50th Anniversary: Elvis Presley’s ‘Double Trouble’

Double the Elvis movies, double the fun!

Just a few weeks after “Easy Come, Easy Go,” was released, Elvis Presley’s next movie, the musical comedy “Double Trouble,” followed.

Like “Easy Come, Easy Go,” the “Double Trouble” movie doesn’t top many fans’ lists of favorite Elvis films, and it performed well – but not great – at the box office. Still, fans enjoy the laughs, the music and, of course, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, in this romp about a rock star who gets mixed up with an heiress, jewel thieves and detectives.

“Double Trouble” is Elvis’ 24th film. He actually filmed it before he filmed his 23rd film, “Easy Come, Easy Go,” although “Easy Come, Easy Go” was released just before “Double Trouble.” Elvis filmed “Double Trouble” in July – August 1966, and it was released April 5, 1967.

The original working title of the film was “You’re Killing Me,” but “Double Trouble” worked better.

Elvis, playing the role of Singer Guy Lambert, in the "Double Trouble" movie.

Elvis, playing the role of singer Guy Lambert, performs a number of featured songs including “City by Night,” “Baby, If You Give Me All Your Love,” “Long Legged Girl (With a Short Dress On),” “I Love Only One Girl,” “Could I Fall in Love” and the “Double Trouble” movie title track.

Norman Taurog directed these nine Elvis’ films, more than any other director:

  • “Double Trouble”
  • “G.I. Blues”
  • “Blue Hawaii”
  • “It Happened at the World’s Fair”
  • “Spinout”
  • “Tickle Me”
  • “Speedway”
  • “Live a Little, Love a Little”
  • “Girls! Girls! Girls!”

Other Norman-directed movies are “Skippy,” “Boys Town” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” He also cast many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Dean Martin, Donna Reed and more.

More than 140 dancers were used in "Double Trouble."

More than 140 dancers were used in “Double Trouble.”

Elvis’ “Double Trouble” co-star Annette Day made her film debut in this movie. She was working at an antique shop when she was discovered by a producer but “Double Trouble” was the only movie Day ever made.

Stage, film and TV actor John Williams, who stars in “Double Trouble,” also starred in “Sabrina” (as the chauffeur) and Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief.”

While the movie took place in Belgium and Britain, it wasn’t filmed there. Elvis made the movie entirely on the MGM lot in Culver City, California.

While Elvis was filming this movie, he went to a Jackie Wilson concert and met the singer backstage. Elvis invited him to the set of “Double Trouble.” At the Jackie Wilson show, Elvis also met singer James Brown. Elvis was good friends with both Jackie and James for the rest of his life.

Soul singer Jackie Wilson visited Elvis on the set of "Double Trouble."

Soul singer Jackie Wilson visited Elvis on the set of “Double Trouble.”

Speaking of James Brown, you can check out a suit James sported on stage at our new exhibit, Icons: The Influence of Elvis Presley. The exhibit features artifacts from artists who were inspired by Elvis, like John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake and Trisha Yearwood.

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Also, be sure to tune in to our Starring Elvis Presley Podcast. Elvis Presley Enterprises’ Libby Perry and Sheena Barnett are watching all of Elvis’ movies in chronological order and discussing one per episode. They may not be up to “Double Trouble” yet – but you can still watch (and listen) along with them. Tune in to the Graceland & Elvis Podcast here.

What’s your favorite “Double Trouble” scene?


  1. sylvain vertez

    this picture “Elvis stars as Guy Lambert in “Double Trouble.”
    the oe with the 6 girls is from the movie Roustabout and not Double Trouble

  2. You have the wrong year for the movie release – it should be 1967 not 1957.


    “trains of the night,, flashing their light,,will only tell me that Im not freeeee”. One of the lines that wasnt in the movie,or the album, but I got to here it much later because of the very cool FTD label.
    Guy sure looked cool in that Trench coat.

  4. Janet Davies

    I don’t think Elvis enjoyed making these movies, I’m going by the way his body language was

  5. Tom Yock

    Elvis is still the King and always be known as the King of Rock N Roll

  6. Tom Yock

    Elvis will always be the King of Rock N Roll. In the 50’s and 60’s he was the man of music.

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