33 Years of Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Elvis Presley’s Graceland opened to the public on June 7, 1982.

Sunday, June 7, 2015, is our 33rd anniversary. To say we’ve been busy in those 33 years is an understatement.

In 33 years,  over 19 million Elvis fans have walked in the footsteps of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll at Graceland. Guests come from around the globe to see the house Elvis called home. Some of those guests have been celebrities, like Sir Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift, and some have been royalty, such as Princes William and Harry.

The Graceland property has grown to include the plaza across the street, a new Archives Studio near the home and a Chapel in the Woods. Fans explore more than just the home – they can step inside Elvis’ airplanes and see his cars.

It all started one spring day, 33 years ago, right on the steps of Graceland.

Elvis' Aunt Delta and Elvis Presley Enterprises CEO Jack Soden cut the ribbon on opening day at Graceland.

Elvis’ Aunt Delta and Elvis Presley Enterprises CEO Jack Soden cut the ribbon on opening day, June 7, 1982, at Graceland.

This is the flyer for Graceland's opening day.

This is the flyer for Graceland’s opening day.

These are the gold scissors that were used to cut the ribbon on Graceland's opening day.

These are the gold scissors that were used to cut the ribbon on Graceland’s opening day.

When Elvis purchased Graceland in 1957, he didn’t buy it just for himself, but for his family. His parents, Vernon and Gladys, lived there, as did his grandmother, Minnie Mae (all of whom are now buried at the Meditation Garden at Graceland). Several family members lived at Graceland over the years, including Elvis’ aunt, Delta Presley Biggs, Vernon’s sister. In fact, she still lived at Graceland when it opened for tours, and she lived there with her dog, Edmond, until her death in 1993.

Delta and Elvis Presley Enterprises CEO Jack Soden cut the ribbon to open Graceland in 1982, and Priscilla Presley was on hand to welcome guests to the home.

Priscilla Presley welcomes fans to Graceland during its opening ceremony in 1982.

Priscilla Presley welcomes fans to Graceland during its opening ceremony in 1982.

Fans lined up to tour Graceland on its first day – 3,024 fans, to be exact.

The kitchen was not added to the Graceland tour until 1993. Today, fans can see the living room, dining room, Elvis’ parents’ bedroom, the kitchen, pool room, TV room and Jungle Room.

Upon its initial opening, the tour featured guides in each room, who shared facts about Elvis and his home. Today, fans are guided through Graceland with a state-of-the-art iPad tour, narrated by Elvis fan and actor John Stamos. The iPad tour includes exclusive video and photo of Elvis and his family at Graceland.

A lot has changed in 33 years, but one thing hasn’t: Graceland is ground zero for fans who want to celebrate, learn more about and pay tribute to Elvis Presley.

Here are a few of the different ways fans experience Graceland.

Have you signed the wall at Graceland?

Have you signed the wall at Graceland?

When Elvis was at home at Graceland, he’d often wander down to the wall and his famous gates to meet fans. Since then, fans have filled the wall with messages of love.

There are thousands of messages on the wall, with more added every day. Have you added yours?

This year's Candlelight Vigil is August 15 during Elvis Week.

This year’s Candlelight Vigil is August 15 during Elvis Week.

Graceland was Elvis’ home, and it’s now a home, of sorts, for Elvis fans. Fans gather at Graceland each year for Elvis Week. Lifelong friendships have been made during Elvis Week, which gives the festival a family reunion feel. Friendships forged, relationships made, lives changed forever – that’s the power of Elvis.

Fans also get the chance to hear from those who knew Elvis best at events such as Conversations on Elvis and the Graceland Insiders Conference.

The cornerstone event of Elvis Week is one that can’t happen anywhere else in the world but Graceland – the Candlelight Vigil. Thousands of fans, candle in hand, line up at Graceland and the Meditation Garden to pay tribute to the king.

The Presley family celebrated Elvis' 80th birthday at Graceland on January 8, 2015.

The Presley family celebrated Elvis’ 80th birthday at Graceland on January 8, 2015.

Fans also gather to celebrate Elvis’ birthday at Graceland.

On Elvis’ 80th birthday, January 8, 2015, the Presley family joined fans from around the world to cut a gorgeous birthday cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The Birthday Celebration is like a smaller version of Elvis Week, with special guests and events that all focus on Elvis.

John Stamos, who narrates Graceland's iPad tour, turned on the Christmas lights at Graceland in 2014.

John Stamos, who narrates Graceland’s iPad tour, turned on the Christmas lights at Graceland in 2014.

The annual Lighting Ceremony has become a fan-favorite event, with a celebrity switching on the Christmas lights for the holiday season. Last year, Graceland’s iPad tour narrator, John Stamos, turned on the lights with the help of patients from Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

Elvis’ original Christmas decorations are still in use at Graceland, and the sparkly decorations stay up until his birthday. Fans love Elvis’ decorations and the many Christmas trees that are inside the mansion, and make special trips just to see the decorations.

These Scouts toured Graceland at Scout Day 2015.

These Scouts toured Graceland at Scout Day 2015. While they were here, they also sang Elvis karaoke, learned about wild animals and created “Thank You” notes for the troops.

Graceland and the Graceland experience has grown in its 33 years. Elvis Week, the Birthday Celebration and Lighting Ceremony are all fantastic additions to the every day tours that take place at the king’s castle. In the last few years, Graceland has added even more events, such as Scouts Rock at Graceland, which welcomes young fans to explore the mansion as well as participate in educational and creative activities.

New this year is Home School Day, which is October 2, and it’s a day for home school students to visit Graceland and take part in special activities.

The newest VIP exhibit at Graceland focuses on the documentary "Elvis: That's The Way It Is."

The newest VIP exhibit at Graceland focuses on the documentary “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is.”

Some things at Graceland will never change. Those lions will always keep watch at the entrance. The stained-glass peacocks in the living room aren’t going anywhere. Elvis’ three TVs will remain, forever, in the TV room.

But it’s always fun to shake things up once in a while.

Exhibits change every so often at Graceland so fans can always learn something new about Elvis. Guests have enjoyed the new Archives Studio, which opens up Graceland Archives to fans. “I Shot Elvis,” a photography exhibit, opened earlier this year, as did a new VIP exhibit, which is all about the “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” documentary.

Elvis greeted fans at the gates of Graceland.

Elvis often greeted fans at the gates of Graceland.

If you haven’t visited Graceland yet, what’s stopping you? Experience the king’s castle today!

Have you toured the mansion?
Paid your respects during the Candlelight Vigil?
Wished Elvis a happy birthday on Graceland’s lawn?
Signed your name on the wall?
Snapped a selfie at the Graceland gates?

Share your favorite Graceland experience in the comments!

Thank you, thank you very much for visiting Graceland, and here’s to many more years!


  1. Diane from England

    My first visit to Graceland was in August 1984 when I was 19 and it was a dream come true for me. It was so lovely and moving to be able to walk inside the house that Elvis called home and also to be able to pay my respects to Elvis by his graveside. I was very lucky too, to be able to stroke Elvis’ horse, Rising Sun, who was grazing in the front paddock at the time. Since then I have visited Graceland twice, both times in the late eighties, and I hope to visit again in a couple of years time with my husband, now our kids are grown up.

  2. Juanita Morales

    The first time I visited Graceland was on my 42nd birthday. At that time, I kept telling myself that Elvis was my age when he left this world, he was so young. When I stepped through the front doors of Graceland, I was overcome with emotion and felt a presence that was overwhelming, it was a beautiful experience. Since that first visit, I have been drawn to return at least once a year to learn more about Elvis through all the wonderful exhibits and to pay my respect to man and entertainer that in my opinion is timeless and so special. Thank you for allowing us, the fans, the opportunity to walk through the doors of Graceland, the home that Elvis loved so much.

  3. Genny S.

    I have loved Elvis since 1955 when I was only 8 years old. It is 6/6/2015 now and I have loved him for 60 years and I will love him until I die. Then he will be waiting for me at the Gates of Heaven singing my favorite song “I Walk Thru The Garden Alone”. Always On My Mind and Always In My Heart Love Always, Genny

  4. Genny S.

    Yes I have visited Graceland and signed his wall. We did take photo’s and when I had them developed and went to pick them up, someone had taken them . I’m just glad they left the negatives in the package. So I took them back and had them redone. That was in 1976 and he was on Tour. I also visited Graceland on 6/6/2006 . Every thing was so beautiful.

  5. william

    I visit GRACELAND at least once a year since 1990 tcb brother william

  6. DeeAnna Day

    The first time I visited Graceland was 1985. My mom took me for my graduation present. I loved it then and my most recent visit was April of this year. A lot has changed for the better. I grew up listening to Elvis and still listen to him. He’s just so cool.

  7. Donna K

    I got to visit once and would love to go back for the lighting ceremony at Christmas time.

  8. John Mason

    Thank you for keeping this very special man’s legacy alive, one day very soon I will visit Gracelands to pay my respects, have been to the O2 exhibition twice with my wife and will visit a few more times as it is fantastic! a big thank you to the organisers bringing this to the UK, I’m pretty sure Elvis would have visited this country if he had the time on his side, and maybe wanted to, God bless!

  9. Catherine Galeano

    Hi I have been to Graceland several times. My first in July 1988. My last time I was there was Elvis’ 80th Birthday January 8, 2015. I meet my friend from California whom I met on Elvis 20th Anniversary during Elvis Week. You see I’m from New York. We go very often. We meet there. You said there lifetime friendships are made. Well this is it. We met a guy from the UK on the 30th anniversary in 2007. We have remained friends with him. Elvis brings people together. Where in the world can you have this. On Elvis 80th birthday it was freezing in Memphis. We stood for a couple of hours paying tribute to Elvis. We were freezing, but all the love we have for this man who is gone now over 37 years. These are people from all over the world. It was beautiful. If you want to see LOVE, just go to Memphis it is there for ELVIS. Thank You Elvis for all the memories Catherine G.

  10. Kelly leblanc

    Well,I’m 37 yrs old and I always told my husband that I just want to make one trip to see the king,always been a big fan,thanks to my mom,lol,So we made the trip finally on March 20 2015,the best day of my life except we were both running fevers and not feeling to good,we bought the big package,cause I told we are going big seeing that I’ll probably never make it here again.So even though I was sick I still made it through and turned out to be the best trip of my life,just kinda bummed out that I couldn t finish the tour cause I was sick just wanted to see the air planes.When I went to the meditation garden it felt like he was there ,and you could feel the love surrounding him and his family.So on that note I hope I make it back to finish what I didn t see ,and just a quick note could you please have some kind of scrapbooking stickers cause I did my album on him and didn t see any at all,so I compromise and used post cards,Thanks again to the presley family and the king for sharing and opening his house to the public so everyone could share his life,thanks again kelly

  11. Jess Cook

    I had the chance to visit Graceland back in the 80’s.. I got a chance to write on the wall but Graceland was not open to public back than. I wish it was. I did not get to see the inside of his house. I got to meet his Dad Vernon . I was really surprise he come up to me and my husband to talk to us. I did not realize that was his father.. I was so happy to talk with him. I come all the way from Mass driving threw I stop here than headed to Colorado to visit family. It was nice in Memphis. I like to go back and see his place someday.

  12. Denise

    I usually go to Elvis Week every year and have developed some great friendship s over the years. Not only do we enjoy Elvis Week, but it’s also a reunion with friends. It’s a great time that I look forward to every year

  13. Dianne Jeddore

    Hello, I am very proud to say I visited Graceland December 2014 and it was a magical experience for me, my first time. We purchased the VP tickets and we were thrilled to see all the exhibits. I wrote on the walls at Graceland, “It’s Midnight” and I miss you Elvis and a few other notes for my friends. I wrote Happy 80th Pre Birthday wishes to Elvis on the bridge at Heartbreak Hotel (stayed here). We visited Elvis’s birthplace Tupelo, Mississippi, Sun Studios, Lansky Shop and Forest Hill Cemetery. We visited Meditation Garden each morning before beginning our day. The overall experience is amazing and one I hold close in my heart. It was sad when I walked through the doors for the first time at Graceland remembering our King of Rock & Roll, Elvis. Meditation Garden is an experience one cannot fully describe in words when you visit the first time (tears in my eyes as I stood there). It was Christmas time so we each made a Christmas decoration and brought them with us for everyone resting at Meditation Garden. God Bless Priscilla, the Presley family. Love Elvis and his family dearly. My plans are to visit Graceland again in the fall of 2015. Cheers to everyone at EPE.

  14. dave burian

    I was in one of the first tours when Graceland opened

  15. Eileen

    I visited Gracelands last year as a 50th birthday present from my partner. Iloved it sooo much I am going back in 2017 to get married there…..my place of heaven on earth.x

  16. Cynthia Disney

    My Husband Frank and I went in 2014 to Graceland for the very first time, I have been an Elvis fan since I can reminder and when we got on that bus and drove up that driveway my leg was shaking like Elvis on stage.. I was crying and laughing all at the same time.. Every moment I will treasure until I can go back.. i enjoyed the Meditation Garden,very sad but was glad to see Elvis and his family altogether and was
    sad for what could of been…

  17. janice baird

    i am 73 and still can,t get enough of elvis.i watch his vidios and listen to his music every week. he left us too soon,but his music and memories will last until the end of time. love you elvis, til we meet again


    I can’t count the times I’ve been…. In the early days, I had coffee with Aunt Delta & her little dog in the garden. Haven’t been in 14 years, I’m almost 75.
    I saw Elvis for my 16th birthday in 1956 at the old Cleveland Auditorium in Cleveland, OH.
    Still listenin’ to the KING !!!


    I can’t count the times I’ve been….In the early days, I had coffee in the Garden with Aunt Delta & her little dog. Still in her housecoat. I’m almost 75 and haven’t been in 14 yrs.
    I saw Elvis for my 16th Birthday at the old Municipal Auditorium in Cleveland, OH.
    Still listenin’ to the King !!!

  20. Marianne Juhlin Svensson

    I just want to tell you that I´ve been to Graceland 7 times and will go back again soon..Just Love it! The King means everything for me & I´ve been a fan since I was 5 years old & now I´m soon 65..60 years with a man who lives in my heart forever. At home I have two Elvis-room with a big collection & I´m so proud of it, I can say! In whole my life I´ve sang his songs & still are. I´m not so good in English, but I do my best! I´m from Sweden & it´s far away from Memphis, but I see Elvis every day & listen to his music. Can´t explain it, but it´s a deep love into my soul & the day he died, I was not myself..could´nt do anything..just playing his music. Sens my LOVE to Elvis..God Bless You..<3

  21. leah gordon

    Also love the events at the birthplace, too!!! I lobe both Memphis and Tupelo, and I think it is so important for folks to see both!! I posted a video on YouTube of us all singing happy birthday…. a day I will never forget!

  22. I am a fan since very early on, perhaps around the age of 10 years old in 1965 or so. During the first few years of my marriage Elvis came to The Auditorium (name now escapes me) I think was 1973-5,in Fayetteville,N.C. My now ex-husband did not want me to go to the concert as he was jealous. I chose not to go and as we know, Elvis passed away a short time after,therefore, I never made it to see him in person.
    I drove down from Wisconsin in 2002, when there was the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ death and I was there for the candlelight vigil and was interviewed by a number of TV stations fore I stood in the first row,one being a foreign station. The whole experience was something I will never forget and I thoroughly enjoyed myself,along with the hospitality of the city of Memphis,down to the ride from the hotel in the pink Cadillac,treated like royalty from start to finish in transit from the hotel to the venue and back.
    Thanks for an experience of a lifetime. I would though have loved to meet this most amazing and talented man,the great Elvis Presley! Rest In Peace…We do love you so!

  23. Susan Brindley

    It’s all beautiful wish I was there xxx

  24. Shirley Roemer

    Thanks to ELVIS for allowing us to visit then and now….we will always be thankful for your music and your love for us, your fans. There is no stronger love , loyalty and respect for any other musician/actor/celebrity/humanitarian than for ELVIS PRESLEY. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED. and thanks to those who have made the continued visits to Graceland possible. Please, just remember to always honor the reason we come…ELVIS.

  25. Philip Pearson

    I have been to Graceland twice and I loved it forsure it was awesome to see it I got butterfly’s in my stomach when I walked through the King’s door and I said to my self I am in the King’s mansion how beautiful it is inside and big I want to go again sometime soon before I pass away I am a true Elvis Presley Fan since I was 8 years old and now I am 46 now and I still like him until till I die and that’s the truth.

  26. Mary Evelyn Wilbanks

    I got to go to Graceland Nov.30, 2006 I will never forget it I hope someday I will get to go back .

  27. Jackie SHAW-WHITE

    We’ve visited Graceland twice from the UK. One early Sunday morning before leaving Memphis the security guard opened and closed the gates just so my husband could film me walking through them. It felt so special. Love Elvis!

  28. Marlene minter

    i visited Graceland 2012 I couldn’t believe I’d got there I loved every step of the tour I just wanted to stay there I picked up an oak leaf from the garden and I have it inside the book that pricilla wrote about her and Elvis I would love to go again maybe one day I will I’m so glad I went I just wish elvis could of been there such happy memories Xxxx

  29. Jodie rhoades

    Been there often since his 43rd birthday. Please don’t make it too commercial.

  30. Cindy Toups

    As a longtime Elvis fan, my first walk through Graceland was bitter sweet and heart wrenching. It was like you felt his presence. Graceland holds a special place in my life, and it does for so many millions of others. Elvis would be proud that he has made such a lasting impact in our lives.

  31. kathryn butler

    I have been to graceland 2 times and plan on going again when I can it is so exciting to be in the same place he was. will always love him..

  32. Carl V Enlow,jr

    i have been on tour of Graceland.

  33. shirley Hansen

    I would love to visit Graceland, but live too far and can’t afford the trip. I enjoy reading and seeing all the pictures and information about Elvis, who was the greatest!!

  34. Pearl

    I still have my collection of LP’s and some cassettes plus other things so I will never forget him he was the King of Rock and Roll

  35. linda correy

    To visit Graceland is on my bucket list it has always been a dream to visit but never had a chance. Its a long way from Australia but i hope i will fulfil my dream and get to go one day before i die. Keep up the good work of keeping Elvis’s memory alive.

  36. Kerry.

    I was lucky enough to visit Graceland in 1991 my life time dream come true I had not been having good health but Iam so pleased I was still able to make the trip from Australia Stayed in Memphis for a few days and got to visit 4 time each time found something special But the highest point was my early morning walk up to the meditation garden I found it so peaceful a special place and time for a long time fan to feel close to Elvis. Not sure if you still let fans do this but you should as the main tour can be very sad for many as the lack of respect from the mainstream people do spoil it for the fans who loved him so. My love for the man his music and the kindness he showed to others will never fade. Thank you Elvis Presley for giving such joy to my life Kerry

    • Hi there Kerry – we do still allow morning walk-ups. You’re right, it is a very special time for fans to pay tribute to Elvis! Thanks so much for being a fan and for visiting – we hope to see you again.

  37. Teresa HouseHatfield

    I visited again this year. Thank you for growing and improving the experience. It was the best ever!

  38. Joy Morrison

    love coming to Graceland….
    Will be there this summer for my second visit…,
    Thank you to everyone who make it possible to visit Graceland ….

  39. Betty Kidd

    thank you, enjoyed the reading. thanks for keeping Elvis in our lives.

  40. Linda

    Been there once but before I die I’m coming back.”Elvis” will always be “KING!”

  41. Jerry Enzweiler

    I share the same birthday as Elvis and have been a fan for many years. I first visited Graceland in 2013 and loved seeing his home. It was a great experience and made me an even bigger fan.

  42. Izilda Abre Asfar

    Forever Elvis.

  43. Bobby Todd

    Wow I never had the chance to see Elvis play live when I was growing up,But I have had the Chance to see Graceland 2 times
    the 1s time was 15 yrs ago & It really was a awesome experinace
    as soon I as I walked in the front door I could feel Elvis in the house,if those walls could talk they would say a lot about the History at Graceland .

  44. Louise Dion

    Thank you very much for everything you did with Graceland, all these years,, idea to share with fans of Elvis his home, his land the things he had, for 33 years its wonderful, I could not go, my its my dream to go there one day there, when I have my money for the passport and the travel, I will spend one week at the motel heartbreak hotel, continue your good work and thank you.

  45. shirley

    I toured Graceland in 1991 during November. It was a wonderful experience and took home to Australia many memories walking in his home,. I hope to return one day.

  46. Joyce and David Watson

    my husband and I have visited Graceland twice and planning a third visit next year. Both times we drove in a Dodge Caravan stopping overnight at various stops to Graceland and then the drive back home to Vancouver, Canada.

    It was so very emotional for me especially going through the front door. And again, approaching the Meditation Garden.

    I was pregnant when “Elvis left the building” so it was our tribute to Elvis to call our daughter Lisa Marie after Elvis’ daughter. My Lisa Marie and I went to see Lisa Marie Presley perform at the Red Robinson Theatre, Coquitlam, BC which is not too far from where live.

    I am so happy that Graceland is kept open to his fans as there are new
    generations coming along who adore Elvis. My four year old twin granddaughters, Mykenzie and Rylee know who he is and his voice and music.

    Forever Elvis

  47. Donna Davis

    My daughter took me to Graceland in Jan. 2011 for Elvis’ 76th Birthday. That was my Christmas Present from her and my first visit to Graceland. During the Birthday Celebration on the lawn at Graceland, they had a very special guest. The Chilean Miner that was trapped in the mine that caved in. He was the one that asked for Elvis music to be lowered down during the rescue attempts. He would play and sing along to keep the other Miners in good spirits and hopeful. This guy could not speak a word of English but could sing every Elvis song in English. He gave us a little sample of “The Wonder of You”. The crowd loved it! That was pretty special for me. We also met a wonderful couple from Wichita Falls, Texas that we are still friends with and still sharing Elvis memories!

  48. Ellen J. Folsom

    I was really taken aback when my (then) fiancee and I went to Graceland and Elvis’ uncle greeted us just before went entered. He addressed my husband (at that time) as “Kenny” – as in Kenny Davis & Country. My husband and Elvis were very good friends.

    Thank you for allowing this section on comments.

    Ellen Folsom

  49. Melanie Gibson

    Hard to believe it’s been 33 years ago.

  50. brenda e holt

    I am poor and do not have money to visit my favorite singer of graceland . my family and me don’t make enough to go anywhere but around Kansas city , Missouri . this is the state we all live in . I hope that one day I get to pay my condolences to his family as well as meet them some day . it would be an honor just to visit graceland and meet all his family that are living right now .

  51. Joanne Lortie

    Hello from Ottawa ,Canada yes we visited in May 2013 and we are going back in June of this year…love,love,loved it!

    This time taking our friends with us he is also a big Elvis fan….can’t wait to arrive!

    Elvis lives forever!!!

  52. Flora Neff

    I remember the first time I visited Graceland, it was with my Mom in May 1997, She loved it at much as I did. She got cold so we had to go to the Peabody Hotel and buy her a sweatshirt, we watched the ducks, That was the last time I got to spend a lot of time with my Mom but I will remember it forever.

  53. Darlene Johnson

    Thank you so much for opening Graceland. I have been there several times and plan to go many more. I seem to find something I missed every time go. I loved Elvis and enjoy his family now.
    Again Thanks

  54. Karen Becker

    I have been to Graceland twice and am going again
    Trip of a life time. Love Elvis’s music and always will. Karen

  55. Roland palmer

    On the 10th may 2015 my wife passed away and she would of been so happy to of gone to Graceland but at 54 did not get their my be one day I will get there elvis was a one off (king) my wife was sent off space 2001 and other elvis songs

  56. Sherry Dempsey

    I have had the pleasure of visiting the Kings home twice now! It is an incredible feeling to enter his home & I hope to return again with my Grandchildren so they can experience the vision I have told them about. Last summer my husband & I had the honor of meeting Prisciia Presley at Collingwoods Elvis Festival! Wow! Awesome! Priscilla was gracious & beautiful. She laughed when I told her my e-mail name!

  57. can you send me a book to buy

  58. Hello there Bill! You can find all sorts of information about Graceland, tours, prices and much more at Graceland.com. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here! Hope this helps.

  59. Rosie Hanson

    I have been to Graceland 2 times and would go again if I could it was so great felt like Elvis was there he is the King and always will be

  60. Judy Fielstra

    I have traveled from Michigan to Memphis with my friends every year in August since 1980 for Elvis Week & always had an exciting time & had fun meeting other fans from all over the world. Imagine our excitement when we learned that Graceland would be opening for tours! We could barely contain ourselves but the day finally came when we could walk through Elvis’ front door at Graceland! I could actually feel his spirit that day as I stepped inside. I get emotional every time I remember it. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve toured Graceland since then, but that first time will always remain special for me. Thank you Priscilla & Lisa Marie for preserving Graceland & helping to keep the legacy of Elvis alive & well.

  61. Jan Barrette

    I have been to Graceland so many times I can’t even remember them all. On one of our visits my husband and I were on the tour with Robert Plant. I will continue to visit Graceland anytime I can! Always a moving experience. Love, Love, Love Elvis! There will NEVER be anyone like him!

  62. I have been to Graceland 3x’s. Once in june 2007 1st time and june 2009 and for my 40th B-day on Elvis week august 2012. I brought the whole family with me and everybody enjoyed it very much. I will go back again hopefully for my 45th b-day in 2 years. On my birthday this year they have the elvis stamp coming out, I wish I could be there but I can’t this year.

  63. I have been to Graceland 3x’s. Me and my family really enjoyed yourselfs very much. I hoping to go back on my 45th b-day in 2 years.

  64. I have been to Graceland 3x’s. Me and my family really enjoyed yourselfs very much. We will go back there soon.

  65. Lisa Bseiso

    I have loved The King since the day I was born.. I grew up hearing Elvis Presley songs and it was an absolute honor that 33 years later I was able to visit Graceland and all the beautiful memories and accomplishments of the King… It was a dream come true and everywhere I went I felt his presence, so much that I couldn’t stop crying. I am honored and proud to be an Elvis Fan Club President for Qatar and it’s my duty as a loyal fan to always keep his memory and music alive..

  66. Angela Manciagli

    I have loved Elvis since I was 11 years old, and saw G I Blues, the first time I saw him on screen. I am now 65 years old and got to realise my dream, in 2014, a trip of a lifetime, I went to Graceland. I couldn’t put it into words how wonderful it was, a dream come true. I hope to return.

  67. Letitia Ryan

    My dreams finally came true when I got to holiday in America and visit Memphis, all the way from Down Under in 2012. I did the VIP tour at Graceland and signed the wall at the gates of Graceland. I was fortunate enough to find out about Mike’s Memphis tours and visited the Circle G ranch, the cemetery where Elvis and Gladys were originally buried, where he hung out in Memphis, Humes High School, the Projects where he lived, Sun Studio and much more.I also visited Tupelo – the shot gun shack where he was born, where he went to school, where he got his first guitar, the fairgrounds and where he hung out. I will never forget this fantastic trip and how the experience has made me love and appreciate Elvis even more. Someday I hope to return to America and visit Graceland again. There is so much to take in and see at Graceland. I would recommend 2 days at the King’s castle.

  68. Patricia Smith

    Elvis has been, and always will be The King. I have been a huge fan since I saw him on the Dorsey Brothers Show, and I was privileged to see him live in concert here in Tucson twice. A memorable event I will never forget. I have been to Elvis Week twice, Graceland three times, and plan to return for Elvis Week, 2016. I was present, along with hundreds of Elvis fans, at the opening night of the Elvis Experience in Las Vegas-incredible! Elvis Rules!!

  69. Debbie Weddel

    I visited Graceland in 1995. I even met Uncle Vested while touring the Lisa Marie. My heart was beating so fast, you would have sworn it was Elvis. He was very nice, gave a little info about the planes and he spoke of Elvis. I have loved Elvis ever since I was a little girl. So when we toured the house I cried the whole time. My husband held my hand and wiped my tears. I just couldn’t believe I was walking where Elvis once walked. It made me want to stay forever, which I knew was not possible. If I lived in Memphis, I think I would have loved to work at Graceland, but being in Louisiana is where I needed to stay. I hope to go back soon, so much has changed since 1995. Till we meet again…..

  70. Yes, you can! Our morning walk-ups are free, and they are from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.

  71. kay ward

    I’m saddened by the news of being charged to participate in the vigil this year I guess no more free early walk-ups either? Thousands of people spend hard earned money to visit Graceland each year, including me. Elvis always believed in giving back. He would be so disappointed. :(

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