10 Best Places to Take a Selfie at Elvis Presley’s Graceland

By Alyssa Long If you visit Elvis Presley’s Graceland and take lots of pictures, but you weren’t in any of them, were you really there? Well, of course you were! But I bet you wish you’d taken a few selfies to remember your trip. Here are some of the best places to take a selfie while at Elvis Presley’s Graceland, whether you’re there for the tour or experiencing Elvis Week. And if you’re in Memphis for Elvis Week, play along with the Elvis Week Instagram Challenge – but more on that in a bit.   1) Before you begin your tour   Before you start your tour of Graceland, I suggest snapping a picture out front! There’s even a little patch of sidewalk in the front yard that’s the perfect spot to get most of the house in your selfie.   2) The TV Room’s Mirrored Ceiling   Elvis’ TV Room (which is my favorite, by the way) is in the basement, but it doesn’t feel cramped. I bet the mirrored ceiling helps with that, it also lends a hand in being a great place to capture a creative selfie.   3) The Jungle Room   Easily the most memorable room in Graceland, the Jungle Room is a great place for a selfie. Even though you can’t actually walk through the Jungle Room, you can take a picture to capture the uniqueness of the room. Don’t leave out the shag carpet on the ceiling!   4) With Elvis’ Grammys   Elvis won three Grammy Awards in his life, and all three were for his gospel records. Why not snap a picture with these amazing awards when passing through the Hall of Gold.   5) With Elvis   While you’re there, also grab a quick pic with the King himself, well a picture that is. There’s a great picture of Elvis right by the Grammys. I mean, just look at that smile!   6) Racquetball Court   At Graceland, the racquetball court is not for playing. It’s for admiring some of Elvis’ jumpsuits, gold records, and other achievements. It’s also another perfect spot for a selfie!   7) With a Graceland Lion   Standing guard outside the front doors of Graceland are two friendly lions. Don’t worry, they’re friendly and more than happy to smile for a selfie.   8) In Front of the Gates   The gates of Graceland are iconic,...
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