Mother’s Day to you, Gladys, and all mothers, especially my beautiful daughter’s birth mother.

    To her: I hope and pray that she knows somehow that her daughter is safe, happy and healthy and that we, especially me,thank God everyday for her giving birth to a very special,kind, and gentle young lady.

    I grew up loving Elvis. I think it was genetically transferred.

    My daughter loves him just as much as me. She painted a picture of Elvis and placed it on his grave last Summer when we visited. Elvis is her idol. She loves him as I do, but just like me, not first as a singer, but as a kind, humble, sweet human being. The singing, movies, and handsomeness as she calls it just make him even better!!!!!

    I always tell people that when a 15 year old girl admires someone like Elvis Presley, then perhaps their is still hope in this crazy mixed up world.

    if she was asked who her biggest influence in life would be besides me, she would say “Elvis Presley.”

    And as mom, I couldn’t be more proud of who she idolizes. Thank you Elvis for being you.

  41. Phyllis Petty

    What a beautiful tribute to Elvis’ mother Gladys. I am so glad she shared Elvis with us. What an empty world it would be without Elvis. Thank you.

  42. Kathy Ashfield

    What a wonderful lovely lady who raised a beautifull in every way son. God bless you Gladys

  43. jackie Birmingham

    Happy Mothers day Gladys you are the true meaning of the word Mother.
    Thank you for the memories and bringing up a talented gorgeous and generous young Man Elvis.. He changed my life and helped me through some of my darkest days. My visit to Graceland from Australia in 2011 will stay with me for a lifetime.xoxo

  44. Roxie

    Happy Morhers Day Gladys:) great Job raising Elvis:) I’ve always loved his style, He always went the extra Mile!!
    Thank you for sharing Elvis’s TALENT!!

  45. Jennifer Burton

    What a loving tribute to Gladys. Gladys deserved to be recognized for Mothers Day. Without her there would be no Elvis. I am very pleased to see the direction Elvis’s legacy and image is going since being in partnership with EPE and the new owners. We have the Guest House at Graceland and the new “permnament” display and wedding chapel in Las Vegas and let’s not forget Elvis’s airplanes being bought by EPE. The planes will be there forever. But non of this would not be possible without Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley. Many many “thank you” to both Lisa and Priscilla for everything they have made happen. I personally never lost faith in either of you or your team at EPE. Love you both~J

  46. Jennifer


  47. Donna

    this is a wonderful story. I enjoyed it very much. thank you, thank you very much.

  48. Evelyn Wilbanks

    Happy Birthday Mrs . Presley and Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven . Your whole family is together now.

  49. david kimberlin

    Happy mother mrs presley_

  50. Patsy Unger

    I have loved Elvis since age 8. Have been to Graceland in 1978 and 1990. Always wanted to see Elvis in person at a concert but that didn’t happen. I love all the pictures and write-ups that are posted. So happy that Graceland is there for the fans and that the planes are staying. They belong to Elvis.
    Again, thank you so much for your emails. Wishing Gladys Love Smith a Happy Mother’s day! Miss you Elvis the King of Rock n Roll.

  51. Peggy

    Gladys sounds like the mother from the south. I’m from the south and I kept a eye on my children if you keep them close and let the friends come to your house you can watch them all. It’s just sad that they left to soon. Maybe is glady stayed longer things would have turn out different with Elvis. Happy Morhers Day !!! He has Mother’s Day every day now. RIP

  52. Karen

    wonderful tribute

  53. Judy Lindley

    Gladys Presley was a very loving mother. It is wonderful have a mother who loves her children beyond her own needs & wants in life. Wishing all Mother’s a Bless Mother’s Day.
    Judy Hunt Lindley
    Graham NC

  54. laura

    Elvis was such a good man and singer and gave his everything to his family and especially to his mom. I know that she was very proud of him as was everyone else who loved him. Happy Mother’s day to Gladys.

  55. Clementine

    What a gift to the world, from Gladys Presley! Can’t say TYVM! enough!

  56. Nina E Newberry

    I was 9 years old in 1956. Elvis recorded his first hit with RCA.
    I feel blessed that I was born to witness the greatest entertainer in the world. He still lives in me through his music. Thank you to Lisa and everyone who has kept Graceland open to the public.
    Thank you Gladys and Vernon for giving us this wonderful man.
    Happy Birthday Gladys.
    With much love, Nina E Newberry

  57. william

    happy mothers day to my mom and elvis mom love brother william

  58. anthony luizza

    great heart felt story,sad that she died so early on in his career.

  59. james jackson shepard

    Happy mothers day to all

  60. Ruth Trznadel

    All Elvis fans have to wonder what would have possibly changed in his life if his mother would not have died so soon. She certainly gave him the wonderful foundation he carried with him for the rest of his life – his dedication to charity & to friends. However, even going his own way, as an adult has to do, one wonders how much influence she would have had over some of the decisions he made later on in his life. We’ll never know but we have to be grateful to Gladys for the wonderful mother that she was.

  61. Bev Allen

    great story about Elvis’s Mom!!!

  62. Helen Pearson

    Gladys had to be the best Mother to raise a child in poverty, yet nurture him with all the good in her heart, she did a great job with Elvis, she must have, he loved like no other. A bond that could not be broken even in death.

  63. Helen Pearson

    Gladys did a wonderful job of raising Elvis in poverty, yet she instilled all the good in her heart to her son, she must have done a great job with Elvis, he loved her like no other, a bond that could not be broken even in death.
    A mother to be proud of. Thank you Gladys!!

  64. Dinah Carson

    Dear Friends at Elvis Presley’s Graceland,

    I well know how devoted Elvis was to his mother, Gladys, and he to her. This is a wonderful tribute that I hope was passed onto many moms as they are celebrated this Mothers’ Day. I only hope that many young people read this article with its special photos of a uniquely special Mother/Son bond.
    It is Gladys who gave Elvis his sensitivity, respect for others, gift of music, and religious devotion – which he shared with all of us in the gift of his extraordinary voice in songs.
    I am glad she saw her son’s success but regret that she was unable to be at his side when he needed her the most.
    No other musician/vocalist has given so much to the world in music than Elvis Presley. Thank you, Gladys.

    Yours truly,

    Dinah K. Carson
    Mi Wuk Village, California

  65. Christine Bamford

    Happy Mother’s Day Gladys.
    Elvis loved you so much and we have learned to love you heaps too for giving us such a handsome man and talented man also we know how you was so good to him because you taught him right from wrong and we thank you for him.

    Lots of love always

  66. pacer burton

    I think it would be great if , there was a everlasting tribute to Gladys at graceland , in recognition for the outstanding way , Gladys raised elvis .

  67. jackie toghill

    Always knew she was a lovely lady. A good mum who loved her son beyond believe, I have two sons and I hope I am a good a Mum as her. She may have given us a superstar but he was always her boy.

  68. Nona De Vall

    Happy Mother’s Day to Gladys Presley, Elvis’ dear and sweet Mother. What a precious lady she was. All her sweetness lingers in many of my most treasured memories. She touched my heart, soul,
    and life in ways that truly defy description. The awesome impact she made on my life sweetly lingers on. What a sweet place it was to just be in her presence. Since the people that God allows to cross our path continue to greatly impact our lives, I am blessed
    beyond what words can ever express every time the dearest memories
    of Mrs. Presley bless me every day of my life. I love everything she will always be to the heart and soul of me. Love was more than
    a special part of her name, it was a precious part of Mrs. Gladys.

    • Nona De Vall

      Happy Mother’s Day to Gladys Presley, Elvis dear sweet Mother. What a precious lady she was! All her sweetness
      lingers in many of my most treasured memories. I love everything she will always be to the heart and soul of me.

  69. Debbie Matix

    Was this picture taken at Graceland or their other home in Memphis?

  70. Debbie Matix

    Was this picture taken at Graceland or their other home in Memphis? The one off Elvis laying on bed with Gladys.

  71. Total Respect for the whole Presley Family. As a child, he was what I call- The All American Boy. Rags to Riches. An inspiration to all, that you can be whatever you want. #Idol

  72. Elvisfan

    Touching tribute to Gladys Presley, Elvis once bought Gladys two electric mixers from Harry Levich’s store, before he became famous, so he could put one on each end of the kitchen, so she wouldn’t have to walk so far. Happy Mothers Day.

  73. Beverly Wark

    I love reading about Elvis, his life, and the love he had for his mother. Thank you for sharing them with us!!

  74. Mariofl

    Really nice love story…

  75. Nona De Vall

    Happy Mother’s Day to Gladys Presley, Elvis’ dear and sweet Mother. What a precious lady she was. All her sweetness lingers in many of my most treasured memories. She touched my heart, soul, and life
    in ways that truly defy description. The awesome impact she made on my life sweetly lingers on.

  76. Tammy

    So funny how much her and I have in common. Sounds like she was such a sweetheart of a person. The same as my own mother. Elvis must of got his heart from his mother.

  77. Jean W.Hampson

    Elvis was a fine Southern boy, who Loved his Mama, and showed her respect, no matter what. I have 2 Sons of my own, and they treat their Mama the same way, and I thank God for that. I also have one Daughter also, she is a real Sweetheart, I am very lucky to have them, and they are very protective, especially since I lost their Father on 11-5-08, we were married 50 yrs. and he was the Love of my Life. Happy Mothers Day to Gladys, she had a very talented Son. I used his Hymns at my Beloved Turk’s funeral, How Great Thou Art, was his favorite,performed by Elvis!

  78. Donna Bjorklund

    Elvis Presley is the king but even kings have parents. Gladys Presley to me is the embodiment of everyone’s mother. She did well with her son. Unfortunately she wasn’t around to look after him in his career choices. Thank you for sharing your son with us Gladys and thank you Priscilla and Lisa Marie for allowing this to continue. God bless all mothers who love their families!


  79. Paul Fivelson

    A great lady and loving Mama! Rest in Peace Mrs. Presley.

  80. Jan P alm

    Gladys was a very special lady who loved her son unconditionally and her son loved his mother with the same devotion. I do believe that when she died, she took a part of Elvis with her, and Elvis struggled with her death throughout his life. I also think Elvis’ life would have taken a different path if she would have lived. Such a special love between a mother and son.

  81. Brenda

    Newfound love of his voice

  82. Letitia Ryan

    Such a nice thought, to pay tribute to Elvis’ mother. Glady’s will be looking down smiling, happy that people appreciate her family and her son’s legacy.

  83. Linda.McCaw

    Thanks for sharing

  84. Barbara Court

    Happy Mother’s Day Gladys, thank you for sharing your precious son with us. I treasure his memory and will forever.

  85. Susan Jeffries

    Wonderful examples of the ever enduring and unconditional love of a Mother and her child. Gladys is a perfect example of whar t a woman gives for her family. The songs Elvis sang for her are full of love and meaning. Always remembered – Gladys Love Presley. The Lord God bless and keep her.xx

  86. Cathy Burrows

    What can you say about a precious loving, caring mom. She is one of the most famous mom we ever had. She gave us Elvis. What a jewel she gave. Fan since six years old when my aunt took me to see Love Me Tender. She was a huge Elvis fan. I losted her way before Elvis passed away. But she instilled in me a love for Elvis that has ever died. I am now 64. Elvis has been part of my life all my life. I to wish Elvis could have had his mom longer. She was his eye balls. I don’t think he ever got over losing his mom. But she taught him all the right things in life. She brought up a wonderful man. It will soon be 38 years since we losted him. All his fans have kept him alive in our hearts and homes. My grown children and grandchildren listen to me today. I’m working on my 5 year old grandson now. All family and friends know how much I always will love him. Elvis music has brought me through some rough times in my life. Music has always been my therapy. There is one more singer that I love that is Conway Twitty. Between these two I have manage to get through the hard times I have gone through. Believe me I have had my share. My quote is when I give my testimony is there’s two things that got me through God, Elvis and Conway. They look at me strange but I tell them all my life I have loved music. I hope each and every one had a Happy Mother Day. Did you play Mama Like The Roses? One of my favorite. But I guess I can say all are my favorite. But I do love Something Blue and Just tell her Jim Said Hello. The way he sings Unchained Melody will tear your heart out. Elvis loved God very much, he loved gospel music and no one can sing gospel like him. But what makes me mad is all the people putting him down after all these years. They don’t know or love Elvis like me do. I thank Gladys for giving us the greatest gift the world ever had on earth. She didn’t realize that at the time. I also thank God for giving us Elvis. He proclaimed his faith all his life. I know the heavenly choir is so much richer now with his voice we losted him in 1977 and I lost Conway in 1993. There will ever been any one with these two voices ever again. Love to you all from a die hard Elvis fan. All my life I have all my albums since I was nine years old. All th CD’s and other items Elvis is all over my home! He brings me joy every day!

  87. Antonia

    Happy belated birthday Gladys.. Thank you for sharing with the world the most wonderful and the most handsome man god has ever created. You gave the world a true loving, generous man, he will forever be in our hearts. We love you ELVIS forever….

  88. Tina Jones-Heard

    What a nice tribute !

  89. Gina barker

    I wish i could thank Gladys for giving us Elv is,I think if his mum had lived he would have lived longer too

  90. janice lee taylor

    Dear Gladys, I believe that our was still would’ve been a alive if you were still alive on this earth, I love how you put the of god in Elvis when he was little. Later on in his life he sang gospel music, and his faith showed through his music. I’m so grateful that you and Vernon instilled your faith in Elvis. Elvis’s music to this day lifts my faith up every time I listen to a CD or record on my record player. I hope the new Elvis fans find his faith in his music like I have, and then know how beautiful elvis’s faith really was through his music. May you rest in peace Gladys until Jahovah our god brings us all back together again.

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