Elvis Sightings

Elvis' impact in contemporary culture can be seen every day throughout the world. Have you had Elvis Presley sightings on your favorite TV show, movie, magazine, book, play or any other cultural or social event? If so, let us know by entering your own sighting below. Be sure and tell us your first name and your hometown.

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Elvis on "Mike and Molly"      [ View Image ]
While on a trip to Memphis, Samuel mentioned to Carl and Mike liking Elvis and wanted to visit Graceland. Due to the nature of the trip, there were not going to have time. He bought an Elvis hat at a convenience store and wore it in the car. One of the lines toward the end of the show was Mike saying Ok, we'll go to Graceland. It was implied, but not shown.
Paula, Tiverton, RI, USA

Elvis Puzzle      [ View Image ]
The attached puzzle appeared in the St Louis Post Dispatch on Saturday, April 12.
Rob, Weldon Spring. MO, USA

Cody Simpson Likes Elvis      [ View Image ]
Cody Simpson posted a photo of Elvis and writes "perpetually the man."
Mark Mathews, Buffalo, New York, US

Marie Claire Instagram      [ View Image ]
DJ Michelle Pesce shows off an Elvis tee and Marie Claire Magazine posted a photo on Instagram.
Talley Smith, Ft. Worth, Texas, US

Dancing With The Stars       [ View Image ]
Drew Carey appeared on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" this past week in a gold lame suit. Judge Bruno said Drew's performance was pitched somewhere between Elvis Presley and Liberace.
Marissa Jacobs, Lousiville, KY, US

Return To Sender by Elvis on CBS This Morning     
CBS This Morning Show, this morning when going into commercial Elvis Presley was singing Return To Sender.
Janis, Elvis Insiders,Michigan, US

Elvis In Australia      [ View Image ]
Was walking through a paved area of a park earlier today in Melbourne and spotted this brick! It made me smile even though I was walking to work and it was raining
Anna, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Elvis' army haircut      [ View Image ]
In the April issue of Entertainment Fort Smith(page 16), there is an article about Elvis' army haircut at Fort Chaffee. It talks about the Elvis Barbershop Museum and spring festival on April 12.
Charlene Bymaster , Batesville AR, USA

ELVIS in Arkansas      [ View Image ]
Our local newspaper,Batesville Daily Guard, showed Elvis performing in Arkansas and having Mountain Valley Water as his favorite bottled water.
Charlene Bymaster, Batesville AR, USA

Sighting on CSI series     
Hello everybody I've just seen an Elvis Tribute Artist on a new episode of CSI, and the whole episode is based on Elvis music. Greetings from Mexico and have a nice day !!!
Javier Wildcat , México , Distrito Federal

Blue Hawaii       [ View Image ]
Capture from Blue Hawaii used in O'Reilly segment. TCB
Reba, Denison, Tx, USA

Classic Albums     
Viewed on BBC television the making of Elvis' first Album from Sun Records to RCA and how Elvis influenced the teenagers.The first meeting with the Colonel.Was broadcast in March 2014.
D G Locke, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Elvis Sighting     
3/26/14- TV commercial for the ABC show Modern Family. The show will take place in Las Vegas. The commercial ended with Elvis' song "Viva Las Vegas".
Celeste Barlow, Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA

NCIS - Elvis      
In this evening's "Crescent City" episode of NCIS, when Special Agent Gibbs enters his office with a former colleague, DiNozzo makes the comment "A living legend has entered the building" to which Ellie Bishop responds "Who...Elvis?"
Sandy Van Horn, Dayton, OH, US

Elvis poster in Tina Turner biopic      
Saw an Elvis poster in the movie "what's love got to do with it". Tina Turner biopic.
Elaine Ferranti, Philadelphia , USA

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