Elvis Sightings

Elvis' impact in contemporary culture can be seen every day throughout the world. Have you had Elvis Presley sightings on your favorite TV show, movie, magazine, book, play or any other cultural or social event? If so, let us know by entering your own sighting below. Be sure and tell us your first name and your hometown.

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Yahoo News      [ View Image ]
This morning, yahoo news ran a short burb and video of Elvis in his younger days. The video focused on his dress apparel and his personal flair of fashion. The video contained a short interview with George Kline describing his clothes, and highlighted Lansky Brothers, where Elvis bought his clothes in Memphis.
Joy, Athens, Ohio, USA

Aloha From Hawaii     
Tonight, August 26, 2014, on our local PBS Station, WOUB (Ohio University) is showing Aloha From Hawaii. Never get tired of seeing it!
Joy White, Athens, Ohio, USA

in the Minneapolis Star Tribune the crossword puzzle had the question, "what is Elvis Presleys middle name?"

Becky , Edina, MN, US

Elvis on Storage Wars     
On the show storage wars a mention about Elvis and the jungle room
mike markovich, whiby ontario, canada

Elvis Sighting!       [ View Image ]
Found Elvis on the show The Office in episode 2 of season 5! He is on the wall with a bunch of other photos.
Tori, Houston, TX, United States

Magazine       [ View Image ]
I saw elvis on a magzine It was called the Newfoundland Hearld it says on the cover Elvis Presley the King the greatest entertainer that ever lived!
Isabella Green, Winterton NL, Canada

A couple danced to Bossa Nova on So You Think You Can Dance last night! What a great way to show rockabilly is still alive!
Erin Crane, Moss Point, MS, USA

Elvis on American Pickers      
Pickers were in Memphis - Talked about visiting Graceland and Elvis several times.
JH , , Us

Elvis on "Pawn Stars"     
I was watching a July 17th episode of "Pawn Stars." They mentioned Elvis a couple of times during a dealing about a mandolin that belonged to Bob Wills and there's a huge drawing of Elvis on the wall behind one of their counters
Donna Young, Ellis Grove, IL, United States

Graceland on Jeopardy      [ View Image ]
Graceland was the answer to Final Jeopardy! The category was famous homes and Alex added that if the contestants answered correctly, he would say, "Thank you, Thank you very much."
Jill, Buffalo, NY, US

Elvis Song in "Fools Rush In"     
I was watching the movie "Fools Rush In" and they just played Elvis' song "Now or Never."
Kevin , Painesville, Oh, USA

Let Elvis Rock You to Sleep      [ View Image ]
Sightseeing in Clarksdale, MS, our Habitat for Humanity group spotted Elvis on the side of the Shack Up Inn - a welcome sight during a week without Elvis Radio!
Natalie, St. Louis, US

Elvis Makes it to Utica, NY      [ View Image ]
Elvis wasn't able to make it to Utica, NY as planned in August of 1977. But I found him today at a new downtown restaurant, Bella Regina, and he looks great!
Daphne Berle, Utica, NY, US

Elvis at the Symphony     
Kraig Parker performed with the Missouri Symphony Orchestra in Columbia, MO with his tribute to Elvis. Marvelous!
Betty Bishop, Hallsville Missouri, USA

Elvis Live Concert      [ View Image ]
Best Elvis concert, live tour in York, highly recommend. It was as real as Elvis being there himself absolutely amazing!!
Adele Flounders, Hartlepool, England

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