Elvis Sightings

Elvis Presley's impact in contemporary culture can be seen every day throughout the world. Have you experienced any Elvis sightings on your favorite TV show, movie, magazine, book, play or any other cultural or social event? If so, please share by adding your own Elvis sightings below. Be sure and tell us your first name and your hometown.

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Robert Plant talks about meeting Elvis     
Recently on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Robert Plant talks about being an Elvis fan and meeting the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
Alicia, Memphis, US

Always on My Mind     
Elvis singing "Always on My Mind" during the movie, Practical Magic.
Julianna, Emmett, MI, USA

VCA Magazine     
VCA magazine article about Elvis' dogs. Names were Baba, Edmund, GetLo, Muffin, Sweet Pea, Brutus. FoxHugh was a present to Linda Thompson in the mid-1970s. Elvis never had a hound dog.
Louis Buccellato, Staten Island, N. Y. 10304, USA

Tonight Show     
On 9/15/14, on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Barbra DOES sing a duet with Elvis (Jimmy), Love Me Tender, from her new album, Partners.
Daphne Berle, Whitesboro, US

Elvis in my new book     
I am reading a new book by J D Robb. The title is Festive In Death. Elvis shows up on page 61.
Maggie, Luling La, St Charles Parish, United States

Elvis in a Book     
Elvis was mentioned in the book "The Other Daughter" by Lisa Gardner.
Ethel Beavers, Bridgewater, New Jersey, Somerset

Elvis on Parenthood     
I was watching an episode of Parenthood (Season 5, Episode 5) on Netflix when I heard Elvis', Burning Love.
Jeanne Kendall, Riverside, CA, US

"The Kitchen"      
Jeff did some Elvis moves. And they made a famous Elvis recipe.
fran, wheatfield, new york, us

21 Wittiest Comebacks     
Elvis was on the list I read online today. When asked what kind of girl he likes, Elvis replied "Female, sir"
Maggie, Luling, St Charles Parish

School of Rock     
In the movie " School of Rock" when Dewey picks a song at the jukebox, one of the albums was Elvis Presley.
Matthew D, Sterling, Virgina , USA

While attending a Toastmaster meeting at Millie’s restaurant in Covina California, I spotted a poster of ELVIS prominently displayed behind the cash register.

Bob Orth, West Covina, CA, US

Yahoo News      [ View Image ]
This morning, yahoo news ran a short burb and video of Elvis in his younger days. The video focused on his dress apparel and his personal flair of fashion. The video contained a short interview with George Kline describing his clothes, and highlighted Lansky Brothers, where Elvis bought his clothes in Memphis.
Joy, Athens, Ohio, USA

Aloha From Hawaii     
Tonight, August 26, 2014, on our local PBS Station, WOUB (Ohio University) is showing Aloha From Hawaii. Never get tired of seeing it!
Joy White, Athens, Ohio, USA

in the Minneapolis Star Tribune the crossword puzzle had the question, "what is Elvis Presleys middle name?"

Becky , Edina, MN, US

Elvis on Storage Wars     
On the show storage wars a mention about Elvis and the jungle room
mike markovich, whiby ontario, canada

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