Elvis Sightings

Elvis Presley's impact in contemporary culture can be seen every day throughout the world. Have you experienced any Elvis sightings on your favorite TV show, movie, magazine, book, play or any other cultural or social event? If so, please share by adding your own Elvis sightings below. Be sure and tell us your first name and your hometown.

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Elvis in a Gallery      [ View Image ]
This Elvis' silhouette is made of tiny people. Found at Lemon Grove Gallery in the UK!
Libby, London, GB

American Pickers     
American Pickers did an episode in Memphis and even though they did not go to Graceland, they did mention Elvis several times during the episode!
James, Memphis, TN, US

Pawn Stars     
The TV show Pawn Stars frequently shows Elvis paintings and Elvis bronze framed art hanging on the walls (in the background) during most of the deals.
Steve, Saskatchewan, CA

Buffy/Elvis reference     
In the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episode "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," Xander casts a spell that makes all of the girls fall in love with him. Cordelia asks him, "Who died and made you Elvis?"
Sheena, Hernando, MS, US

Elvis Diary      [ View Image ]
The Dude Diary asks If you could have any neighbor, who would it be? And they have a picture of Elvis.
Zack, Hernando, MS, US

Elvis in a Book     
There is a novel "The Bells of Bournville Green" by Annie Murray and one of the characters had a baby boy why is named ELVIS!!!
Mike, Memphis, TN, US

Elvis on Velocity TV     
The cable channel Velocity did the Americarna TV show about Elvis' Stutz with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and a visit to Graceland Car Museum.
George Jacobek, Palos Heights, IL, US

Elvis cupcakes     
Treat Cupcake Bar in Needham, Massachusetts offers "Elvis" cupcakes, which are banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting!
Kim, Needham, MA, US

Samsung Commercial      
While watching the Oscar's a Samsung commercial came on and in the background Follow that Dream was playing
Kelly Sullivan, West Babylon, NY, US

Velvet Elvis In Columbus OH      
Velvet Elvis pic hanging up in the Canes restaurant in Columbus Ohio Location. *Wish I would have gotten a pic!
Diane Fisher, Bowling Green OH, US

ELVIS Photo     
Hanging on the wall of a very nice Italian Restaurant, Papa Gianis, is a photo of Elvis, Priscilla, Joe Esposito and wife, at Elvis' Wedding.
Paul Manginelli, Cameron Park, CA., US

Dateline - Lisa Marie & Presley     
I recently watched a show on Dateline, “Before Dawn” that began with the man being interviewed saying he was an Elvis fan and that he named his daughter born in 1989 Lisa Marie, and a few years later he named his second daughter Presley.
Sandy Van Horn, Dayton, OH, US

Watching tonight "Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary" Comedian Jim Carrey at his first screen test with Saturday Night Live did an imitation of Elvis Presley singing.
Janis Cook, Insider, Michigan , US

Supernatural episode "There's no Place Like Home" Dean's alias was Mr. Presley.
Angie, Bellevue, Nebraska, US

The Book of Life     
In the movie, the main character - Manolo - serenades Maria by singing Elivs' "Cant Help Falling in Love with You."
Bill, Boise, ID, US

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